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What is a hug?

Submitted: August 03, 2017

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Submitted: August 03, 2017



So much hugging happens

Every day

It seems like life

Is just a hug away


The only animals that hug

Are bears

It seems only in a fight

And then who cares


Hugs give such meaning

And depth to human affairs

It’s a child’s first full touch

And relations then on to fare


Hugs are culture, normal

Yet shied away from

Sometime required to be formal

Situated somehow in the human norm


How can pressure of two humans

Make a bond the imprints memory

That when alone that tone and tune

Resonates to produce harmony


At every level, a hug is welcome

And desired and expected

Though seldom realized for some

Who believe they’re the unaccepted


A hug is instant love

Made in seconds of flesh

That equalizes the odds

Keeps a moment always fresh

© Copyright 2018 Ragy. All rights reserved.

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