Light To Darkness

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A City filled with chaos and darkness....lurking in the shadows is something more then the boogeyman...fight or join live or die only time will tell what is real and what is not.

Submitted: August 04, 2017

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Submitted: August 04, 2017



Light to darkness



Walking across the city street, the sky was pitch black, the endless span of slits of red, shimmering across the sky. What a pretty sight to see, but I knew, I could not stay for the day was ending to soon. When the sun sets, that's when They would come out. The creatures of dark, Mouths lined with sharp edge teeth with two sharp fangs that dangle, longing to find its next prey and suck the life from them, or warping there pray into creatures as well. With scaly bodies, hand like talons, that will shred through human flesh in seconds. There giants compared to men, standing at 7 feet tall standing on two feet.  Red eye with slits of black in them, breath as foul as toxic waste. I heard from a man once, that if you stare into their deep red eye, your soul will be snatched up and devoured. I never saw that old man again, after he had spoken to me he went like a shadow, never to be seen from again. I walk alone in this city, the city without a name, where monsters live and lurk. They come to play and dance with darkness. I fear one day they well find me. Will I be ready? Who will they appear to me as? My mother?  My best friend? Then again,  I don't remember having a mother or a friend to speak of. Just this endless nightmare running through my mind, never relenting, never stopping. What lies for me ahead I will never know if I don’t hurry before the sun sets. They see me as one of them, a monster like them, they try to snatch me up and turn me into them. I roam the city in search of supplies so I may hide from them. I despise the monsters. They were once human now creatures of evil, but is that not what humans are as well? I have not decided what I hate more; humans or the creatures? Both are evil to the core and both are violent. I have slain many creatures as well as humans, not by choice. I wonder do I feel guilt towards the human who attacked me first? I don't know...... I shake my head and keep moving forward trying to erase my thoughts.

I hastily grab my last few supplies from an abandoned store I need before the sun set. How odd the city seemed to sleep yet the shadows linger around, watching, taunting me, calling me by name, reaching out to slash me. I eyed them cautiously, the creatures were getting more and more bold. I picked up my pace, watching the building fly by me as I sprint through the city and began heading back toward my house. Avoiding the shadow, though keeping my gun ready to shoot anything that leaps at me. 

At last I arrived outside the city, the long stretch across the plains, the shadows shimmered and dancing as I ran forward. The wind was cackling at me as I ran through the city chasing the sun, trying to reach the safe heaven. I continue forward, looked across the plains, I had finally reach my home, an old abandoned two story house with barbed wire all around the yard, a metal wall reaching four feet , surrounding like a bank vault door . I laid it with brick walls, with solar power and UV lights that shine bright as the sun saving me with its graces. I play a high pitch sound that humans can’t hear, but I can. It’s like a lullaby. It cautions the creatures, warning them, threatening them. Lately they seem to come as if the song dances with their dark hearts. My home was once a base for military soldiers, but they became very foolish and went with the sound of the beasts. Others live there as well, humans that wore white coats and masks hiding their faces. The air they breathed was filtered they could not breath the air, Like I could. The monster could breathe just like I, but no human could last too long in the air, the air of Death. TheToxic air became so polluted do to the carelessness of the humans, many fear that it would happen, but they did not care. They only lived for being the best, the first to make the biggest and deadliest, what fool they were I thought. They never really saw the beauty of the world, the sweet scent of roses blooming in the spring. Animals roaring and singing in to the fall breeze, what a sight to see. But now cities are cake on with toxic pollutants and devilish creatures. I have to admit without those selfish humans I would not have my home so tightly secure and save from the creatures.

I ran my hand through my hair trying to forget, and focus on getting inside. I came upon the great door towering over me. I could here and scene them coming closer, behind me following me like a lost puppy. Voices began to enter into mind, tempting me to let go and be free. It was like an itch you can’t scratch, they continue to speak to me. Bothering me with their words I grab my gun pointed it behind me and without looking. Fire rapidly behind me. Scream and hissing shrieks filled the air, my mind felt clear and I felt better. I smiled to myself knowing that I don't have to look to know where there at, I can feel where there lurking. It makes my life easier when I want to let off some steam.  Easy targets, always do though, I also have notice the creature are not all dumb. But the ones I’m dealing with now are bothering me quite so. I scene the sun leaving me, sending me to a pit of disappear and loneliness. They knew as well, as if its built into our minds when the sun comes and goes.  They fear me yet wanted to take me, what a strange thing indeed. These creature our a complex organism at times and other times dumb as a door knob.  I sigh and quickly open the door and slam it shut, locking the front gate and sprint across the yard to the house. I slid the key in and whipped the door open and closed, another good thing about this house was the doors. Each had a pad lock, with steel doors, letting nothing in or out. I put down the metal frame handle across the door as well. “You would think this would get easier, but sadly it seems it hard from me to leave that world and come here. Too much effort coming and going at times it would seem,” I said quietly to myself. My body wavered, before heading inside, hastening, not budging, frozen in place. I felt the pull of just letting go and becoming like them, sometimes I feel like I should. Other time I don't, what am I really? Like them? Or am I human? Either way I can't stay in the door way. I close the door entering to the familiar surroundings of my home.

 I ran upstairs to my room it was quiet cozy with a window to gaze out at the vast city and across the stretch of land. To the right a bed, and a medium oak dresser. It always smelled like a forest to me, my tiny table and lamp sat peacefully next to my bed. I walk to my window, I hastily turn on the UV lambs to see dozens of shadows skippering away in a fright. One shadow did not skimpier off it stayed at the edge of the light watching, staring at me oddly. It starched it arm reaching for me, I saw as it sizzled from the light turning it to a burning ember. I gold my gaze firmly on this creature. I swiftly turn the UV lights brighter, watching  the creature arm now scorched. It whimpers in pain, I could see its eyes tearing up, from the over whelming agony. The creature did not relent it continue trying to reach out to me. Why was this one trying so hard? I tossed my hand gun a side and, I picked up my M14 sniper rile, as I open the window and aim it right at the creature's head. I mutter under my breath, “Come on I dare you.” It stays in plain sight for a few more second before vanishing back to the darkness. The other creatures slither back as well, I wait a few second before putting the gun down. The hand gun I had with me as I went for my little “errand” lay on the table in front of the window. I took out the clip and counted how many bullets I had left as well in the chamber. I guess I had not notice but I empty the whole clip when I fired at the front gate. I open my draw filled with ammo and guns and found the right clip. Good rule to remember is you can never have to many guns laying around or ammo.

I curled myself in a ball hiding from the world trying to sleep the endless sleep I always wanted. I never can sleep much, nightmares always creep into my mind. As well as always being on the lookout for those creatures to strike. Outside I heard the creature Moan, “ Sk,.... Sky Sskkyyyy,  your one of us please come.” I shudder from hearing it say my name. “why does it want me!?,” I thought, “what does it want from me, why must it torment me? How can it know my name, I could feel just that one creature outside waiting, watching? At one point the monster went silent, the silences brought me bliss, causing me to drift and be plunge into a world full of nightmares.

“Doctor, patient X responded quite nicely with the others,” a woman said,

“Oh, really thought she would have died, she never been strong only had a few day to live when she first came here right?”

  “No doctor she seems to be getting stronger and smart as well.” The man fidgeted with some paper, he spoke softly to her, “ I notice light does not harm her, the pollution in the air either am I correct ?”

  “Yes, sir she seems quite normal,”

“ HA! Normal, ya right but we both know the true,” he snickered. My eyes snapped open to seeing them staring at me,

“ I AM NORMAL WHO ARE  YOU PEOPLE ” I shouted in fear !? The man smiled hiding his look of vile and discussed on his face, but I could see his true face. As well as the women, next him.

“ Shshsh my dear, please clam yourself I am doctor Grant and this is doctor Sonna. Do you not remember my dear? You have been very sick, were here to help you and the others. Your parent signed you to us. You been very ill for a while were helping you” I sat up my eyes were stinging for the light,

“Doctors ???,” I said shakily, my head was throbbing for some odd reason.

“Yes, were to help you and your friends,” he said softly.

I eyed them I could see they were lying right through their teeth, I had to know something though. “Um, what do you mean by help? What have I done wrong? Why am I here in this room? What’s wrong with me I can't think straight or remember much?”

“Please, please do not fret you are save, in this place,” he gestured towards the room and smile wickedly showing all his teeth. I jumped up quickly, I don't trust either of them, for some reason I began to shout,

 “Your lying both of you are I can see it in your smug faces!! I know your lying I can see it through your eye and I am not sick!”  I felt so strange and my mind was racing trying to figure out what was going on why was I acting this way? Was I really sick? I have parent? Or do I not? My head began throbbing harder making me feel sick and angry.

“ I am no patient X my name is- my name is ?, I-I live in a city, yes a city.  I live in ….Jacksonville.... I have a family.. I think?” they laughed make me cringe at their sick laughter,

“ My, my child you are a silly little one arn't you, your name is patient X settle down right now” he said in a mocking voices. “ Sonna I thought you sad she was stable? She seems quite crazed to me, she may need a sedative. It seems she has memory loss, and need to be strap down so she does not hurt herself or anyone else.”

“Sorry sir it seems that she is not like the other for some reason, she more unstable right now at this time. We will tell her parent that she is not doing well, and the drugs are not working right. That will stop them from bothering us and we can continue further study.”

“Quite right, tho further studies must be made indeed, just say she died and so we can continue.  That way we have free range, and do whatever we need to do. Its better this way any was for more free scientific studies” I-I could not believe what I was hearing, My body move on its own I felt a rush of power. I shoved them both out of the way and slammed my body against the glass window throwing me out the building, jerking in pain as the glass sliced through my skin. “WHAM!” I jumped from the floor hearing a powerful blast rippling through the walls. I glide across the floor to the window, searching the perimeter, to fine the once silent monster ramming into the wall trying to break the lights. I rub my eyes making sure I’m not imaging it. I look for my gun or a tranq gun something to stop it. I fumble with the one in my pocket. As I grab it a loud “BOOM” sounds echo throughout the room. It continues ramming and ramming, faster and faster. Other were not near enough but only watch avoiding the monster charging my walls.  They seem afraid of this monster not wanting to come near it, the lights seem to not face this one at all it continues I point my gun at its head reading to fire. But I was too late, the wall and lights came crashing down, I stop in my place, I-I could not move my whole body would not budge. I felt paralyzes, frozen in place ready to be slaughtered where I stand. I regain my posture and shake the daze away from my mind and search the yard for the creature. It was quite quick, I held the gun in my hand searching and searching. Most of the wall was still intact-ed, but there was a whole. I pointed a few of the lights at the hole, making sure no more would come in. I had my gun pointed ready to fire at moment’s notice, but then I heard it the front door open. Footsteps began to get louder and louder it was in the house and coming for me.  It was in the house, I won’t let it leave here alive, now I turn towards the door.  “ thump thump” it almost here. My body start to shack in fear, I felt weak, the shadow starts to dance an glide around me mockingly. I felt strange and like all the fight with in me was sapped out. The monster came in, but when did it come in? I held my eyes shut, and had the gun point at it“ thump thump” it was right in front of me. I  -I was about to pull the trigger but then, I could smell the sent of..... roses? Suddenly this gentle hands touch my shoulders, “ Sky? Sky? Can you hear me Sky? Please Sky open your eye! Please,” The boy shouted in pain. I struggled to open my eyes, it was difficult all of sudden to. He spoke more gently, “ Sky it me... do remember me ?”

My eyes burst open to see a boy... a boy I remember but where? He smiled and fade into the abyss, “wait I don’t leave me,” I cried out! He smiled and whisper something my ear i could not hear. I remand in darkness alone, scared, yet I felt warm and somehow loved? My body felt limb and numb, pain serried my skin, voices said my name one more time softly gently in my ear. “Sky are you there?”  Instantly my eyes open to see a bright, loving, warm, room filed with smiling face filed with joy. “Sky your awake, your alive I can’t believe it I thought I lost you,” he cried!

“ It-It was all a dream ?” they all seem not to hear me, all I saw was warm smiling face. Yet be hide them I could the darkness feeling the room once more, ready to strike its next victim. The shadows begin to circle around them as they all smiled at me, they had not notice it. I try to speak but my voice was mute, the boy took my hand smiling.

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