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~Some years earlier~

"Fifteen, go fetch," the words come out of Morgan's mouth so cold, so familiar. On command I get out of the black BMW and walk towards the towering building. The blinding rays of the sun reflect off the many windows that seem to make up the entire structure. Immediately after passing through the revolving doors I hand over one of my many IDs. 

"Good morning and welcome Mr. Sou," He greets, and I nod in reply. Not too far ahead there's a crowd of men walking towards the elevators. It takes no time for me to find my target. Although he looks like nothing out of the ordinary, high class, brittle comb over, and tight tie persona I know he's the dead man ahead. I swiftly make my way through the crowd, easily blending in as the token Asian. The men carry on with their conversations about stocks and whatever bullshit they find interesting.

In a matter of seconds the conversations become least to me. I'm only inches away from the man, and in a swift motion the small needle tucked into my right sleeve slides out enough for me to quickly prick his wrist. The feel of the needle goes unnoticed, and I drift away from the sea of people walking into the elevator. In five minutes Mr. Important will start to feel the poison flowing through his body. Mission complete.

"Back already. That might be a new record!" Morgan exclaims as I meet the car not to far from where I originally got out. He pats my back as I sit beside him in the back seat. "I think you've earned a reward. Perhaps I'll allow you to see that woman tonight," He finishes. I look over at him with wide eyes. 

"You're giving me time to see Valerie?" I question, thirsting for a yes. Valerie, it's only been three months since I've met her, but she's the light in a dark room. 

"Well unless you managed to bag another bitch," Morgan replies, laughing. 

"No sir, I haven't,"

"Then yes Valerie. You have the rest of the day to yourself, and the money has been transferred to your account already," Morgan states as we drive off. 

My face stays stern despite his earlier comment. After given permission to see Valerie I could careless about anything he has to say afterwards.


"More roses! You spoil me too much. You know I still have the others from last week," Valerie says, taking the bouquet from my hands. She brings the flowers to her caramel nose and inhales their scent. Despite roses hardly having an aroma to begin with, she remarks, "Perfect." I smile on the inside but remain neutral externally.

"So, will you be coming in or is it off to your place as always?" She asks, holding the flowers to her chest. 

"My place," I reply, motioning towards my dark gray Mercedes. She sighs while dropping her gaze.

"Why don't you ever want to stay here? I can also be an entertaining host," she says, giving the smallest smile. 

"I don't doubt it, but I'm a homebody," I reply. 

"Well you'll have to get over it...starting now!" She exclaims and pulls me across the doorway. I'm too caught off guard to resist. In an instant I'm in her home, and she quickly shuts the door.

"Valerie!" I shout, ready to protest before she brings her lips to mine. She tightly grips my shoulders in order to keep herself balanced on her toes. 

"I made dinner," she joyfully says, grabbing my hand. "I know you like steak and I've been waiting to make this for you," she adds, leading me to the kitchen.

"You might find it a bit informal but I love eating in the living room and watching TV," Valerie informs me while presenting a plate made up of my favorite meat with complimenting sides.

"Comedy, romance, or horror?" She asks once we get comfortable on her pastel pink couch. 

"Horror," I reply, putting my arm around her. 

"Trick question! We're watching comedy," She giggles. 

"Devious ass," I reply, planting a kiss on her forehead. 

"And you love it," She remarks. I'm really happy, wow. 

"Whatever you say."  


~Present Day~

"You loved her," Carmen, the nurse, interrupts. 

"Fucking crazy," I respond. A few seconds of silence pass before I feel Carmen's hand touch mine. 

"Sir, he taught you to hurt people without having any regard towards the life you were taking. He tried to create someone cold, but you're human, and humans love," She continues, using her thumb to caress my hand. Her finger slides over the tattoo.

"I tell you I've murdered people and all you can focus on is that I apparently loved some woman," I say, looking over at her and she's already returning the stare. Her look seems weirdly sincere. 

"Most people would be concerned...or afraid." I add.

"Do I look like either of those?" Carmen replies. I roll my eyes and look up to the ceiling. 

"So according to you loving makes me humane, but how the fuck does it overshadow what I've done? When that son of a bitch took Valerie from me I shut down. I was angry at everyone and I promise you nothing but pain and HATE took over!" I spit, balling my fists.

"Calm down. You shouldn't be getting angry." She soothes, standing up and placing her hand on my forehead. I frown and close my eyes. 

"Just let me go to sleep." I say, turning my body away from her. 

"Of course, I hope you sleep as well as you can." Carmen replies and begins to walk away. I decide to speak up when I hear her open the door to leave. 

"Despite me getting upset and loud, I do enjoy talking to you about all my bullshit. Like how I enjoyed talking to that...kid." 

"They'll find her," She replies, leaving the room.

Two hours into the night and all I'm doing is staring at a dark wall. My body is tired, but my mind is restless. Every night I lay here is a night Daiyu is out there...without me. My vision becomes hazy, and my eyes beg to be shut. I can't sleep not knowing where you are. I fight my slumber, but I literally feel my body going to up. I can't, not without her.

"Mister Sunny," 

"Mister Sunny," 


My eyes widen. I'm caught off guard, but I smile and this overexerting happiness shoots through my body, but it doesn't last long before I realize something is wrong with her. Why can I see the wall through her?

 "Daiyu," I say, picking myself up from the bed. "Daiyu, whats wrong?" I ask, as my feet hit the cold floor. I barely have the energy to walk, but I have to get to her! "W-What's...wrong?" I repeat, staggering towards her. She's standing still looking completely hopeless.

"I'm coming don't move!" I yell and lunge at her. Just as she's about to be in my arms, she's gone and I slam into the wall falling to the floor. I'm losing my mind. I punch the hard surface as I clinch my teeth before the tears escape my eyes. 

Where are you?



A/N: Sorry this chapter is so lengthy. I combined various topics in this one because alone the chapters would have been super short. I promise they won't be this all over the place in the future. 

Also, the updates will be much faster. Thanks to my dog, my flash drive was destroyed and the frustration of having to re-type multiple chapters almost got the better of me. Thanks for reading none the less!


Submitted: December 28, 2017

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Vance Currie

No need to apologise for the length of this paragraph, Poetic. Your paragraphs are shorter than most. I hope you don't hate me for saying this, but you are still starting paragraph tags with capitals, yet you have got the punctuation right. For example, you typed: ["They'll find her," She replies, leaving the room.] This should be ["They'll find her," she replies, leaving the room.] It is all one sentence. Everything else seems to be spot on. As for the story, keep it coming.
I had to smile about the dog. It reminds me of an old excuse said to have been used by school kids: 'The dog ate my homework'.

Thu, February 25th, 2021 10:25pm


Thanks for this needed a break from school work.

Fri, February 26th, 2021 12:25am


Thank you for reading beautiful.

Thu, February 25th, 2021 11:11pm


I love every new chapter more than the one before it. I especially loved the part about Valerie. I couldn't help but smile reading it. She reminds me of my own love, and it really made Sunny's emotions relatable to me.

Fri, February 26th, 2021 12:45am

Wendy C.


Wed, March 3rd, 2021 10:36am

Wendy C.

Great job

Wed, March 3rd, 2021 10:36am


I love how you started off talking about Sunny's relationship with Valerie. It sounds like they had a really sweet, wholesome relationship and it made it easier to understand how Sunny feels now that it's been ripped away from him. The ending was so heartbreaking - not knowing where Daiyu is seems to be killing him. I especially loved the line: "Every night I lay here is a night Daiyu is out there without me." It really gave a sense of how lonely she must feel. Well done chapter as always! Can't wait for the next one :)

Sun, March 7th, 2021 9:07pm


Are you going to finish this book? I was enjoying it so far.

Tue, September 20th, 2022 6:36am


I will

Sat, November 26th, 2022 6:33pm

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