When You Fall

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Submitted: August 04, 2017

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Submitted: August 04, 2017



When You Fall


There is a force

Pulling me down

In a dark hole

So weak I feel

I let it pull me that deep

Once I enter

I see people wearing black

Crying and moaning

So weak I feel

I let myself cry for that time

This is a trap I feel

Because how can a human cry for days

Without running out of tears

So helpless I feel

I ask an old man beside me

‘What is it, this place

Why do I cry all the time?’

He answers ‘Here, people cry

For the opportunities, they missed

The careers that failed

The loved ones that left

This is the land of no moving on’

That is when I realised

I have given up

I pick myself up from the ground

The force that brought me here

Cries in agony

I wipe my tears

Sniff my nose

And paint a smile across my face

It screams in pain

And I smile more

It bursts in a million pieces

I am free

I enter into light

So, this is when I realise

One must fall in order to rise

  • Ellieya

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