Z' Arth, Tale of Future's End (Book Two of The Zlaughtering Series)

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Yes, she is the same Snow from Porcelain's Flesh, but she has grown. For better or for worse..? We have seen a dragon in the first chapter, are the dragons more outgoing now? Short chapter, but may it show you how far she has come. How her mind is now...

Chapter 2 (v.1) - City of Bones

Submitted: August 04, 2017

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Submitted: August 04, 2017



Chapter Two

City of Bones


 “Innkeeper, thank you for letting us stay last night at a late time.” The hooded figure told the divine at the counter who stared at her then at the fox brushing against her leg.

 “Innkeeper?” He asked trying to look at her face. She then reached into her cloak pocket and pulled out a gold coin.

 “Will this be enough?” She asked placing it on the counter.

 “T-that’s-“ He stuttered picking up the coin. “Where did you get something like this?! These are worth a fortune!”

 “From old friends. Will it suffice?”

 “I-I don’t have enough change-“

 “I don’t need the change.”

 “What!? C-can I at least know your name?”

 “My name is Hail, this is Anna.” She said nodding to the fox. “Now I must be going, will that cover it or not?”


 “Miss!” She turned her head to an Xannaz running to her, “Do you know where the store Kim’s is?”

 “No.” She said beginning to walk away.

 “Wait, what about Zin street?”

 “No.” She said again still walking with Anna running past her legs.

 “What about-“

 “Leave me alone.” She threw her hand back still walking.


 She stared at the grave. Slowly she kneeled to it as Anna sniffed at it. “It has been a while, Creator.” She started. “Still decaying..?” She asked as a tear fell. “I wish… It could have been different. That I understood. That I-“ She stared at the hand gripping her leg. It was made of bone and then another one ripped it’s way from the ground spooking Anna. Then at the skull that was staring at Hail. “Creator, you-“

“Kee!!” It screamed pulling itself out of the ground. She broke free and stood at the skeleton before her.

 “Pretty cool, huh?” She turned to the hooded figure holding a sword. “Maybe you would want to talk with me about it.” She paid no attention to the figure, only to the skeleton.


 “Well, if you insist,” the figure started, “I suppose I am a creator, maybe even a god.” Upon hearing the end of his sentence she froze the skeleton in a block of ice then the figure up to his head. She walked towards him lowering her hood then his. “Your-“

 “It was God that branded my kind monsters, slavers, and killers!” She raised her hand which had the golem core infused with it. “Do you realize what he has done to me, my creator, everyone I ever knew! The friends I killed, those I got to watch die, the child…” She slowly looked away.

 “Look I-I’m sorry! I’m just trying to learn magic…”

 “You know… My creator once told me of magic users known as being Blinded.” She looked back at the skeleton. “He never would lie…” She looked back at the man. “Please, don’t scream, you will not be losing your voice.” The skeleton snared from it’s icy prison as the marionette ripped the eyes out of the screaming man.

 “P-please…” He said softly before beginning to weep. She rolled his eyes within her palm before closing it forming a fist.

 “Shh. Just be quiet and think about why you shouldn’t resurrect creators while you bleed out.” She fixed her hood staining an edge from the blood on her hand as she took another look at the skeleton, her former creator, whose skull still has the hole created by her all of those years ago…


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