Nothing to Forget

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Prolog (v.1) - Prologue

Submitted: August 04, 2017

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Submitted: August 04, 2017






Doctors and nurses were frantically trying to calm me down, yet somehow their overzealous excitement fell third on the list of reasons why I was reacting chaotically. My initial shock came from the extremely loud cardiac monitoring machine beeping every so often. Unable to mute its volume, sleep was forfeited as my eyes fluttered open proving to be a task with the brightness of the fluorescent lighting overhead. Accomplishing this simple feat, I saw the main cord dangling from the base of the machine past the bed winding its way back up where it slithered under the blanket. Immediately, I lifted the thin covering to see the same cord splintering off in to tiny vein-like tubes disappearing under the gown I wore. Peeking under the garment, I saw myriad patches clinging to my body like leeches. I am in a hospital room, in a hospital bed. I looked back at the heart monitor, the beeps now sounding off more frequently as steep, green mountains travelled across the screen.

“What the hell? What am I doing in a hospital?” I asked out loud to the empty room.

My legs felt like lead pipes forcing me to physically lift them with the little strength my arms possessed.

Just as I was positioning them over the edge of the bed, a nurse walked into the room carrying a bed pan and clean sheets. Our eyes met and a loud clanging echoed off the walls soon as the steel pan hit the floor.

“Oh my god,” she spoke just above a whisper.

“Nurse, please—” was all I managed to say before she hightailed it out of the room.

Minutes later doctors were yelling at other doctors who were barking at nurses to hold me down, something I fought hard to prevent despite the immobility of my lower body. Chaos slowly unraveled the strands of logic and sanity one by one jacking my adrenaline up which made the riotous scene worse. Cords were being stretched here and there by the patches sticking to my skin while the heart monitor screamed madly.

“Hold her down!” a doctor yelled.

Hearing this command only made me fight harder, and my skin began to burn where the circular adhesives had been ripped away from my flesh during my continued attempts to get free. Despite the pandemonium, I could not stop wondering how I ended up here. Worst of all, I didn’t know where here was.

“Get some Benzodiazepine in here stat!” a doctor yelled after his colleague caught an elbow to the face.

At this point, my upper body was relying solely on the medical staff to keep me from crashing to the floor since my lower half was dead weight. Two individuals were trying to detain my left arm so the IV injected just before the crease where the upper and lower parts met wouldn’t slip out. A doctor came in carrying a huge needle in his hand.

“Oh, hell no!” I screamed after I saw clear liquid squirt out of the needle.

A nurse screamed for help as I had gotten one of my arms free and was swinging it wildly. I didn’t care who I hit if it meant that needle would not pierce my flesh. A second call for help was heard and more came in to the room. Together, the group managed to restrain me long enough for the doctor to inject the fluid into my body. Instantly, everything slowed down, and I had to blink several times to ensure I was seeing clearly. The sky was falling away from me. My eyes felt heavy and my body felt light as a feather as I fell freely through the air. Suddenly skyscrapers came up from behind showing off their sparkling lights. What is happening to me? I now felt the ground against my back and everything went black…

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