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Always trust what you feel, believe that you r someone strong and great , just believe and know what you r made up of, believe in yourself

Submitted: August 20, 2017

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Submitted: August 03, 2017



Sometimes I wonder under the starry nights

thinking about my desires and my rights

Thinking of every decision i made through my life

thinking of everytime i tried holding a knife

All of the thoughts of harming myself

All of the times i believed in myself

To be someone kind and strong

And i never thought that this was wrong 

It is all because i had that vision

That i considered to be my mission

To discover who I truly am and who I want to be

To know more about this girl trapped in this body

Just wanna let her out to see the light

and to let her know that she is able to fight

Trust what you feel 

Not what you hear

I just want to know if I am up to this 

I just want to know if the world is ready to accept this

To accept that I am a human and good resides within me

To accept that I am not a demon and evil is not a part of me

I am done with waiting for someone to save me

I am done with waiting for someone to love me

I am not waiting for a hero anymore

'cause I saved myself long ago

i have got the world in the palm of my hand

And i am sticking to the plan that says i can

I've got the guts and I've got the glory

I am a legend not like any story

No matter where you are

Just believe in who you are

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