My Anxiety

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Anxiety is an evil thing that makes each day seem like it's a fight for survival.

Submitted: August 04, 2017

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Submitted: August 04, 2017



My anxiety

A quite familiar name

Always the same

Not at all tame


My anxiety

It's not by design

But you've become mine

Sending shivers down my spine


My anxiety

Always by my side

Our souls are tied

You've stripped me of my pride


My anxiety

Should not be a surprise

Think I'd recognize

That very clever disguise


My anxiety

Filling me with dread

Many tears being shed

Happiness has fled


My anxiety

Not only by day, but also by night

For when it reaches my sight

I resort to fight or flight


My anxiety

Without a doubt, I know

Your strength will surely grow

As the wind continues to blow


My anxiety

Appears at the worst time

Please tell me of my crime

You're ruining my prime


My anxiety

Swift approaching manic

Infusing me with panic

The process is mechanic


My anxiety

Approaching so near

It is here

That you wish to strike fear


My anxiety

Creating mental cracks

Cannot relax

Sloppy syntax


My anxiety

Makes me cursed

Satisfy your thirst

Go ahead, do your worst


My anxiety

Goes in for the kill

As I stand completely still

Easily bending my will


My anxiety

Causes me to strain

Inflicting so much pain

What do you hope to gain?


My anxiety

Having no defense

It's strength is too immense

Very little suspense


My anxiety

An unwelcome guest

Heart pounding in chest

Just let me rest


My anxiety

Having powerful jaws

With razor sharp claws

No time for pause


My Anxiety

Abnormal, pounding heartbeats

As the monster greets

My psyche he defeats


My anxiety

Making the body warm

Thanks to your storm

An invisible swarm


My anxiety

The heart violently beating

Rapidly repeating

Gallons of sweat secreting


My anxiety

Tortures with life-threatening scare

It's far too much to bear

Must resort to prayer


My anxiety

Continuing to pray

I'm starting to decay

God, make it go away


My anxiety

Never prepared

Being so scared

Is not mutually shared


My anxiety

Unrivaled power

The weak will cower

Hour after hour


My anxiety

Making me so shy

As the world passes me by

Can one of us die?


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