Midnight Musings

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When I can't sleep, I write. When I write, I can't sleep.

Submitted: August 03, 2017

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Submitted: August 03, 2017



How is this happening again

Thoughts lure the train right off of its tracks

Darkness is enough of a curtain

To blur the line between fiction and fact


Some sounds are real, others aren’t

Some are in between or stuck on repeat

I try my best not to fall apart

And obtain something with vague resemblance to sleep


Without the light forcing me to be alert

I succumb to the forces of fear

Second-guessing, questioning the words

That travel in the space between my ears


I close my eyes, I shut them tight

Searching for truth behind locked doors

Grasping at any facts in sight

But the answers still float miles from the shore


Shapes of blue, fluorescent green

Kaleidoscopic picture show

Things are never as they seem

And never trust what you think you know


Without light, I am but an empty shell

Devoid of hope and full of hesitation

Lost are the days of wishing wells

I no longer see my destination


Time moves slow when being watched

But flies when you glance away

Some things simply can’t be taught

But are expected just the same


Darkness-induced amplification

Of life, devoid; of light, bereft

Lost in aural hallucination

Peppered with flashes of deep regret


A noise repeated, a sound receding

A thought that fades as quickly as it came

Seconds passing record fast and

The night and I continue this game.


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