I'll Never Be Good Enough!

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I wrote this about a year ago round about exam times when teachers kept on yelling and giving everyone in trouble because we could never be good enough for school and our grades would become worse due to the fact teachers were adding so much pressure to us that it made it so much harder and then because i felt so down in the dumps about not being good enough i then questioned other things in my life.

Submitted: August 03, 2017

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Submitted: August 03, 2017



I'll Never Be Good Enough!


Our grades begin to drop,

and we're constantly getting into trouble.

We got letters sent home

and our parents begin to yell.


So we all become depressed,

like nothings ever good enough,

You think of running away,

but you know you wont survive.


So you lock yourself away.

You listen to your music,

As you begin to overthink,

that you are not good enough.


You begin to start to think,

the one you love will leave you for someone better,

but how do i believe i will ever be good enough.

With all the problems placed in our lives.

How are we even meant to cope.

I often wonder why he never left me before. 


I know that i'm not special,

I know that i'm not kind

but i never expected my life to go this way. 

I never expected so many problems,

I never expected to fail in life.

I just know I'll never be good enough,

not for the school,

my parents and family 

or well no one at all.

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