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In folklore, a ghost is the soul or spirit of a dead person or animal that can appear to the living. The belief in the existence of an afterlife, as well as manifestations of the spirits of the dead is widespread. Patrick is a ghost. Actually, he became a ghost when he died.

Submitted: August 04, 2017

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Submitted: August 04, 2017



In folklore, a ghost is the soul or spirit of a dead person or animal that can appear to the living. The belief in the existence of an afterlife, as well as manifestations of the spirits of the dead is widespread. Ghosts are generally described as solitary, human-like essences, though stories of ghostly armies and the ghosts of animals rather than humans have also been recounted. They are believed to haunt particular locations, objects, or people they were associated with in life.

Patrick is a ghost. Actually, he became a ghost when he died. This is how it happened: One night, walking in the street with his girlfriend, Demi; They were attacked by a mugger who killed him in a scuffle before stealing his wallet. Patrick saw Demi crying over his body and discovered he was now a ghost; invisible and unable to interact with the mortal world. He sought help from a reluctant psychic named Whoopi, a former nun (see Super Nun). Although the psychic had previously been faking her powers; she was now the only person to be able to hear him. She believed she was a charlatan pretending to commune with dead spirits. Patrick had helped her discover her true psychic gift. To thank him, she accepted to help him by warning his former girlfriend, Demi, of the danger. She told him he was granted "Three Wishes". Warning his girlfriend being his first wish; he had two more wishes left.

His second wish was to ask Whoopi to follow his ex-colleague and friend, Carl. Patrick was devastated to learn he and Willie, the mugger, were working together. Carl was laundering money for drug dealers and he had Willie rob Patrick to get his apartment key, which Carl used to obtain Patrick's book of passwords and transfer the money into a single account under the fictitious "Rita Miller". Patrick's third wish was to ask Whoopi to impersonate Rita Miller, close the account, and gives the $4 million cashier's check to charity.

Then, Patrick and Whoopi returned to the apartment where Demi lived. He asked Whoopi if he could possess her body so he and Demi could share "One Last Dance", a slow dance. No "Dirty Dancing", just a slow dance between a ghost and a girl. Whoopi told him she had already granted him three wishes. Patrick said that she granted the three wishes after she promised to warn his girlfriend of the danger. So, the first wish didn't count. She accepted Patrick's request, but told him he was cheating.

Unfortunately, Carl broke into the apartment during the slow dance, and asked Whoopi for the money from the bank account. She told him she had no idea cause she was not Rita Miller. Thanks to a a violent poltergeist haunting the subway system, Patrick had learned how to manipulate objects with his mind. He used this technique to stop Carl, and managed to kill him. Shadowy creatures looking like "Black Dog" emerged from the darkness to drag Carl's ghost down to Hell. It was all over.

Patrick asked if the women were all right. Miraculously, Demi could now hear him. She had become a psychic by miracle. She could now commune with dead spirits. Realizing that it was his time to go, he and Demi shared a tearful goodbye and one final kiss. Whoopi refused him to possess her body again as the three wishes had been used. So, Demi had to kiss a ghost for the first time in her life.

Through his life, Patrick had always been fascinated and obsessed with death. This is why he had three wishes. I mean,... three rules, to stay alive whenever he went out for a drink.

"All you have to do is follow three simple rules. One, never underestimate your opponent. Expect the unexpected. Two, take it outside. Never start anything inside the bar unless it's absolutely necessary. And three, be nice."

If you don't follow these three wishes. Sorry,... I meant rules. You'll get into a fight.

"Fear causes hesitation, and hesitation will cause your worst fears to come true."

Hit first as hard as you can. Then once it's over, think about what you've done. It's better to feel sorry for the other guy than for yourself.

"When those you love die, the best you can do is honor their spirit for as long as you live. You make a commitment that you're going to take whatever lesson that person or animal was trying to teach you, and you make it true in your own life... It's a positive way to keep their spirit alive in the world, by keeping it alive in yourself."

When, by miracle, Demi could hear him right before it was time for him to go. He left this message to her. So, she would never forget about him.

"If I leave this Earth, I want to leave this Earth just knowing I've tried to give something back and tried to do something worthwhile with myself."

He did. He made the world fall in love with his "Dirty Dancing".

"I keep my heart and my soul and my spirit open to miracles."

But what is the miracle of life?! This is the great mystery of life. This is why there have been so many philosophers. They are still looking for an answer. I think, they'll keep looking forever.

A last word about his famous "Dirty Dancing". What was it all about?

"What's powerful about a love scene is not seeing the act. It's seeing the passion, the need, the desire, the caring, the fear."

Dirty Dancing was his love scene. He wanted to show the world the passion, the need, the desire, the caring, and the fear through dancing. That was his way to express love and his emotions. Now, I understand why we all went so crazy for it. It was just bigger than life.

"So, goodnight Patrick. You'll spend for the first time, the next "Christmas in Wonderland" in a "City of Joy", as a "Ghost".

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