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Days spend as a patient.

Submitted: August 03, 2017

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Submitted: August 03, 2017



Impatient to be patient

Spending days as a patient

So many joys lost

In a moment of being an impatient


So many sweet sorrows

Trespass torrent of tomorrows

But we don’t realize

It’s time we borrow


So impatient to get there

When getting there is a dare

Still we dress despair as hope

And hope as despair


So many treats lost to taste

They’ve been laid to waste

By a gush of a rush

The makes use of putty and paste


When poor or sick or averse

Impatient to the extent of perverse

When otherwise endowed

A thought never enters to the reverse


Till someone loses a chute

Then failsafe second chute

To watch life goes by

As if he is meant to be an offshoot


Just one little tick snaps

We’re impatient to set the traps

So we can trap time

While we’re in time’s laid traps

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