A Peril's Price

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Submitted: August 04, 2017

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Submitted: August 04, 2017



Passion emerges

from these bodies

doused in mud.

Crawling from the anger pits

fresh hands reach

to up above.

A smile so torn

fueled by sadness

and cursed with scorn .

These eyes don't

bind the lies beneath.

Will the stream be dry

If I catch your teardrops

within the leaves ?

Dilly dally

words of anticipation .

It's a birth right

to annihilation.

Your crest seeps black .

I can't find my way back .

Bearing a burden

Of a night soaked gloom .

True love hidden

in the maze of you .

Silence is beautiful .

We find fate.

As the morning sun rises

the dark skies

slip away .

Behind the crystals

blue and sterile .

My heart always knew

there was a price for peril .

Orchards bloom

with ripened plums.

I march along

In the beat of

my ancestors drums.

As the light shines off the river .

I feel you quiver.

Listen close

don't run.

I could only feel your pain.

If I knew I was the one.

White love

a heart in rage.

The fear of my delusions

has given me the power

to be afraid .

These poisoned veins

have filled the barrel .

I pay the price for my peril .

Lost without you.

I can't breathe without you .

I can't sleep without you ..

Without you I am nothing.

Yet , this devoted love

keeps on hunting.

I can see clearly

through the glaze.

If I could escape ,

I'd die before

I stepped out of your maze.

The weight of snow

swallows the orchard whole .

As I perish below.

The price has followed me home .

Into the sunflower sunset.

I cease the echoes in my mind.

I feel a presence of truth

that shines within the night.

But, if it's the life

that alters time.

One last kiss

will make it right.

For love ,

always has a price.

Now we sleep in peace

and nothing can wake us. ..

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