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Submitted: August 04, 2017

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Submitted: August 04, 2017



This story is about two true friends who never even knew each other nor were Friends, for both of them took admission in the same college and both of them differed from different cities. When the boy saw the girl for the first time, he began to like it at first glance, but all this girl did not know. The boy always kept looking at her with love, always used to think about him every time he just wanted to see her smile. His life was totally changed at all whenever he came in class, he had only one thing to look at that girl Suddenly one day it happened that the girl dropped out of college, but the boy did not know when he came to college and the girl was not there, then he asked someone where is that girl then he come to know that girl has left the college , he did not understand anything but later whenever he came in class her attention only went to the girl's table when he could not see it, then the boy would have become very sad then it continued for a few days but the boy thought of leaving the college, he even got a migration. For a while, the boy tried very hard to find him on all the social sites whenever he got a profile from that name, then an expectant would wake up It was that he might be but what is the heart of the heart will never understand it. Hopefully he keeps trying and he does not find that girl, he always kept on waiting that he might find it sometime Hopefully Girl on life continued was in a relationship with someone else After two years, her boyfriend left her but she loved her boyfriend very much. One day the girl was going to the market with her sister, and on the road she saw a surname on a board and she remembered that the boy of this name was her classmate. On that day she went home and found her on facebook and left the message that boy he did the message seen. He did not know that she is the same girl whom he has always loved, but when the girl told him who I am, then the boy is not the place of happiness and he is very happy This happiness can only be understood by anyone who has ever waited for something He became the two friends became regular talking, the boy's life changed completely, he got all that he had always wanted to talk to him all day and kept thinking about her all the time and loving more than ever He had got it and after that the day came when the boy courageously told the girl all his feelings and came and said, I love you but the girl refused. Once the boy's heart broke, but he was a pleasure to say that she always spoke the truth to him, whether it is a matter of relationship or something always telling the truth of the girl and the other name of the friendship is the trust and he used to trust so much and wanted that girl always be happy He was not so lucky that he got the love of the girl but it was so much that he got the girl's friendship. She said to the girl for her friendship, then the girl agreed and then they start living like two friends began to day-night talk. The girl told everything about herself that the boy was in the releationships with someone before but the boy said that I do not make any difference to you from your past. What did you do before? It is all about the first thing you are with me today. This is the biggest thing for me and I have to make my future with you and will always be together. Now their friendship has been two years and now both of them start talking to each other regularly One was not a day when they did not talk were delighted both all walks right up to three months When one day the girl realized that she started coming closer to him, on the same day she broke her friendship too. She thought that if she ever thought of someone else, her first love will not be love. and that day boy cried so much and requested to that girl please do not leave him But that girl did not make any difference she left her behind and do not show any love to him

Even today, the boy is waiting for him, only with this hope that perhaps She would ever look back and love as much as he used to do before Boy Always loved and will continue

This is not an Imagination but True Story

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