I jumped.

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This is a heartbreak poem; This poem specifically was in return to one of my ex-lovers poem. In his he mentions Finding a lake filled with different Ideas rather than a puddle that he exclaims that is "shallow". This is my point of view within my feelings- and what has happened.

Submitted: August 04, 2017

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Submitted: August 04, 2017



You're nowhere to be found,

And maybe that's because I'm not looking 


Beneath me is a bush,

And perhaps it's the one you picked the flowers

off of,

And it died in my hand,

Because you broke it's stem.

You broke my stem.


I remembered how silky the ribbons were 

tied around us;

Now all I can think of is,

How silky the edge of where I'm sitting is.

And it doesn't even matter,

Because I've already carved "I'm sorry" into my arms,

at this point.

I always like apologizing for things

you've done.


I'm sitting alone,

In hopes you'll reach out one last time before I go.

It's rational, I know.

But I can't help but to think;

That this was all unnecessary-rationality.

Perhaps, Only convival,

For you.


"A sad reality", and I do know.

"Simple shallow pudddles", were only simple 

to you.

Where my rain,

Rained so hard to make a crease within the ground.

I gradually hope you're happy with your 

lake now.

Because it wasn't humanity that made you look for something different,

However, It was our well-beings put together

that made you find a lake,

Rather than a 'simple shallow puddle', 

I created.


Love poems blister within my firey heart.

A heart that was teared into a million


You've only stolen each one indvidually,

And I hope it cuts you,

Shreds your fingertips to a million


Where you cannot touch a single one again.

I'm confused on how I can feel so much,

With emptiness and shallowness within me,

But you're only amused by that fact,

Aren't you?


I shutter closer;

Hoping it'll happen accidentally,

Although, Knowing it purposely.

When you're down,

You listen to sad music.

But what happens when you've never been 

happy before?

When you're low,

You are sad.

So how high is happiness,

And how far do I jump?

So I jumped. 




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