Bullied For Living

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Submitted: August 04, 2017

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Submitted: August 04, 2017



This is a true story, I'm sorry to say, where you will learn about my "bad first love." I hate to have to write these things, but it helps me get it out, and maybe I can get you guys to agree with me. This guy on the opposing side, my ex, could be a mutual classmate of mine instead of an enemy. He made it this way, and I'm eager to get my POV across, and make you see it for what it truly is. But I am not going to use real names, only the nicknames I've given these people irl. The instagram names tho, those are real.


I declined my best friend Reaper's request to FaceTime, I was painting a rose on my canvas with my mother watching.

  • Not rn, I'm busy

~ Call me later

  • Will do sis

A few minutes later, my friend Dolor texted me. He was finally back from Detroit for five days, this is the first I heard of him.

~ Hey

  • Hey! How was your trip? I missed you, it felt like you were gone forever!

~ It was good, I missed you too. Can I call you?

  • I would say yes but I'm busy painting rn, later okie?

~ Okie. What's the name of that vid Scourge posted to insta?

  • What vid?

I didn't have instagram. Or any other social media. I had no clue what was going on.

~ He posted a vid about me and Bird I heard, I wanted to check it out.

Dolor and Bird were friends at one point, until Bird turned on him calling him a "pity addict" and crying to Reaper that he called her a bitch. Which he didn't. Only later I found out she hated both of us, and she talked about us behind our backs, pretending to like us to our faces. Such a shame. I helped her whenever I got the chance. I think it was because she was Scourge's ex before me.

  • So? You two weren't doing anything, I know you're loyal to only me.

~ I am, but that still makes my bad reputation even worse.

I had to admit that that was correct. Dolor and I were friends, but we liked each other more than that. I wasn't allowed to date,  but he vowed that as soon as I was able to he was there for me. He's been loyal to me ever since, I've never seen anyone keep their word so well.

  • I'll ask Jinx.

I went to my chat with Reaper.

  • Did Scourge make a vid about Dolor hanging with Bird outside of school?

~ Yep

  • When? What's the vid called?

~ It's on insta

  • What's the vid called tho?

~ Idk

  • Dolor wants to know for whatever reason

~ I really don't know

  • He's pissed

~ Why

  • It's gonna ruin his reputation even more.

~ Well, Scourge won't take it down we all know that.

  • It's ok, he's making himself look more pathetic the more he posts.

~ I'm looking for the video

~ Y'all let me handle this, Scourge is being nice to me and stuff

Suddenly, Reaper sent me a screenshot with the additional text message: I found the video. I was appalled by what I seen. I started shaking, almost in tears.


camdenwindy30: The one that should not be named is ***** *******(Diesel) or daddy's girl (****'s girl)

bradly_life: @camdenwendy30 yeah, that psychotic emo bitch

chancho_green: Girls Bravo

camdenwendy30: yeah

bradly_life: @chancho_green you got me, yes a character from an anime. I do have a gf, but nobody knows who she is. Soon tho, soon…

At first, I was struck. It hurt. But then, I actually thought about it. That's so pathetic, I thought, he has a new girlfriend yet he's posting false videos on instagram about me, his ex, and my friend. Wonder how she feels about that. I smiled and rolled my eyes.

~ Dude it's bad…





I was curious as to what the prevented dweeb had to say, obviously if he was making vids on social media he was desperate for pity and obscenely jealous. I became more and more pissed that he was talking down of my friend, I could've cared less about him saying crap about me, I have many people on my side.

  • uh oh…what is it about…? What does he say…? What's in it…?

~ I'd have to show you, I'm not saying any of that

Jeez, I thought, it must be really bad if even Jinx won't repeat it, she'd repeat jus about anything. Then again, what could he possibly have to say? After all he was the one who followed them to the park to stir up shit after school, and they weren't doing anything wrong. I trust Dolor with my life. I shook my head, remembering how I got into this mess. My friends warned me, all of them, to stay away from Scourge. They said he was nothing but trouble. And they were right. I uncovered secrets that I will still keep, I'm not a backstabbing whore like him, I have humility. The problem was, I was with Scourge for 18 months. He believed what we had was love, but 14 months into our relationship I realized I didn't love him as much as he loved me. He wanted more sexual attention from me than anything, which didn't mix well with my trauma. It was unfair for both of us. But every time I brought it up he'd guilt trip me, he'd tell me he was going to kill himself if I broke up with him, that he was nothing without me. I still cared about him, I didn't want to let him down, so I stayed with him to make him happy. But he didn't let me talk to anyone, he was trying to control me. He forbade me from talking to Dolor and Reaper, but I talked to them anyway because honestly he can't tell me who to talk to.In the bitter end, it was him who broke up with me, saying that I was cheating and I wasn't trustworthy. I shrugged it off. It was one less thing I had to do. Knowing what he was going to do the next day, I convinced Dolor to let me move into his locker for the day. In the morning, when Scourge had confronted me, I stayed as close to Dolor as possible. "Baby, can't we just forget last night even happened?" He asked, giving me that look again. That look that said pity me, take me back. I looked over to Dolor, who put my stuff in his locker on cue. "Oh, you're with him now…aren't you…?" He asked, his voice cracking a bit. I looked down and nodded. He ran off to the bathroom crying. The teacher who was assigned to follow Dolor around for the school year stared after him, then her eyes fell on me, inquiring. I shrugged. "Bad break up. For him at least." I said, standing next to Dolor, looking over to the bathroom door. Scourge was standing there, looking out to us, tears streaming down his cheeks. I felt bad. But that was how it had to end. Since then, I've been getting crap from everyone. Just about. Telling me I'm a slut and a whore. I don't care, but it still hurts. To this day it goes on, but what can you do? I jus wish it'll be over soon. But even in my dreams, I can't scream.

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