The Tale of a King

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The poem speaks of a king that grants pious people and deprives sinners.

Submitted: August 14, 2017

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Submitted: August 04, 2017



“The Tale of a King”


A king was sitting on his throne with mighty glow;

Two servants were fanning him, standing, slow and slow.


The king was draughting the breaths of power

With pride in the eyes, he could every bliss shower.


The courtiers had been all fallen silent,

As they were meditating the proud king's talent.


The brave king knew the every heart and soul:

He had seen them in every art and role.


Entered a Soldier, breaking the congealed moment,

Shameful at the king's mental torment;


The king gestured him to tell the air what he brought

Speechless he were, if the king did not.


'I have a man who seeks your sight?’

Said the afraid Soldier, handing the spear tight.


The king nodded just in the reply;

The Soldier hurried, taking a deep sigh.


He brought a man in rags with him

Who began pleading in low voice and dim.


'Your art's merciful, but I am a tramp

'Suffering from fever the fog is damp.


'Your art is merciful, grant me with some gold

‘My children and I will fight with the cold.'


'Remove this flaw--it is because of your sin

‘The one, smeared with splash, I don't let in.'


Clutching by his hair, the guards threw him out;

The Soldier kicked him, having no doubt.


Succeeding the man, a poor came next

Who put his reason to feed his Nest.


'Give me what you like, not of my accord

'You are the king; you are the lord.'


Said the humble poor, bending to his knee

Tears were flowing salty like the sea.


‘Earn your livelihood, I have no gold;

‘I am very firm you cannot mold.’


‘Grateful to you--I should now go

‘I am totally humble head to toe.’


'Feed him, guards, up to the brim!

‘No one my commander but bless only him.'


No clash with Him God is our King

He may grant or not, His songs you must sing.


No clash with Him God is our King

No clash with Him God is our King.















© Copyright 2018 M.S. Sagar. All rights reserved.

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