God made me an introvert.

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I didnt have the choice to come as an introvert or extrovert. So, if God made me an introvert, its not my fault

Submitted: August 03, 2017

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Submitted: August 03, 2017



For my whole life, people have been telling me "you need to socialize more", "You need to talk more", "Why are you always so sad?".  And I am like, I do everything which makes me happy, I am perfectly happy AND I AM NORMAL.

When I didnt know about introversion.  I thought, maybe something is wrong with me. Maybe I dont understand something that everybody else knows and maybe thats why my behaviour is different. But, when I came to know about "introverts & introversion", then I felt a bit of relief that atleast I am not alone in this problem and other people suffer from this disease as well.

Then after sometime, somehow, I came to know about susan cain's book QUIET: THE POWER OF INTROVERTS, so I got the book, thinking maybe I will get to know more about this introvert's disease. I haven't completed the book, but I have read enough that it changed my thoughts about myself. 

I came to know that being an introvert is one of the best things that has ever happened to me, I came to know that introversion and shyness are two different things, I came to know that being an introvert or extrovert is in the genes.

Now, that I have got some knowledge about introversion, I am totally happy with what I am. Because I know that I am a great listener, I am a great friend, I am a person to whom you can talk and you can tell any of your stress, any of your secrets without any fear of being laughed at or being mocked about it later on, and secrets are always safe with me BECAUSE I CARE. And people do need such friends and such companions in their life who will listen to them.

Sometimes I think there should be videos under the title of "HOW TO APPEAR MORE INTROVERTED (INSTEAD OF EXTROVERTED)" 

Maybe its just me or maybe every introvert thinks like "I DONT NEED ANYBODY ELSE TO COMPLETE ME, BUT PEOPLE NEED ME TO COMPLETE THEM"

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