Meeting her was the best thing that happened to she can't be gone...she just can't.

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“Sir….can you hear me….are you awake?” “How’s he doing?” “Keep him stable we’re almost to the operating room!... Read Chapter

When He Met Her

Okay, I don't know why the font fucks up on this chapter.  A year earlier   I must have a weak ... Read Chapter

1413 Golden Drive

  “Hey Mister sunny!” Daiyu screams. She’s walking a few steps behind me, but still close enough to ... Read Chapter


"Hello 15. To state the obvious, it appears you've lost your memory due to YOU challenging my fucking power," The silhouette of a bald ... Read Chapter

Where's My Love

~Some years earlier~ "Fifteen, go fetch," the words come out of Morgan's mouth so cold, so familiar. On command I get out of the bl... Read Chapter


"Sir! Sir!" A woman's voice slowly brings me into consciousness. It feels like my eyes are glued shut as I begin to open them. "Sir, are ... Read Chapter