Dead Line

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: World on Stage or Screen
On the eve of an important business trip, Nico is awoken by his partner. Something is missing and his partner does not know where to start. But, that's the least of Nico's problems. A short script that can happen to everyone...

Submitted: August 03, 2017

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Submitted: August 03, 2017




Dead Line

...The phones rings and catches the attention of Nico. He gets up from the sofa, ultra-groggy, and slowly moves toward the phone. Each bring-bring of the telephone cause pain to Nico, as if someone put a big iron bell over his head and started going to town on it with a big hammer to match; like the looney tunes. There's nothing funny about a phone call that 'you' don't want to take. Nevertheless, caller I.D.'s pretty much extinguished the suspense factor...Well, sometimes... Answering it, Nico rubs his eyes to focus, though with a severe case of blurry vision, on the red numbers illuminating from his digital alarm clock. Glancing back at the TV he sees that the Lakers are on a 7-game winning streak, and he’s not so grumpy anymore. 11:49 P.M. The clock reads…He calls out.

Nico- Hello?

?(Nico can hear what appears to sound like rainfall?)

?Nico- Is it raining? (Looks out into the dimly lit backyard.)

?Furio-I'm in L.A. How are things in Big Bear?

Nico- What is it, Furio? I’m tired and the flight to Bogota takes off at 10 tomorrow. (With his right hand, Nico presses his thumb tip and index tip into his eye sockets. He’s very tired) What are you doing up so late anyways? You should be lucky we clocked out at 6 tonight.

Furio- I’m not the type to waste your time, Capo…It’s just, well my wallet is missing…

?Clink! A noise coming from somewhere outside turns Nico's attention toward the backyard sliding glass door again. He shakes this off and glances back the floor in front of him, then at the clock again.

Nico- Your passport will get you through, don’t sweat it; that's all you'll need.

Furio- I had my wallet on me at the lounge tonight. I know that I didn’t drop it because I had it in my pocket jacket and I never took off my jacket tonight, not once.

Nico- It could’ve slipped the pocket when you tried putting it back in.

Furio- Nico, someone lifted my wallet…

Nico- Don’t cut corners here, ok. That’s a classy place and there’s no reason for someone to lift your wallet at headquarters.

Furio- The Portsmouth is hardly HQ, and besides, that black haired lady, remember her? She seemed too friendly.

Nico- I suppose it was pretty crowed in there tonight. (Nico’s voice is somewhat strained, but Furio can tell he’s a getting agitated.

Furio- I’m sure she lifted my wallet.

Nico- You’re being dramatic. (His voice is noticeably weary now)

Furio- All of my cards have been cancelled…

Nico- Well, good! That’s what you’re supposed to do, isn’t it?

Furio- No- (Nico interrupts).

Nico- No? (He says in a surprised murmur.)

Furio- My cards were already cancelled when I phoned the bank’s call center earlier tonight.

Nico- That’s strange…

Furio- I have addresses in that wallet… (A deafening silence ensues).

Nico- Whose?

Furio- Are you alone? Is Birdie there?

Nico- No, she’s at her brother’s house for the week.

Furio- Let’s just get a flight to Medellin tonight, then we’ll drive to Bogota from there.

Nico- What’s wrong, kid? Did you do something?

Furio- I just don’t feel good… I’ve never lost my wallet, Nic. I never misplace that thing, and I never forget it.

Nico- Cool it, dude. You’re really living up to your name right now… Re-trace your steps. Furio-

Someone lifted my wallet, Nic!

Nico- Kid find it, we need to be at the airport at 7:00 A.M. Find it or I’ll take…

  Just then, Nico notices a silhouette of a person out in the backyard beyond the tree line. There’s been light snowfall all night, but there’s enough on the ground to see footprints in. Nico notices the ones that head out into the tree line from his patio. The silhouette moves nearer and nearer toward the sliding glass window; from one tree to another, until the silhouette is behind a group of shrubbery. He now sees a woman staring straight at him with a crazed smile.

Nico- There’s a girl in my yard… She looks lit.

Furio- Who? Nico- I don’t know…A girl

Furio- Nico, I’m on my way over!

Suddenly, Nico realizes that the footprints point in the direction of the house from the woods. The girl isn’t outside, it’s her reflection he sees in the in the glass! The phone cuts, leaving Furio shouting into a dead line.

To Be Continued…

© Copyright 2020 C. Avina. All rights reserved.

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