The Soldier Returns Home (V.2)

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This extremely short story still makes me sad when I read it. While in school we were having open mic night and I was being pressured to be included after hosting the first three nights. I am truly a shy person and was wearing my dad's dog tags at the time, and so me being a self-proclaimed writer saw the tags and started writing. I remember having to type it up because my friends wanted copies and it was even submitted to the district's contest for best young author works. (Might've got that wrong)nevertheless I lost, but maybe you will enjoy it.

Submitted: August 04, 2017

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Submitted: August 04, 2017



The Soldier Returns Home



  There is a sound of droplets falling, he feels them hit his cheeks. Is this rain? He opens his eyes, a teddy bear within his clutch as he walks to school for the very first time. He feels more droplets and is given a new scene as he blinks, the stuff bear has been replaced with roses and there is a girl in front of him. The roses offered are taken with a blush as she hides her face. This is a different time, years after his first day at school. He feels more drops of rain as he blinks again.

 He opens his eyes to see a parade, his father in uniform waving to the crowd. The girl who was given the roses is by his side as they watch the parade. With more drops, the scene changes, he blinks and feels his heart sink. He is at a funeral and his mother is in tears. Three men in uniform are holding rifles and there is a coffin covered by a flag. He feels his hand being clutched, the same girl is there gripping his hand as he closes his eyes to shed a tear.

 He works up the nerve to open his eyes again, he is on one knee, a small box outstretched to the recurring girl who is in tears. The droplets interrupt his focus, and he blinks, he and the girl are in attention to a soldier on stage with a microphone. He is congratulating the new additions to the great military. He begins to quietly weep… He now knows what is happening. Finally he blinks.

 She’s cradling his head as her tears hit his face, he sees blood on his hands, he blinks but it does not change. He looks up at her laying a hand on her cheek, he feels his arm in pain and heavy. He struggles to keep his eyes focused, she takes his hand as he prepares to blink one last time…


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