Z' Arth, Tale of Future's End (Book Two of The Zlaughtering Series)

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A short tale inspired by Mili, Bathtub Mermaid. I highly recommend listening to Mili, and yes I changed some of the lyrics, I am aware. One of Snow's many misadventures not captured within the books. Enjoy.

Prolog (v.1) - Tale of Bathtub Mermaid

Submitted: August 05, 2017

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Submitted: August 05, 2017



Tale of

Bathtub Mermaid


 Let’s hear a sad tale, one of a caged siren. She gives her body and mind for only one, a mirror with chalky skin, and love at it’s finest; in this mystery, it begins with Snow breaking down a door…


 “Who the-“ The man was cut off by icicles flying from a porcelain hand into his throat, Snow watched him fall before stomping on his head until his brain was showing. She sighed stepping over him toward the hallway.

 “Vivian?” She called as she raised her hood. “Vivian..?” She called again as she began to hear a voice singing.

 “I am… simply made to supply…” Snow then followed the voice. “does love… truly make you so blind… I trade my eyes so you can see all the colors… I gave my ears so you can hear all the sirens…” Snow placed her porcelain hand against the door at the end of the hallway. “I gave my heart to fill the emptiness in your chest…” Snow slowly opened the door revealing walls stained with blood, a bloody mirror above a sink with severed flesh, along with a bathtub filled with blood housing a girl with no eyes and a hole in her head finishing her song. “I gave my brain so one day you may learn to love…”

 “Vivian…” Snow softly said letting a tear fall as she stepped towards the tub.

 “Snow? Did I do good...? Does he love me now?” Snow placed a hand on her head as the tears became more frequent while Vivian stared at her with hollow eyes. “Snow?”

 “You did good, Vivian… He couldn’t be happier…”

 “He…” She started as her voice began to shake. “He has never said he was happy before… I do good…” She said beginning to cry before an icicle forms from the hand on her head piercing her skull.

 “You did… good, Vivian…” Snow softly said as the icicle melts. The marionette slowly stood straight turning her back to the tub, she wiped her tears, then began to walk out of the house.


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