Continuous Circle

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I experienced over a year ago that when you love someone you can often become hurt and betrayed by them along with you tell your friends things which they end up also turning on you.

Submitted: August 03, 2017

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Submitted: August 03, 2017



Contineous Circle


Life is a contineous circle,

It always seems to fall apart.

Nothing you say is good enough,

And is always taken the wrong way.


You always fall out with the ones you love

And care for the most.

You think you can trust people,

But learn you really can't.


Your secrets get spread,

Then you start to get upset.

Your friend becomes a traitor,

They betray you


And constantly tells you lies

As they look you in  the eye.

You lose all faith and trust.

Start keeping things to yourself.


They all become annoyed,

To the point where you start to cry.

You fall to the ground

With your head in your hands.


Someone puts out their hand,

Helping you stand back up.

You see them smile,

Which warms you deep inside.


It felt like you were drowning,

And they just saved your life.

You want to repay them,

But how do you repay someone ,

Who just saved your life?

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