Tales from Kald: Oa Hantzj

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A boy learns life lessons from his mother.

Submitted: August 04, 2017

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Submitted: August 04, 2017



“MOMMY MOMMY!” A young Drake gallops into his mother's nest-chamber, flapping his wings as though attempting to fly. The mother smiles to her child, but before she could say anything another “MOMMY!” interrupts. Her child hops in the nest beside her. “Can I ask you some questions?”

As the mother’s, her child's stubby scales shown red, dull from a day’s worth of play. The mother rests the tome she was reading on the patterned carpet beside her nest; It’s pages peacefully closing with her thoughts rather than her paws. The room is softly lit from night fires, their light elegantly prancing across the stone walls; her child’s happiness radiantly brighter than any light they might provide. The mother urges on her child, “go ahead honey, ask away”

“Can you tell me again what each Reln means?” her child innocently postures.

“But you should know this by know,” a half chuckle as her child nestles into her, “How about you tell me this time?”

Her child looks away in search of answers, “Jyk, Mur, Wox, Nep, Kag, and Bil.” He looks back to his mother, gleaming with pride.

“Very good, but you seem to be forgetting some.”

“Um…” her child looks down, grasping for the correct answer.

“Da-,” the mother edges on.

“Dax and Suz!”

“That’s right, those are the Aoreln.” The mother moves her head close to her child’s, “now, what do each of the six Reln and two Aoreln represent?”

“Mooooom,” her child exasperates, “I came here to ask you the questions”

“Well this is important, tell me and I’ll answer any other question you have.”

Her child, trapped into a corner, gives in. “Well each reln have eight aspects, one for each Reln and Aoreln. Dax is physics, Suz is time, Jyk is sense, Wox is motion, Mur is emotion, Nep is element, Kag is body, and Bil is color”

“Very, very good and each Reln has its own eight aspects.” The mother nuzzles her child, “As promised I’ll answer any real question you have”

Her child, slightly embarrassed from his transparency, asks, “well, I’ve been reading this book.” The child looks to his mother, her smile allowing him to continue. “And the book said something about reln affinity. What does that mean?”

“Well, it’s when an Oo has control over a reln”

“Control, you mean like they can tell it what to do?”

“Not exactly. Having control over a reln lets an Oo manipulate its aspects. An Oo with an affinity for Nep might be able to move water, or easily identify things by taste. Each and every being have affinity to one or more Reln, manifesting in their Nyuha.”

“Like yours!,” her child adds. “You can clean with your fire.”

“That’s right, and one day you’ll find out what yours is. Speaking of which...” Before her child could realize what his mother was planning, she exhales a plume of ruby flame that drenches her child. The flame quickly dissipates as fast as it was created, leaving her child’s scales sparkling crimson.

“Oh come on mom!” her child cries out.

After a moment of her child’s poutiness the mother continues, “We may each have our own Nyuha, but each species and even every race have their own affinity to a Reln too. Drake, Humi, Gheforis, Roqbherg, Vshawen, Keupaal, Solumkerd, Axefelis, Vinsel, Saestel, and even Muzoqal all have their own species specific affinity.”

“What about Nauspara, my daycare lady can stop anyone from moving,” her child quizzes.

“Yes Rela, Nol Rela, Oql, and even Nel have some kind of affinity to Reln.”

“Even Nel? But their just beasts, at least Oql can talk.”

“Yup, everyone has affinity. Not everyone are able to find what their Nyuha is, but there is no one in this world that can’t find out.” The mother smiles to her child.

“Wait… what is a Nol Rela? Rela can think, Oql can communicate, and Nel are beasts, but what is a Nol Rela.”

The mother clears her throat, realizing the gate she just opened. “They are.. They are an offspring of two different species. They are abominations, absolutely horrible creatures. Even though, some Rela thought it was a good idea to *cough* copulate. Since we group them all into one species, and some of them are technically able to think deeply, they are classified as Rela. But make no mistake they are less than us, Less than a Nel in my book. But a law is a law and they are seen as a form of Rela.”

“Oh,” her child urgently searches for a new topic to change to. The quiet of the night only hastens his thoughts for a new question to ask. “Where, where are we from,” her child comes up with.

“Drakiv, Kexist of course, where do you think we live?”

“No no no, I mean our family. Where was great great great great -”

The mother gently hushes her rambunctious child, “alright, I get what you mean. Originally, way back when, we were from southern Dreuglen. My father moved to Kexist for a better future for me. Dreuglen is very… economy centric. My father wanted me to become who I wanted to be, not what necessarily makes a lot of money.”

“But Dreuglen is an Ezivald, I thought it was the Aiaoiv that had leaders?”

“That’s true, but many Aiaoiv in an Ezivald have similar ideals.” The mother snaps her wings open, causing her child to jump. “POP QUIZ!.. Can you name all of the Ezivald?”

“Aw, come on mom, do I have too?”

“No, you don’t have to. But not answering will lead me to believe that you don’t know.” The mom’s sly words coax her child into her web.

“I KNOW I KNOW. There’s Kexist, Dreuglen, Platlen, Sterelen, Whidlen, Yassa Fosa, Akwalen, and Presulen.”

“Very good, I think you might deserve a treat tomorrow for being such a smartie.”



“I have one final question.”


“If you need affinity for a Reln to control it, how can Korren breath fire?”

“You’re Humi friend? Well, even if you don’t have an affinity to a Reln, you can still learn to control it. It’s called Ghoa, and it’s what your friend uses to breathe fire like you do. It’s like exercising or reading, you practice enough and you can do anything.”

“Could a Saestel breathe fire too?”

“Mmm. Not easily but yes, they can. But it’s much easier for them to use a Murn do that sort of thing.”

“You mean the thing you were using to hold your book in mid-air?”

“Yes, that Murn I was using gives me telekinesis. Murn allow for control of a Reln even if you don’t have affinity for it.”

Whining, her child demands,“Why don’t I have any Murn?”

“You’re too young, you’ll hurt yourself.” The mother looks to her child’s defeated expression, “But! When you get older, you’ll have your own Murn and you’ll keep them on your own Haln.” She then motions to her gem-laden necklace on the nest-side rug. “Now go to your room and get some sleep, there will be plenty of time for more questions tomorrow.” Her child lazily crawls out of her nest, turning to head towards his own room: “Sleep tight.”


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