Mistress of Lies

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A poem about manipulation, lies and control in ones relationship.

Submitted: August 03, 2017

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Submitted: August 03, 2017



To the Mistress of lies, 

blackmail, deceits.

I'll tell you this now,

and I will not repeat.

You tortured my mind,

Played me with words.

Forced me to suffer,

Tears gone unheard.


I did what you said,

Done as you pleased.

Trust was all lost,

Secrets we're seized.

You tested my dreams,

Played with my heart.

Due to your games,

You ripped us apart.


Manipulation, Love,

It was all in my head.

Your curse overtook,

My soul almost bled.

Selfish words here,

Twisted lies there.

Took me for granted,

Your advantage, my fear.


I've slowly overcome,

The fact of the matter.

Caught up in madness,

Like the crazy mad-hatter.

But now that your gone,

I'll remain strong.

Move on from this mess,

Look pass all bygones.













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