Z' Arth, Tale of Future's End (Book Two of The Zlaughtering Series)

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The Marionette's uprising is starting. Snow, i mean, Hail's journey to save the world is starting. Azarath has finally returned revealing she is now a marionette made of dragon scales. To what extend will Azarath go to follow her orders? And what of Hail? What is her plan?

Chapter 4 (v.1) - Learn to Bow

Submitted: August 04, 2017

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Submitted: August 04, 2017



Chapter Four

Learn to Bow


 “M-m-m-m-meister! Anna-“ Hail stared at Anna who had been pierced by an arrow. The arrow looks different from the ones of their war, but nevertheless an arrow.

 “Anna’s dead, Rabbit, I can see that.” Two men walked past the trees surrounding the group holding bows of metal.

 “Oh my, I’m sorry if we scared you.” The first man said walking up to the dead fox being stared at by Hail. He reached for the arrow as Hail grabbed his arm by the wrist and stared at him revealing her face.

 “Milord!” The other man called raising his bow to Hail as Rabbit stared at them.

 “Unfit for such a title, you are no more than a murderer, I am sure you have never seen a child who has been killed by hunters.” Hail told him as icicles began to form from her hand onto his sleeve.

 “I serve the seraph of the nearby church, she would defend me of-“

 “No one will defend you.” Ice then formed over his arm as the other man shot Hail in the chest with an arrow. She then crushed his now frozen arm causing it to shatter then she raised her hand to the other man as ice then formed over his body up to his head.

 “Stop!” The churchman yelled gripping his arm. “Think of what the dragons would want.” Hail stared at Rabbit then at the man encased with ice. “Our gods and-“

 “We need a new god.” Hail said taking the arrow from her chest then she stabbed it through the churchman’s neck. He attempted to scream as he fell over. “I will be the goddess this world will be thankful for.” Rabbit stared at Hail as she walked to her prisoner taking her hood down. “Have you ever seen a marionette before?”


 “This will be the first and last time you see a marionette unless you tell me where your church is.” She then turned to Rabbit. “Rabbit, be a doll and bury Anna.”


 “So this is the church?” Hail sighed staring down at her fingertips which had icicles stained with blood. Rabbit slowly followed her to the seraph’s throne, the seraph waited for her to speak with her guard by her.

 “Leave this place!” The guard demanded.

 “Quiet.” The seraph commanded. She then stared at hail. “Marionette, I feel you know what wrong you do. I forgive you, so will the dragons.” Hail made a fist as icicles formed over her porcelain knuckles. “How often do you reflect, do you suffer?”

 “Every second,” Hail began as she punched the guard to the ground, “every minute,” she continued as she got on top of the guard. “Every hour,” she began to punch him repeatedly as the seraph cringed, “every day,” she watched the icicles on her fists become red with blood as the guard’s body became limp, “It never ends.” Hail finished staring up at the seraph, Hail’s face and hood were now stained as she lowered her hood.

 “Y-you're a monster…” The seraph softly said standing from her throne.

 “M-m-milady-” Hail raised a hand to Rabbit as she stood to face the seraph.

 “You are the true monsters.” She said walking to her. “Allow me to show you.” Walls of ice then formed around the two of them as Rabbit took a step forward.

 She could not see them clearly, but she soon step back. The ice began to change color, slowly it turned to a dark red. Then the walls fell revealing Hail standing over the dead seraph. She then sighed at the blood covering her cloak.

 “I am Hail… The Goddess this world deserves.” Rabbit bowed.

 “H-h-Hail, my goddess.”




 “I see…” Zulanna turned from Azarath to Raze. “Raze, it's time to send Snoww and Lucifina.”

 “What about Marisa?” Azarath asked as Raze looked over her wound.

 “In due time,” Raze started as he took a scale from the pile donated by the dragons. “Marisa told us that Snow was named after our Snoww. Snoww and her unofficial sister, Lucifina, were created to search for knowledge and tomes for us.”

 “Supposedly, Lance told Marisa that in a way Snow is the new Snoww, of how they were looking for a way to bring her back.” Zulanna added.

 “I never met this Lance.” Azarath stated.

 “Right…” Raze softly sighed. “Snow killed her own creator in front of Marisa during the Zlaughtering.” Azarath stared at him. “Her emotions were unstable at the time-”

 “She killed her creator. She killed the little Xannaz child that she knew.. She killed me…” Azarath trailed off for a moment.

“Azarath.” Raze called snapping his fingers. “Her life so far has many regrets, if she keeps feeding off of them, then she will never be healed. She is still in a position to be redeemed.”

 “You called for me?” Seraphnite asked walking into the courtyard.

 “Yes.” Zulanna began taking a step towards her. “I need you to go somewhere with Azarath…”




 The two marionettes looked at each other. One in a doctor’s coat and doctor’s mask, the other in a dress wearing a hat with a long brim holding a tome.

 “Please help him,” a woman pleaded before the two marionettes staring at the man on the table with blood gushing out of his chest. The one in the coat stepped away from the table to a bookshelf and pulled a book out.

 “Luci, spell-”

 “Already on it, Snoww,” The marionette in the dress stated while flipping through the pages in the tome.

 “He’s been stabbed several times,atleast once in the heart,” Snoww stated tossing the book aside. “But we will save him.” She assured the woman.


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