Z' Arth, Tale of Senses Fail

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Azarath's Prologue, her life before the Zlaughtering. Maggots, a horrific creature with two heads on both ends of their bodies with four arms. They run at you on two while attacking with the other two arms. Seeker, reptilian creature twice the size of a man, two small arms, but extremely sharp teeth and capable of smelling blood. She never fails an order, she is sworn to her sword to give the life she knows for the dragons.

Table of Contents

Tale of Azarath, Begin

Short chapters? Maybe. Azarath is a favorite of my endless characters, she was created as a holy knight, prepared to give her life in order to protect the dragons and seraphs, and follows every order to the end. what happens when she must stop following an order to follow another? Read Chapter

Tale of a Slaughter

Chapter Two Tale of a Slaughter    She stood in front of the church, and as the council nodded to her Lilith raised... Read Chapter

Tale of Sacred Twins, Begin

What happened to Xinthos? Who killed their leader? Why did the events around Azarath have to form? These twins will be mentioned only once more in their own chapter such as this one. Originally meant for a separate story, but it would be too short. And so I've mixed them with the prologue that is most related to them. Read Chapter

Tale of a Rebirth

The twins seem... They act as one with hardly any differences, but just enough... One will be consume while the other understands what to do... Reincarnation, a defected soldier, and an intruder...
Commanding even in pain, Infection, next is the departure. But perhaps a flashback is in order before the journey begins? The fifth chapter will be of a younger Azarath...
Read Chapter

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Some thoughts, I would lose the first two paragraph and get right into the story. 2nd decribe the setting through the characters eyes, I dont really know where they are. Are they in a church a dungeon outside?
I like the idea in fact I love the high fantasy aspect of dragon gods. I also liked that it started with some sort of ceremony, setting the MC off into the book as a knight or some form of oath taker.
When it comes to Lilith the knifes ear, It is much better to show who she is then tell us. I would rather she her come to life through her actions, words and deeds as the story unfolds.
All in all promising. again I love the idea of these dragons gods-Axlzai the dragon of insanity better have a part to play, This guy sounds awesome.(at least a priest who worships the dragon)

Fri, October 6th, 2017 12:39am

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