Ryan, Dr. Juice and The Tom Beverly Show

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another piece of writing before my work for my screenplay Ryan and That Shadow Girl a screenplay ... if you have any questions or are just lonely and drunk and need someone to talk to call 1.530.321.6846 or drunken email me at ryanschofield530@yahoo.com

Submitted: August 03, 2017

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Submitted: August 03, 2017



Ryan, Dr. Juice and the Tom Beverly Show


"Is it just me or do old people think that they can return everything?" Say's Tom Beverly on his Ultimate Variety Show.

"And now it is time for my next guest Dr. Juice!" Say's Tom.

"So Dr. tell me do you think that you have really discovered what this whole being a doctor thing is all about?"

"Well Tom as I say being a doctor is a lot like being a space astronaut, everything has to work together to the final model, that's why we can accept so many casualties now in our line of work." Say's the Doctor.

"And speaking of casualties its time for my next guest Ryan!"

"Go ahead doctor ... please ..." Say's Tom.

"Well Tom, we don't look to kill people, that's the last thing on Earth that we want to do ... but we do have these strict guidelines and models and if we can't use these pills in space then we just haven't done our job."  Say's Dr. Juice.

"So wait Doctor your trying to tell me that we will need pills to help us sleep in space? High blood pressure medication in space? This is really interesting."

"Well the final model suggests that we can never leave the Earth and that ultimately everyone will take a pill a day just to cover cost, do you understand?" Say's Dr. Juice.

"Well I am no accountant Dr. Juice but if I got to take a sugar pill everyday just to confirm that there was an evil doctor here at one point or a misdiagnosis that still cost's money to keep all of these people happy I am more than willing to do my part." Says Tom in a confident voice, those Variety Show announcers are always so smart.

"So Ryan, what do you think about all of this?" Say's Tom.

"Well, I think, umm that you guys sound pretty crazy."

"Old Lady Feeding Pigeon's what do you think, this is my guest host Old Lady Feeding Pigeon's everybody let's have a round of applause for old Lady Feeding Pigeon's ..." Say's Tom. 

"Oh just wonderful ..." Says Old Lady Feeding Pigeons.

"Well that's good enough for me." Say's Dr. Juice.

"Wait a minute your here to tell me that this Old Lady Feeding Pigeons is who you are going to listen to?" Say's Ryan.

"Well if that's not good enough for you it's Little Boy Throwing Pigeon Seed, everybody let's here it for Old Lady Feeding Pigeons and Little Boy Throwing Pigeon Seed. That will be good enough for me folks." Say's Tom.

"So Ryan what do you think about that and we have a special surprise for you!" Say's Tom.

"I quit smoking." Say's Ryan.

"Let's hear it for Ryan ..."

"No that's okay, I mean I did it for myself I don't need a round of applause." Say's Ryan.

"And Ryan we have a big surprise for you behind curtain number one ... It's none other than Shadow Girl." Say's Tom.

Shadow Girl appeared behind curtain number one.

"Let's get a round of applause for Shadow Girl." Say's Tom.

"Oh marvelous." Say's Old Lady Feeding Pigeon's while Little Boy Throwing Pigeon Seed continued to throw pigeon seed.

"She looks really uncomfortable, why is she in chain's." Say's Ryan.

"Let's hear it for Shadow Girl in chain's everyone!" Say's Tom.

"She is most comfortable when she is standing on a book, umm I feel really uncomfortable with this, Shadow Girl is my wife, I didn't know she was going to be here. This isn't why I'm here ..." Say's Ryan.

"And next we have Man Bending Metal ... let's hear it for Man Bending Metal folks." Says Tom.

"Superb!" Say's Dr. Juice while standing and clapping.

"I think that we should get Shadow Girl out of those chains and let her just be a shadow like how she is maybe most comfortable. Maybe get her a nice book to stand on or something, she could take notes and lecture us and she really doesn't speak much but she has a friend moth and if she took the bus to get here I think that everything would be fine." Said Ryan.

"And next we have Men Dressed Like Silly Angel's, let's hear it for Men Dressed Like Silly Angel's everybody oh and one more round of applause for Ryan he quit smoking everybody and wait I got to get to the show, here's this great band everybody!"

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