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these few chapters are just a little preview of what i am about to write. this is my first time publishing something and i want to know if it has some sort of value before i publish a full story and its bad in the end.

Submitted: August 04, 2017

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Submitted: August 04, 2017




Chapter 1/Intro

Eren, 16 years old. In training to become a soldier for the Royal Army of Insgaard.
The last 6 years of his life were made for this one day, the day of proof, the day to see if he can stand his own in the face oft he hordes of creatures. The Royal Army of Insgaard is a squad of the best and youngest men and women of Insgaard, they get trained in a wide variety of weaponry, magic and or first aid combat situations. Their bodies will be enhanced through continous strength training and through magical imrpovements called Arc. An Arc is a tatoo that is cut into the skin, to give the user improved durability, resistance or reflexes. In the world of Isengaarden, the continent Eren lives on, there are a lot more supernatural beings, then just magical imrpoved humans, these humans need the improvement to destroy what wants to destroy them. Insgaard is one of 5 cities, who are still resisting against what lurks beneath the surface. These 5 cities exist so long that not even the earliest document of the cities can really say how old they are, not even what is the real threat at all. Are the creatures outside the biggest threat ? Is it the hunger ? Is it the lack of knowledge about whats going to happen ? Nobody knows what is going to happen with the Royal Army of Insgaard, especially now where the old members are all dead. Eren is one of the first, who are maybe going to build up the new squad. The old members were experienced fighters, all of them were of royal blood, Knights, Heroes and Guardians. Eren and all the other participants have to pass one final test, to become the new squad. Eren is a rather small and thin guy, he got Arcs of speed and strength, he wields claws, greatswords or war axes. Marcus is tall, strong and big, he shall be the shield of the squad, he got one big mace and an even greater round shield. Lunar is the fastest of them all, she uses a spear to rip her enemies apart in an astonishing lightning speed, she can slice through enemies like a warm sword through butter. Daniel is the magician of the group, he can cast big areal shields or can heal wounded squad members, but he can also summon walls or monsters to block or decimate groups of enemies. Lydia is the last member of the participants, she uses a long metal rope, with a ring, with edges sharper then swords, she can control enemies or just clear their existences, noone of them know, what Arcs the other participants have, they will fight in a group and so they have to trust each other, what finally leads to the last test. The test is in an arena, the 5 members will get locked up in the arena and all sorts of enemies will get lured onto them, they have to survive 10 waves, they will get no help, this is a test of life and death. Eren and the other ones get ready before the test starts, and have a last talk. "Hey guys listen, I know we are not allowed to ask that but what Arcs do you have ? I mean come on, we have to trust each other, sure but this is sth we should know in battles!", said Eren. "No, we shall not question. We shall obey to what our trainers and the elders say!" (Lunar). "Eren is not wrong, we should know who can deal with what, we know our enemies, but we should know us too" (Daniel). "Look, I understand you concern guys but seriously, Lunar is right, we are trained to kill and we all do our best and we will pass the test aight ? Good" (Lydia). "Seriously, we trained for 6 years to compete in a last test ? We had so many field tests already, we fought in caves, taverns, battlefields, even in their nests, what do you guys think this will be ?" (Eren). "Come on man dont be so disrespectful to the elders, they just want to make sure we know what we do, thats all!" (Marcus). "Eren you just think to much, dont get cocky now so close to the goal" (Lydia). "Are you serious ? We trusted them for the past 6 years, we never questioned one thing and now that we have a bit of privacy you dont want to say what your Arcs are ? Thats pathetic, you all should get a little bit of self confiedence in who you are!" (Eren). "Fuck off you bitch! You have been an arrogant bastard all along, you just want to be here to get all the fame and glory, you give a shit about anyone, you just help yourself. You want to know what Arcs we have, to sacrifice the weakest one" (Lydia). "Bullsh...!" Eren gets interrupted midsentence, one of the elders steps in. "Are you ready?"(Elder). "Yes my sire! We are ready!" (All participants). All 5 walk alongside the Elder, they slowly start to hear something that could resemble a heathen horde, like in the old blood games of the romans, a heathen atmosphere, so strong you could suffacate by the thickness. A big bright sun awaits them at the end of the tunnel, all of them look at their weapons, decisive, ready to kill everything that gets on their way. Marcus rushes in front of the group "Allways remember, we do it like in the fields, no experiments for fame or glory, got it ?". "Just shut up and walk Marcus" (Eren). "What is it with you, all the time when someone says something you just make him down ? Why are you so hateful ? I wanted to ask you that all along." (Lunar). "You wont understand, for you I am just an egoistic bastard who fights for only himself, and I would like to keep it that way" (Eren). The group reaches the end of the way, a big bloody floor awaits them, seems like they werent the only group fighting today, suddenly a voice as loud as the crowd "Welcome to the last test, Group of Enderal." "Enderal ? We never had a name like that" (Eren thinks). "Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the last group, fighting in the arena today, so make sure you give them all the support they need !". "What ? What groups ? The hell is going on ?" (Marcus yells). "Dont worry my young fighters, this is just a part of a bigger meaning" (Elder says in calm voice). The group walks slowy to the middle of the arena, still irritated by what this all means they make their way, locked cages with nothing in it, dead bodies ripped apart, even dead children lay on the ground. As soon as the group arrived the middle of the arena, the crowd starts to shout again, a happy, cheerful shout of joy is not neglegtable, the ground starts to shake and the group gets ready to fight. "Okay, we go for a shield formation, Eren you stand beside me, Lunar and Daniel you get our backs and Lydia kills everything in between!"( Marcus orders). They take in their places and the ground shakes even more. "They will come frome the sides, so be ready for it" (Marcus). They look in every corner of the arena, all around them seems empty, all dark and nothing moving, but the crowd doesnt seem to mind, they get louder by second, ever second that passes, the group gets more stressed, adrenalin rushes through their blood, their muscles flex and their mind goes crazy "Where are they ? What are they shouting about ? What is this ?, the questions staple and get more and more and still nothing happens. Out of the nowhere, a scream so loud that it silences the crowd immediatly, the scream is so loud and threatening that even the group gets tensed up. They look at each other and hope they will survive. "Okay, just remember what we lear..." The ground underneath Marcus opens, teeth, so long as Marcus high shoot out of the ground and breaks away all security and self confidence the group had. A beast, as big as a house, as wide as a mountain and as furious as a wolf with rabies. A creature so tall that not even the arena could compare to it, Marcus arm stuck in between the razorsharp teeth of this creature, he tries to free himself from the relentless pain inflicted by this monster. He punches and kicks it over and over again and it doesnt even get scratched. "HELP ME! HELP ME!" Marcus screams in a mixture of what sounds like pain and panic, his left arms armor is ripped apart, the only thing the others can see is the blood splashing away from Marcus and dropping onto the floor. Just in that moment of time, a gigantic fireball cracks open the area of shock, Daniel shoots and shoots onto the monstrosety, and finally, the beast gets off of Marcus.

Chapter 2

Marcus falls in his heavy armor like a rock into the ground. Daniel builds immediatly a wall around Marcus to protect him from any danger, he then locks himself up with Marcus. "Lydia can you distract that thing for a moment ?" (Eren). "Will do" She immediatly jumps up and runs like a hyena. She draws circles around the beast and hits it over and over again with her metal ring. The monster seems to lose some sort of liquid but doesnt mind it at all. "Lunar, do you think you can get me on top of its head ?" (Eren). "How ?"(Lunar). "Use your Arc of transmitting, I know you have it, you used it before!". "Okay, I can try"(Lunar). "Daniel how does it look in there ?"(Lydia shouts exhausted). "I dont know, there is blood everywhere, I cant see what is arm and what is just a loose piece of flesh and bone."(Daniel). "Hang in there, I will buy you time!"(Eren). "Okay Lunar now!". Eren uses his Arc of speed to raise to high swiftness, he then jumps up from the wall Daniel built and reaches for Lunars hand, and at that moment, the beast smashes Eren away. He slides through the arena like a baseball and lands in a spike of wooden sticks built up like a rak. Lunar is in trance for a moment before she finds her balance to dodge the monsters next attack. She spins around and lands a hit on its hand. She uses her Arc of Transmission to teleport herself through the air to buy the so needed time for Daniel to heal Marcus. "The fight is 2 minutes in and we already lost 2 of our group Lunar!" (Lydia). "I know, but we have to fight for them, we cant let them down, even though I dont like Eren, both, he and Marcus belong to our group Lyd."(Lunar) Lydia and Lunar jump and transport that it almost looks like flying, they move swift and strike strong. After a few mintues, Eren gets his concious back, he feels the blood running down his body, he is impaled, he is dead, he knows it. He looks down just to see the tip of a wooden spear sticking out of his chest, both his legs are also impaled and bleeding. He then looks up onto his group "Daniel, you have a Arc of Sense, I know you can hear me so listen to me! I wont survive this one so I have one thing to ask you for, ensure that the rest will survive, will you do that for me ?"(Eren whispers silently). "Yes Eren, I will ensure that they will survive, I promise!" (Daniel desperatly, tries to heal Marcus wounds but it seems for every wound he closes another wound pops up). Lydia and Lunar are able to at least slow the thing down, but they are fighting for a long time now and at some point even the strongest fighters get exhausted. "Lunar, I am at my edge, what shall we do now ?"(Lydia). "Daniel ? How long will it take for you ?"(Lunar). "Eh ... eh ... maybe a minute or two ?! Yes definetly a minute, just hang in there!" (Daniel says). "Okay Lydia we will buy him this minute and then Marcus will join us!" (Lunar). Eren sees that Daniel is lying, Marcus is bleeding more then before, Daniel needs time. "I will die anyways, so I can show them what my race is capable of!" (Eren thinks). He slowly pulls out his body from the spikes, grabs his greatsword and stands up, he can barely move. He looks up to the monster and has only one thought "You die with me motherfucker!". He slowly starts to move in direction of the monster, with every step he takes he feels the blood running down, he feels his wrath building up with every drop of blood falling on the ground, and then he sees his little sister, Myria, that died from one of the monsters, then his mother, that also died from one of the monsters and then he sees this monster, playing with his comrades like toys. Then he looks to the ground, how their faces are full of joy, when people get killed and fight for life and death, his eyes turn red, his veines lighten up in a redish form, Eren himself looks like one of the monsters he wants to kill now. He swings his sword back and screams with all of his lungs "SHUT UP YOU FUCKS". A short moment of silence occours because his voice sounds like a mixture of death and pure hate. He then swings his sword with a speed and strength onto the monsters head that not even Lunar could have done it better. The moment he swings the sword a scream turns out of his lungs that not just frightens the crowd, that even marks his death, he falls onto the ground, dead. His sword pierces through the beasts head like it was a man in a waterslide, the monsters head rips in two halfes and it drops onto the ground like a sack of potatoes. The crowd silences again, but this time, finally. Lydia and Lunar finally come to stand and just look at the beast with Erens greatsword stucking out of its head. It takes a few moments for everyone to just realise what happened but then the voice pops up again "Ladies and Gentlemen, the great beast was finally slain! The slayer unfortunately died. It was a great pleasure for me to cast this action, and I wish all of you a good day!". At exactly that moment, Daniel finished the last wound of Marcus and Marcus starts to open his eyes. None of the group can believe what just happened and they all walk back in their quarters slowly, silently. The door closes and all of them look back at Erens dead body, laying around, with ravens picking the flesh off of him, he then gets carried away into a hall of dead bodies. The group returns to their beds, and go to sleep, shocked and traumatised. "Lunar ?"(Lydia asks silently). "Yes Lyd ?"(Lunar). "Even though Eren was an egoistic bastard, he was a brilliant fighter"(Lyda admits sadly) "Yes Lyd he was, and he sacrificed himself for us, and now go to sleep Lydia, we dont know what will happen tomorrow!" (Lunar orders Lydia strictly) Lunar turns around and a little tear, runs down her cheek. "Stupid Eren, stupid egoistic shit Eren, why did you had to die like this ?" (Lunar whispers into the dark). She then heard something that sounded like a little giggle, but she was to exhausted to investigate it. And so they all went to sleep.

Chapter 3

Its the next day, the group is still a little shacky of what happened yesterday and start to talk about it. "Guys do you remember the ravens picking on Erens body ? What if that happens to us ? I mean they just took him somewhere, how can they do that ?" (Marcus). "I dont want to talk about it right now" (Lydia sadly). "What, why ? We could die today or tomorrow so why not now ?"(Marcus angry). "Because first I want to survive you dickhead!"(Lydia). "Ah fuck off you little emotional pussy!"(Marcus). "STOP!"(Lunar shouts). "Eren was right all along, what is this for a test ? Havent you heard what they said yesterday ?"(Lunar thoughtful). "What do you mean with he was right all along ? Yesterday you said he isnt!"(Marcus). "I know but things change okay"(Lunar). "Come on now that he is dead you care about him or what ?"(Marcus). "Shut up, you are just stupid!"(Lunar). "Okay lets just accept that this test is not going like expected, what do we do about it ?"(Daniel). "Lets say we are forced to fight in the arena again, cant we just leave ?"(Lunar). "No, there are too many guards everywhere!"(Daniel). "Come on guys we are just getting tested, he couldnt do it so nevermind him."(Marcus laughing). "SHUT UP! You just survived because he killed the beast you got caught in you fuck!"(Lunar). "Oh he died, saving me, I am so terribly sad"(Marcus sarcastisc). "Marcus we know that you saw Eren as a threat to the group but Lunar is right, he saved you and you should at least show some respect for his death!"(Daniel). A door opens and a an Elder comes in "You fought good yesterday". "Thank you sire we appreciate that."(Marcus). "I wasnt talking about you Marcus. Lunar and Lydia distracted it long enough for Eren to show his true face and for Daniel to heal you Marcus. I surely was surprised by the sudden death of Eren but at least he died in honor. Today you wont fight, we will go on a journey. Your dead member Eren, his body was stolen. A lot of corpses get stolen lately and we want to find out who does it."(Elder). "Why today ? We have to take the test!"(Marcus annoyed). "Simple, because we decided that you all need a break after yesterday. You maybe trained for 6 years but seeing a death like this is more harsh then you should see around this time."(Elder). "Thank you sire"(Daniel). The group gets ready for a daytrip, they take everything they need, food, water, weapons potions, all things that could come in handy. They wander through a lot of landscape until they finally reach a village, the village is called Mindger. It is around midtime by now and they decide to take a break in the pub. "Sire, excuse me for this inappropriate question but I thought besides of the 5 cities there are no more villages ?"(Daniel). "Villages pop up out of nowhere, they come and go by day, to be honest I dont know if this village will still be here by morning."(Elder). "Oh, I understand sire"(Daniel). The door opens and a man with black clothing comes in the pub, you cant see his face, nor any part of his skin, it seems like he is sick of some sort. He walks very slow and humps with his left leg. He goes into a corner and sits down. "Hey Lunar, do you think he saw something ? His clothes are ripped and he seems injured, maybe he was out there for a long time ?"(Lydia). "Go ahead and ask him, then you will know Lyd."(Lunar). Lydia makes her way to the man, she sits down opposite to him and starts to talk "Hello sir, we are ..." Lydia gets interrupted "I know who you are, I know you are Lydia of Einsgraad, you have Arcs of Gliding and Attack Speed. You want to ask me if I know something about your missing or should I say dead friend Eren right ? Well his corpse was here a few days ago, before some necromancers cut his limbs off and used it as totems."(Man). "Hey mister, listen to me! I dont know who you are and I dont know how you know all of that, but if you dont do as we tell you, I will beat you up. Got that ?"(Marcus angrily). Just after Marcus finished the sentence, the man moves so fast that it seems like he dissappeared, he throws Marcus through the whole pub without a single sign of exhaustement. Lydia couldnt even turn around and even the Elder seems shocked. "Now you listen to me Marcus of Einsgraad, I know you and Lydia are brother and sister. You have Arcs of balance and resistance but my Arcs are way stronger, how you maybe noticed. You can try to fight me but I will throw you around like a little puppy okay ? You maybe a strong fighter but compared to me you are nothing."(Man). Suddenly Lydia pulls out her metal ring and throws it onto the man in an incredible speed. The man turns around and grabs the ring like it was nothing, blood runs down the mans hand onto the ground, he then looks up to Lydia and his eyes seem to glow burning red. "My name is Nere. Take your ring back, and you Elder dont teleport back to the city. Its barely midtime and you dont trust your apprentices ? What a bad teacher, or should I tell them that the whole group thing and all the training was just for them to not die so fast against the Croatoan they fought yesterday ? Or that the arena is built under the city and the whole city shuts his mouth about it ? Or the fact that you are an ignorant lier ?"(Nere). "What you say is a lie, my name is ..."(Elder). He gets interrupted by the man "Your name is Dwindal Baringar, you are one of the cities royals, you always wear this coat and fake beard for them to dont recognize you. (The man pulls on the beard and the beard goes away, he then pulls away the coat and under the coat, a very young man in royal clothing comes out) Oh what doe we have here ? A little Royal of Insgaard, sweet and you say I am a lier. So Lunar, I ask you: Do you believe the "Elder" or do you believe someone you barely know but resolves the lie he told you for 6 years ?"(Nere). Lunar looks to Lydia, who seems scared, then he looks to Marcus who slowly starts to stand up and then to Dwindal. "Why did you lie to us Dwindal, why do you make a show where people get sacrificed ? Why ?"(Lunar lightly in tears).

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