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Our legendary King of Pop has something to say.

Submitted: August 04, 2017

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Submitted: August 04, 2017



The man in the mirror glared back at me intensely. I grimaced at the reflection I no longer recognised. Was that me?

Success had bought luxuries, lavish comfort and wealth enough to curb the insatiable hunger of human greed. I had nothing to my name prior to my singing career that had got off to a roaring start after I launched my first solo concert. Carefully embroidered eagles were dotted on silk curtains which draped to the marble floor. The golden-brown glow of tiger fur glistened against crystal chandeliers hung from the ceiling three-storeys above. Beauty stood before me in its own immaculate form. But its appeal hid demons which lingered in the corner of my soul. These demons came back to haunt me, I remember. The emptiness inside of me was real. Real and awful.

An armada of lights stood, illuminated before me. The pulse of the music sent jitterbugs down my spine. My feet glided across the floor. I jerked my sharply like an animal just woken up.

“Aaow! I squealed.

The audience reacted wildly, their sharp cheers piercing through the music. They knew it. Michael was out on the prowl. Nothing was going to bring him down. Adrenaline kicked in, possessing me like a spirit. It was all for show, a show, though nobody knew the real me on the inside, which was a vacuum of silence.

For a moment, I was riding on the waves of euphoria. The drugs were starting to take effect, oh yeah. Each concert held very high stakes and I needed something to soothe the burning anxiety in my heart. Images of pure white powder haunted me. I was hooked and the demons had gotten the better of me. Those mocking white spirits. They loved to hover above me. I was cast under its spell. I lost the battle of willpower. I needed them to help me get over my failed relationship with Joanna.

As the heavy metal music pounded like roaring beasts struggling to break out of their cages, I gyrated and whirled round the stage. The crowd before me propelled me to dance like a crazed hedonist. Trying hard to forget myself, Joanna, and the painful vacuum she had left inside of me, I could only try to numb the emptiness, helped by the drugs I had eaten.

The aura of broken hearts lingered. Lovelorn anguish, the searing pain and flames of our passion had gone sullen and cold. My arrogance had breathed its icy cold air into our relationship, causing hell to freeze over that night, leaving scars that I would never know how to heal, tearing our relationship asunder.

The flash of cameras blinded me. I was engulfed in a shroud of light. Every detail of my life was exposed to the eyes of the world. I threw the newspapers as I saw my pictures splashed all over the pages. Each headline dug deeper into the secrets of my life. “Michael’s promiscuous lifestyle”, “Time for Rehab, Michael?”

The world was my stage. My life was just one long show. Tabloid after tabloid, articles about me seemed to boost sales. The world weighed like a burden on my shoulders, on the shoulders of this weak human being, almost caving in.

I gazed into the empty eyes of the man in the mirror. How could I ask him to change his ways? I chuckled bitterly as I saw the gold threads that adorned his outfit, with “The King” over his heart.

Now that I am all alone, I feel empty. Empty and bare.

It’s time for another show now, I thought, eyes red like gruesome fireballs, as I lumbered to the studio closet. Let the music begin to fill the vacuum inside me.

Let the music begin.

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