Pokémon: League Avenger

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Trainer Green wakes up late on the day he plans to be a trainer, After choosing squirtle as his starter, Green sets off on a long quest towards the Pokémon leagues.

(This fanfic contains some adult language. I wouldn't reccommed reading if you are under 12 years old)

Submitted: August 04, 2017

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Submitted: August 04, 2017



Chapter 1: Vaniville Town

It was 10 AM in Vaniville town of the splendid Kalos region, an alarm clock blared out for the fifth time that morning. "Aww shit i'm late!" Green, a young man of fourteen with emerald-colored hair stumbled out of bed, he promptly put on the nearest meme shirt he could grope put on his pants, snatched his backpack and stormed out the door. He rushed through forests and villages, racing against time to get to Lumiose City. He was trying to get a starter Pokémon as he was starting his long upcoming journey. Racing through Aquacorde town, he managed to collect himself. When he finally reached Lumiose, the Pokémon lab was completely empty. Nevertheless, he entered. A tall guy with messy black hair was there organizing some scientific instruments. Green stepped in "Are you Professor Sycamore?" The guy looked up and walked over, "Why yes, and what brings you here on a day like this?" "I'm here for my starter," Green said. Sycamore responded, "Which ones would you like, the Kanto or Kalos starters?"  Green thought it over and said, "Kanto please." The professor brought over a table with 3 Poké Balls, "Bulbasaur, Charmander or Squirtle." Not even a second after the professor's words left his lips, Green said, "Gimme Squirtle!" Sycamore handed Green the leftmost ball. Green clicked the white button in the middle, a blinding flash of light was released and a small blue turtle materialized in front of it. "squirtle," it squeaked. The Professor handed Green a clear crystal stone cut en cabochon with a brown and blue inclusion down the middle. "This is Blastoises' Mega stone, you'll need it in the future. Green and squirtle ran to the door "Thanks Doc, I'm going on my journey!"


Chapter 2: Santalune City

 Green and Squirtle had just headed off into Santalune Forest, making a beeline towards their 1st gym badge. As the two headed in the grass, a caterpie appeared. Green was excited, "Alright Squirtle, ready for our 1st battle?" Squirtle turned his head and nodded. "Alright Squirtle, Water Gun!" Squirtle blasted a stream of water at the caterpie, who countered with string shot. A white sticky substance wrapped around squirtle. Green, knowing that he was in some trouble said, "Squirtle, Withdraw!" Squirtle tucked his limbs and head in his shell. "Now Tackle!" Squirtle flew forward and the impact knocked out the caterpie. Green walked over, "How was that squirtle, you totaly kicked ass there, ready for our 1st gym battle?" Squirtle nodded in approvement. When the duo entered Santalune City, the Gym had a battle taking place. The Gym leader Viola was battling another teenager and his bulbasaur. "Bulbasaur, use vine whip!"said the trainer, who promptly knocked out Viola's vivillion. When Viola stepped away for a second to heal her Pokémon, the trainer walked towards Green. "Here for your 1st gym badge, huh?" Green remarked, "Yeah brah, just got my starter." The trainer nodded, "Hey man i'm Derek, i'm from Johto." "Green, straight outta Vaniville Town." When Viola was done healing, Green turned to Squirtle, "Lets go kick some bug ass." Green walked to the arena. "I challenge the gym leader Viola to a Pokémon battle!" Viola stepped forward, "Alright then." The referee stepped up to a platform, "The battle between Green and Viola starts now!" Viola drew a Poké ball, "Go, surskit," a blue insect with long limbs materialized in front of the flash. Green calculated his approach, "Squirtle, I choose you!" Squirtle leaped off his back. "Squirtle use withdraw!" Squirtle tucked his limbs and head into his shell. Viola countered, "Surskit, use Sticky web!" Sticky silk was laid across the stadium. "Now Squirtle tackle!" Squirtle lunged, knocking surskit back. Green saw his chance, "Squirtle, Water Gun!" A stream of water came out of Squirtle's mouth, when it dissipated, surskit was fainted on the ground. Viola was stunned, "Astonishing, a photo finisher!" Green smirked, "Oh theres more where that came from, righ Squirtle?" Viola drew her 2nd ball, "Lets go Vivillion!" Vivillion ws released from its ball. "Vivillion, use solar beam!" Vivillion charged a yellow beam. Green thought fast, solar beam was a grass type moveand Squirtle was weak to it. "Squirtle!, jump on vivillion's back!" Squirtle leapt onto vivillion and held on. "Vivillion Throw it off," Viola retorted. Vivillion bucked like a tauros but squirtle held on. The scale pokemon released its solar beam, but facing itself and fainted. "Another incredible photo finish!" Viola walked over to Green, "Take this, the bug badge." Green took it with relish. When he and Derek walked out of the gym, a strange girl was there with blond hair, there was something rather odd or distasteful about her and both noticed. "Oh hey, did you just get ur badges." Derek and Green peeked their heads over. "My names 'Addison.'" she said. Green gave a nervous smile, "Uuh Ok, nice to meet you." Addison gave a smirk, "Hey you with the green hair, let's have a battle." Green and squirtle got ready. Addison took out a Poké ball, "Go! Charmander." Green laughed, "We got this shit, right Squirtle?" Squirtle readied himself for battle. Green advanced, "Squirtle! water gun!" Squirtle blew water at charmander's face. "Addison" yelled "Charmander, dodge and use smokescreen." Charmander extended its maw and thick fumes billowed out. Green, sensing he was in danger, retorted "Squirtle, use rapid spin and blow it away!" Squirtle started spinning in his shell like a top but to no avail. In the smoke, charmander began to approach. "Addison" gave an evil grin, "Now charmander, ember, and light up the smokescreen." As charmander flung embers from its tail, the flammable smoke spontaneously combusted. A huge inferno torched Squirtle until he lay fainted on scorched ground. Addison smirked, "I guess type advantage isn't all, huh kid." Green ran over, "Squirtle, you ok?" Squirtle started wheezing and lept onto Green's back once more. Green turned to his new friend Derek, "C'mon man lets g et outta here." The two left towards Cyllage City.


Chapter 3: Moving Pictures

Last time we saw Trainer Green, he headed towards Cyllage city, when he made it, he and his friend Derek promptly defeated Gym Leader Grant and moved on, Green also had received a strange egg he was asked to keep. After knocking out the next 2 gyms on the list, Green made it back to Lumiose city. That is where the 2 faced their first challenging gym. Derek managed to get through quite easily, but Green struggled for a week to obtain his Voltage badge from Clemont, the gym leader. As he has trained alongside a competitor in last years' league, Clemont managed to defeat Green countless times. But alas, Green got his Voltage badge after a hard week.

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