Glistening In The Moonlight

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I wrote this again last year when i was going through a really hard time in my life. During a time when i was hurt and betrayed by someone i thought loved me. During the time that i wrote this i was really sick in hospital and the only way i managed to get through it was by writing these words most of hem are true and what i experienced but some isn't. I was originally going to use this for my higher creative english piece but i never felt it was good enough nor long enough.

Submitted: August 03, 2017

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Submitted: August 03, 2017



Glistening In The Moonlight.


Each night as the time goes by

I feel more alone than ever.

The sky gets darker, As the stars appear

Glistening In The Moonlight.


I'm laying here under the stars,

While my tears come flowing out my eyes,

Crashing against the sun lounger,

As i look up to the sky.


I try to think back, To the good old time

but it all seems like a blur.

Second by second,

Minute by minute,

It slowly fades away.


You don't realise how much you're going to miss someone,

Until you're laying all alone at night,

Trying to remember what it was all like.

Trying to remember the day we met,

But nothing, You remember nothing.


One thing i won't forget,

Is how you broke and betrayed me,

After you promised not to harm me.

You told me "It's me not you".

It clearly was me since you continued to ignore me.

You gave me something beautiful,

You gave me love.

But you shattered in in a heart beat.


The nurse comes along,

Taking a hold of my hand,

Walking me to my ward. 

I look all around

And see all the sick children

Which remind me I am one of them.


I didn't just lose him

But Also the locks of my bright red hair

And it breaks me down more.

I keep being told beauty isn't everything,

But in my eyes it is,

I no longer feel pretty.

And you went out your way,

To make me feel that way.


I may not be smart,

But i know when I'm being played,

I ain't no game to be played.


I never understood why you hurt me.

What was the truth? I shall never know,

And you will never tell me.


I'm sat on my bed,

Being monitored again, It keeps killing me.

It keep killing me on the inside,

And on the outside too.


Whilst I can barely move in pain,

My skin has turned yellow,

It looks so sickly, I look at my frail arm,

With a drip attached,

Whilst it washed through my body.


Whenever I move, the needle tugs,

Causing me to bleed.

Please I beg, Don't take it out again.

I can no longer take it.


I look at the bed sheet's,

They are covered in blood,

For the third time today.

I call the nurses again,

They tell it's okay,

But I'm sat here embarrassed.


She grabs a wheelchair from outside the room,

And helps me down on top of it.

I grab the drip pole as she wheels me to the corner of the room,

my slipper falls off.

I try to reach it but hurts to much to move my legs.


As I'm sat in the corner, I see an old photo,

I manage to grab it.

A tear rolls down my face as i start to think of my granda,

I think back to all the memories,

The time we shared were happy,

There was memories involving pain

And also lots of blood and tears.

All in one photo.


I wish you were here,

Holding my hand in mercy.

When I found out you had cancer,

My heart was ripped out of my body.


The day you died,

Was the day i knew, I would never be the same.

I just want one more day with you,

So i can tell you how much i love you. 


I can see you in my dreams

I can feel you in my prescience,

But every time i go near you

Or start to call your name.

You disappear from me.

Granda, Please don't leave.

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