Z' Arth, Tale of Future's End (Book Two of The Zlaughtering Series)

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Snoww finally makes her debut into the tales of Z' Arth! Mentioned in Snow's prologue when Lance named her. The dragons had a marionette that would search for knowledge in their name, what are the odds she still existed? Along with her unofficial sister, Lucifina, both dedicated to helping the hurt of this world. Will they meet? Seraphnite? the fourteenth dragon who is still in her youth. Daughter of the dragons of Hate and Love, she cares for others and is the Dragon of Melody after proving herself in her prologue, Tale of a Dragonkin. Lance's sister Marisa... A marionette as well? A family reunion is in order.

Chapter 5 (v.1) - Heretics

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Chapter Five



 Within days of converting the new church into one of Hail’s, some residents of the city joined while others rebelled. Several of those who joined were eager to finally come out of hiding.

 Hail, being called a marionette seraph by some, shared her views with those who attended her church. She visioned a world of equality, where those who would not agree were punished, where the people had a right to choose their religion.

 Unknown to her and Rabbit, that this sparked a new religion as well. Those who were still faithful to the dragons were not punished by Hail, she simply asked them not to attend the church and to leave the others alone. Those who followed her, named her the porcelain goddess, and as for the other religion that was formed… They believe in two immobile gods. The two that are the true gods of the world, who are called Heaven and Hell.

 Heaven holds all of the evil while Hell holds the good, together they balance the world. A dragon knows this religion, he does not tell the others, he hopes to show them the light. Poor dragon… Poor… Immortal… Dragon… Azarath cannot be your savior. Choose life…


 “H-h-Hail, my goddess,” Hail did not move, but stared at the doors leading to the second story balcony. “We,” she turned just a bit to see Rabbit with two artificial knife-ears that had joined them, each male and with a bow and sword, their designated guards. “Await your command.”

 “Right.” Hail answered putting a hand on the door. She began to open them, but the guards in white cloaks opened them instead, they stepped forward and held the door opened for the two.

 Hail and Rabbit walk to the balcony and they stare at the crowd. The guards assumed their positions by each of them as the crowd roared. “S-s-speak, my goddess.”

 She had to admit, she founded this religion off of hate, but now she feels the need to be calm. She closed her eyes for a moment as the crowd grew quiet. She felt more than what she used to be, now even in a white dress with a white wig that had hair to her chest.

 Hail opened her eyes as icicles formed on her hands, “My… My children, it is I, your porcelain goddess.” Rabbit turned to her as the crowd applaud. It was not supposed to be cruel… Gore, her guard, was in front of her quicker than she could snap her fingers.

 “H-h-Hail!” Hail looked at his back which was pierced by an arrow.

 “Wore, where are they?!” Gore demanded ripping the arrow out and using it to ready his bow. By now Wore had taken position in front of Rabbit and readied his bow as well, looking for the attacker only to see the crowd in a panic.

 “There!” Wore pointed lowering his weapon, “Gore, they got him pinned, fire.”

 “No!” Hail demanded pressing her glasses back, still in the same spot. “Gore, retrieve the attacker, bring him here.”


 Beaten, bruised, and held by the two guards on the balcony in front of Rabbit and Hail. “H-h-Hail, my goddess, what are you going to do?”

Hail stared at those in the crowd, many were shouting for a punishment. “I shall give him what he deserves.” Hail answered as icicles formed all over her body, each piece of ice long and sharp. “An embrace by his goddess.”

 “N-No!” The man yelled as the crowd grew quiet to watch. He squirmed, attempting to break free from the guard’s hold as she opened her arms to him. With a hug, and a scream, she stared at him until his head fell limp against her shoulder. The icicles then melted as she stepped away and the guards let him fall.

 The crowd cheered as she turned to them, her dress now stained with blood. “Children…” Hail started, looking over her hands. Her hand then formed a fist and she held it outward to the crowd, “What kind of a world do we live in?! As your goddess, I will keep this world from becoming a monster!”

 “And who will keep you from becoming a monster?” She quickly turned around as the crowd gasped. The Dragonkin slowly kneeled to her out of respect before standing back up to face her while the guards raised their bows to him. “Unique child, you have always been the most troubled. I can only convince them for so long that you will learn.”

 “Quiet, Raze.” Hail demanded as icicles began to form over her fist.

 “Snow, I wish to see you redeemed. If not for me, then your sister-”

 “I have no sister, Dragonkin, now leave. I’ve a world to correct.”

 “Child,” Raze sighed walking to the balcony to look at the crowd. “You have always intrigued me, but to lead people you must not hide from yourself.” He then smiled at her, “Don’t build your life on regret, you still have so much good to show the world.” He then jumped from the balcony, assuming his dragon form in midair, then flew away.

 “W-w-what did he-”

 “Gore, Wore,” Hail started cutting Rabbit off. “Find a well able scholar…” She softly commanded. “Find me one who can bring back the dead.”




 “How are you, child?” Raze asked slowly walking to the marionette staring at her reflection in the pond in front of her.

 “I…” She softly began to weep kneeling to the pond.

 “Please.” Raze started kneeling next to her. “This life has it’s perks.”

 “Why did he have to bring me back..? We would have been together by now.”

 “I’m sure he did not expect-”

 “That she would kill him?!” She exclaimed. “He created her, they spent time searching for a tome to bring me back… Just to watch her kill him…”

 “She is in as much pain as you,” Raze started, he then took the book from a small bag he had and gave it to her.

 “What is this?”

 “Your brother’s life. It contains his journey after you passed, to when he and Snow were separated. Along with a little bit of what happened after, including personal thoughts.”

 “What.” She took the tome and opened it to the first page.

 “To Marisa,” Raze read, “I can't wait to read to you again…” He trailed off as more tears began to form from Marisa. “Child… There’s more.” He flipped through the tome and stopped. “Our journey.”

 “Who’s?” She quickly asked, wiping away her tears.

 “I found this tome on Snow’s desk. I'm not sure when… But she seemed to have written from here on, apparently she and Lance traveled looking for a way to resurrect you…” Marisa slowly turned the page. “From what I saw, this tome will show you what she truly feels.”


 “Her life is full of regret and pain, child, but it can still be redeemed.”




 “Oh, Mari…” The man in a robe next to a girl wearing a long hood started staring at the two marionettes that stopped him. “What have we gotten ourselves into now..?”

 “The Porcelain Goddess has requested you. Lance.”




 “Why, the shit, did you choose me?” Hail did not answered, but stared at her core. She was on her throne behind the altar with Rabbit at her side staring at the two of flesh on their knees in front of the altar with their guards on each side of them.

 “Rabbit, what did you say his name was, again?” Hail sighed fixing her glasses.


 “Lan, it is.” Hail interrupts. “They say you are the best scholar in town. Prove it.”

 “First, not the best. Two,” he sighed, “my name is Lance, do not rename-”

 Hail raised her hand to him trying to block out the memories of the other Lances that were involved in her life. “Fine, but I want to see proof of your work.” He looked up at her, his eye twitching for a moment before nodding to the hooded girl next to him.

 “Mari, lower your hood.” She did as he said and her face appeared normal.

 “What?” Hail asked.

 “You don't understand? Mari’s life was taken. However I was able to bring her soul into the body of an Xannaz who'd recently passed of illness.”

 “You did what?!” Hail asked as icicles formed around her and the alter. “That's impossible! We tried…”

 “It's true.” Mari assured her. “I was killed when I tried helping someone…”

 “How is it possible? How can a soul be placed into a body of flesh?”

 “It's not ideal…” Lance quietly said. “Mari is the first to return to flesh, but…” Lance then trailed off as Mari’s eyes stared at him. “Nothing…”

 “Gore, Wore, keep Mari here.”


 “Rabbit,” Hail started walking towards Lance, “you and Lance will be accompanying me to a grave.”

 “No I am not.” Lance stated. “I can only assume that you wish me to bring someone you want back to life, but it is not possible if they have been deceased for so long.” Hail stared down at him as icicles formed around him.

 “Wore and Rabbit, take Mari to the other room.”

 “Why?” Mari asked.

 “It will be fine.” Lance answered as they escorted her.

 “What aren't you telling me?”

 “Simple,” Lance started. “Mari is destined to die again within her new body. I cannot move her soul to a body such as yours, once it is in the new body they live for only until the brain decays.”

 “How do you know that?”

 “I've done tests on her.” He answered taking his tome from the bag. “By my calculations she has three weeks at the most… I brought her back, but only to die again…”

 “You…” She turned to Gore for a moment, she's almost to tears, so he escorts Lance away. Alone, she sits in her throne thinking of her creator. All she can ever do is replace, she can never have him back.


 “You wanted to talk to me?” Lance asked Hail who sat down on her throne. The two were alone except for Rabbit.

 “Yes. Tell me Mari’s story.” Lance stared at her for a moment then scoffed looking away. “Fine, child. Are you aware of our position?”

 “Inside a church.”

 “My church.”

 “Should I care whose church this belongs to?”

 “You will, if…” She turned to Rabbit then back to him taking a deep breath as four wings of ice formed on her back. “I would like you to be my advisor.” Rabbit slowly placed her hand on one of the newly formed wings.

 “What are you, a seraph?”

 “An artificial seraph, will you be my advisor, or should I rip you apart?”


 “Ok, Rabbit, find the artificial knife-ear. The one with the message. Bring him to me.”

 “Checking records of kn-kn-knife-ear, alternate name of the species, elves.” Rabbit stated as Hail pushed her glasses back.

 “Rabbit, go.”

 “Yes, my goddess.” She then left the room and Lance turned to do the same.

 “Lance?” Hail called making him look back. “What… Do you feel anything towards me?”

 “What..? What do you mean by that? I know nothing about you.”

 “Never mind, go.” Lance didn't say anything, but left.

 What was she thinking? She was naive enough to think him to share her creator’s mind and memories. She does want him back, but at what cost would she be willing to pay?

 “My goddess.” She snapped out of her daydream to focus on the mechanical marionettes, one of the artificial human Rabbit, and one of the artificial elf. “Here is Genocide, he is ready to relay the message.”

 “Go ahead, Genocide.”

 “Yes, my Seraph. It seems our new religion has caught the attention of a kingdom. To be more precise, you have caught their attention.”

 “How is that?”

 “It seems their land has never seen marionettes before, they are curious and ask for your time.”

 “Hm.” Hail turned to Rabbit, “What say you, would you care to venture new territory?”

 “Y-y-yes, I am curious what it holds.”

 “Then yes it is, Genocide, what is the best route?”

 “Well… About that… It is territory currently not marked on a map, their kingdom is on an island miles away from the mainland.”

 “Then, we will get a ship.”

 “Alas, even with transportation, their exact coordinates are unknown. Not to mention many ships are lost in that sea.”

 “We cannot pass up this opportunity, it could help the marionettes receive equality. Now what can you tell me of the person who gave you this information?”

 “Not much, he was wearing a hood, but had a scythe in his hand. I shall ready a group-”

 “No,” Hail stopped him, “I shall go along with Rabbit and my new advisor, Lance. In case of a trap, we need a strong force here led by Gore and Wore.”

 “What if the trap lies with you?”

 “That man with the scythe....” Hail began. “There is no force on Z’ Arth that can rival my power over frost.”




 The two took their first step inside the town,with Seraphnite in her Dragonkin form, they were quickly surrounded. It is not everyday such visitors are received. The two struggled down the streets to the library which was the biggest building in town.

 Seraphnite politely asked for privacy and the crowd reluctantly agreed, dispersing within minutes. Azarath stared at the metal doors with dragon engravings, before slowly pushing them open to hear a man screaming.

 They quickly made their way to the source to find the two marionettes operating on a man with a chest wound. One with metal tools wearing a mask which covered her porcelain nose and mouth, the other wearing a long brim hat and an opened tome in her hand.

 “Lucifi, spell now.” The one with the mask demanded while the other flipped through the pages.

 “Sno, I need a moment.” The other stated while Seraphnite and Azarath watched from a few feet away, barely noticing the woman sobbing on the ground. “Kay, diez liet mein keh.”

 After she said this, the man’s breathing slowed and his screaming ceased. Snoww then started to finish what she was doing within his open chest. Then she grabbed what looked like needle and string, using these items to close his wound.

 “I-is he going to be ok?” The woman asked as Lucifina kneeled to her in an odd way, her body looking almost forced to bend such a way.

 “Yes,” she calmly told her after a minute of staring at her. “We have yet to lose one within this building.”

 “Lucifi,” Snoww began, putting her tools back within the metal box. “We have visitors.” Azarath and Seraphnite slowly stepped forward.

 “Yes, i felt them,” Lucifi added, standing back up, then together they turned to face Azarath and Seraphnite for the first time, finally they kneeled to them.

 “We did not know you were coming,” the marionettes started at the same time, “Forgive us, the place is a mess and has stains of blood from the creatures nearby.” Still kneeling, they stare up at the two. “We heard of a new dragon being born, but there are two new ones before us.”

 “I am Azarath,” Azarath started, “I am a marionette made with the scales of the dragons,” Azarath then stepped away from Seraphnite, “This is Seraphnite, the Dragon of Melody.”

 “Seraphnite…” They softly said turning to her. “What do you require of us?”

 “Azarath, um, she will brief you two.”

 “Right,” Azarath stepped in front of them as they stood in attention. “There is a marionette named after one of you-”

 “There’s another me?” Lucifi asked as Snoww put a hand on her shoulder.

 “There is only one Lucifina.”

 “Do you mean that, Snoww?”

 “Of course, Lucifina, you are my only sister.”

 “She was named after Snoww.” Azarath said as the two looked at each other.

 “Another me… Is she like me?” Snoww asked.

 “In… Not really, this marionette has always had an internal battle with herself-”

 “Azarath,” Snoww started looking away. “While sharing my name, who has she killed.” Azarath hesitated. “Besides you,” Snoww added staring at her.

 “How did you know?”

 “Who else? Has she harmed the dragons?”

 “No,” Seraphnite answered, “Azarath, answer her.”

 “S-she's killed children… People who cross her. Seraphs. Churchgoers, and even her creator.”

 “What..?” Lucifina stared at Snoww.

 “She is a threat,” Snoww started as she turned to Lucifi, lowering her mask. “She must be eradicated.”

 “No,” Azarath exclaimed, stepping forward, “Raze has declined all possible methods of eliminating Snow, if I can't char her body, you can't destroy it.”

 “Get the spell.” Snoww told Lucifi, who quickly walked to the back, then she turned to Seraphnite.

 “My dragon, we have found a spell lost to time. The spell is Soul Taker, immortal or not, we can eradicate the threat at your approval.” Seraphnite took a step back.

 “No spell like that should exist…” Azarath slowly turned to Seraphnite. “Serpahnite…”

 “All records of this spell has been removed from the tomes of its time,” Snoww added, “it is currently the only way to kill a marionette.

 “Or a dragon.” Seraphnite looked away. “We have to bring this to the dragons.” They turned to Lucifina who was bringing a tome with her while Snoww put her mask back.

 “Lucifi, we are going to visit the dragons.”


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