I Think I Should Be Leaving!

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During a time where i was going down a really dark path last year i was going through so many emotions that i didn't realise how foolish i was being and i didn't see how much i was hurting by that one person.

Submitted: August 03, 2017

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Submitted: August 03, 2017



I Think I Should Be Leaving!


You hear me now, You hear me cry,

What the hell am i missing?

You just stare at me, Like I'm a bloody fool.

I stop crying but it ain't that easy.

I walk away into my class,

Wondering what the hell i was thinking.

I try to talk to him but again he ignores me,

What the hell did i do wrong now?

Forgetting the past ain't that easy,

Especially when you blame me.

For today I cry, tomorrow i shall be weeping.

Wow, this is infuriating.

For now i am, For who i think,

This loss is almost tragic,

But now i know, i did not survive.

I'm over caring for you and everyone.

I stand and linger before i see it.

The light it comes towards me.

It's not forever, It's just for now,

I Think I Should Be Leaving.

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