What is the Name of Your God

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An aliens view of humanity.

Submitted: August 04, 2017

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Submitted: August 04, 2017



The space ship landed on a rather large continent upon the earth, The aliens had traveled light years from their home planet. They had studied the Earthlings through satellite radio transmission beaming through space. And as it was sent it was of music and the evangelical. Learning the language, the aliens learned the name of their God as it was spoken loudly in praise by the Earthlings for 24 hours day. Upon coming to earth the aliens discovered that other earthlings had many Gods with many different names, and they heard of Brahma and Vishnu. And those Gods were worshipped upon alters in ritual, and strangely enough it was done in silence. The aliens were given an audience, invited by a government of earth, where they met with a president and history was made. And one alien which spoke for the others there assembled asked the first question they all wanted to know. " Before we begin any dialog.. what is the name of your God.." And the name was spoken by the many earthlings there in attendance. And when it was said, after with a nod the aliens turned away, when the one who asked the question for the rest turned back for a moment and he spoke. "You are the loud ones earthlings and we know you do not listen, and here no dialogue can take place, so now we will leave you as we seek a different space. Where the name of a god equals silence and thought. But good luck with the future that will occur to you and your loud and arrogant god.

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