The Starving Artist (Republishing as book)

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Z' Arth, Tale of Porcelain Flesh

Book / Fantasy

Snow's prologue to the Z' Arth Trilogy. Lance is close to returning his sister to this world, his dear sister whom he has taken care of since their parents murder. Within this tome is the secret to creating life, to bringing back Marisa... But who is this? She doesn't speak like Marisa, no... No, no, no...

Z' Arth, Tale of Soul's Edge

Book / Fantasy

Tis the story of Soul. A normal girl, a normal town, a normal family. Then the Zlaughtering happened... It changed everything. Even her head... Blinded? Or insane?

Lightning Crashes (Short Short Story)

Short Story / Flash Fiction

Lightning Crashes originated by a true event, however there is more to it, not everything is one sided. Sorry, that last part isn't in the story, however i would happily share the truth behind it to those curious, but the story will lose it's value.

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