A Dragons Little Secret

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Found a writing prompt decided to write a story enjoy!

Submitted: August 04, 2017

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Submitted: August 04, 2017



prompt----> When the dragon finally comes, he looks like everything you feared- but behaves like nothing you ever expected



As I began to climb this icy mountain, hoping to meet the monster that I had heard rumors about. Each step leading me closer to the beast, I had only one choice but to kill it. I spent most of my life hunting down dangerous beasts that threaten to destroy this land. I heard stories about this beast: skin royal blue and harder than steal or iron. Teeth razor sharp, so sharp they could slice a man in half. Its breath so foul that any mere mortal would suffer horrible disfigure meant. Villagers spoke of the monster being able to exhale ice from its mouth. Getting anywhere near the beast is nearly impossible, it keeps it lair below freezing. Anyone who gets to close would freeze instantly. Villagers continue spreading rumors about the beast massive collection of golds and jewels. Many thieves and bandits hope to snatch up the demon’s colossal treasure.

I shook my head, trying not to worry about any of that. I needed to, no I had to focus on the task at hand. I continued my climb up the frozen mountain. A storm rage all around me, I never faulted. A blizzard ensued as I began my quest to slay the beast. I knew what must be done, I could not fail no matter what. I would either come back down a hero, or never to return. I would not become some coward that was something that I could not stand for. I must do whatever it takes to slay the beast in the mountain. 

Almost reach the top of the mountain where the beast slept. I hasten my stride hoping I could reach the cave before dark. With the storm consuming everything around me, all I could see was the mountain nothing else beyond that. The bear skin I was wearing as a coat became uncomfortable. I felt like I was plunge into a volcano. I was led to believe it be more colder up here but man! I was roasting, I could not bear it anymore and ripped the coat off. The wind picked up at that moment, and swept the coat away into oblivion. It matters not, I would not need a fur coat to kill the beast. After I succeed I will skin it and wear its hide, and my quest will be complete.

My cloak on the other hand I would never set free. Seeing the coat fly away was fine, but the thought of my beloved cloak disappearing forever crushed me. It was the only piece left of what remands of my father. I had never met him, but all I had was this cloak.  I know he gave it to me to keep me safe, and it has. I fought so many beast and demons in this land, this cloak has saved me countless times. A normal person would see it as some normal black cloak. It has special properties, magic does not work on it. You don't know how many wizards I have had to face they are such a pain.... with their stupid magic and spells. It can be quite annoying, lucky wizards and witches have a weakness their wands. Break their wand and they are pretty much defenseless, like a baby that has just been born. Without the mother, the baby would die of starvation. But you get the point, my cloak is too precious for me, and I could never give up.

Thinking about my cloak made me loses focus. I had not notice that I reached the top of the mountain and almost strolled into the beast lair. I quickly dove behind some rocks, waiting for the beast to emerge from its hiding spot. I waited and waited but nothing! I began to grow nervous and impatient, what if the beast was on to me? What if it left and might return soon, could it see me? “ROAR!!”

My mind shut of quickly and my body reacted, I jumped from my post and charged in. I scouted my area trying to locate the beast. Nothing, nothing was here, I began to grow very impatient. I searched the cave high and low trying to fined the beast. All that I was able to see was books upon books scattered around everywhere. I could not even fined one body or bone... it was strange. Nor did I fined gold or jewels lying about. What was going on? Without warring a gust of wind swept through from the back of the cave. Ice began to form all around the cave. I stood my ground watching as everything began to freeze into an ice land. Thump Thump Thump. Loud footsteps echoed in the cave, it was coming closer and closer. I prepared myself ready to strike the beast down.

Royal blue skin, eyes as white as snow, teeth as sharp as can be. There stood before me, the great demon I have been waiting to slay a dragon. The dragon inhaled a great amount of air, I waited for the toxic breath to surround me and strike me down. This dragon must think I’m stupid to not be ready for this. I pulled my cloak up to shield me from its breath attack, I shut my eyes so as to not get the poison in them and held my breath........

I waited holding my breath as long as possible until I could not hold it in anymore. I gasped for air then quickly covered my mouth. I waited for the pain to enter but the only pain I received was from holding my breath for so long.

“What are you doing mortal? Why have you come to my mountain and trust passed on my home.” He sounded grumpy like he had just woken up from a nap, yet he had a hint of kindness in him. I found it very odd. He laid down and held his head up staring at me.

“Well? What say you?” I froze I-I did not prepare for this, he is talking to me like if he was talking to a friend. I finally meet the monster I had stalked and hunted down and he wants to stop and chat? Why was I afraid of this dragon he nothing like what I was expected. Any fear I had of him had left as soon as he stared speaking to me it was very strange.

“I-I-I um..”

“Well? Come now what got your tongue, did you eat something that did not agree with you? Happens to me all the time, fish is quite disagreeable with me.” I pushed down the feeling to flee and stood my ground.

“I came to kill you and skin you alive.” I shouted to the dragon as I brought my sword out from under my cloak. I aimed it straight at him and stared him straight in the eyes. He began to laugh so hard the whole mountain began to shake.

“HA! That’s great a child came to kill me! Tell me child why do you wish to kill me what have I done to offend you?” Is this thing for real? It’s a frickin dragon they are a sin against man, creature of old bent on taking what they want. Greed drives them to commit heinous crimes, and he asking me why! Why! Why?... I began to think why did I come up here in reality he did nothing to me I only came because of the villagers. I shook my head I can't start doubting why I came here. I kill demons and all kinds of creatures. I don't need to explain myself to this dragon, I was sent here because the village folk were being terrorize and murdered right and left. I began shouting at him again about what the villagers said about him. He sighed deeply and looked sadden by what I had said.

“I see... very well fearless warrior shall we fight then? Do you truly wish to throw your life away on hear say?”

“I must do, what I must, do I was sent here to be victorious or die. There is no going back, I must stand and fight no matter what.”

“Is there no one who will miss you when you’re gone? Think of them before you decide to go up against a dragon.”

“I have no one, lets fight.” He nodded and I launched myself at him quickly, I ran straight at him and leaped on to his left shoulder. He quickly spun his head around reaching around to either eat me or to spit ice at me. But I made sure not to give him time for either one, I ran down his back to his wings and slashed the right one. He roared loudly and began to move and try to shake me off, I held on and ran for the left wing. I ran towered it getting ready to strike it, as I did the other wing, when I felt something sharp pierce my shoulder. I looked down to see an ice-sickle sticking out of my shoulder, I pulled it out quickly tossing it against a wall. I watch as the sickle hit the cave and stick to it. Then more sickles began to sprout out like a porky pine. I noted to myself to avoid that as much as possible. I glance in the direction of where the sickle first came from the dragon’s wing, the one I had slashed. It turned to ice and act on its own, it began to flap and throw more sickles at me. I dodge out of the way towards the back of the beast. That was one of my many mistake, as I went towards the tail. The dragon turned towards me firing its ice breath at me. Ice began to form on it back and moving as if it was a liquid. I jump off the beast and ran towards book shelve that were behind the beast. The liquid ice followed at full haste right on my hills. I leaped over the railing and hid between two book shelves. I climbed mid-way on to the shelve, lucky that save my life. The liquid ice stop for a second then headed back towards the dragon.

I sighed in relief I had to think of a way to kill this beast, but this ice was getting in the way. The dragon continued breathing liquid ice trying to figure out where I went. I analyzed my shoulder, blood was dripping from it, but not as severely as I first believed it to be. I got a good foot holding on the shelf and then ripped a part of my sleeve off. I then wrapped it around the wound and hoped for the best. I did not have time to fully dress the wound, I would have to worry about that later. After I killed the dragon, I think its scale would make for fine armor.

“Tick-tock tick-tock little mouse, come out, come out, little mouse, tick-tock tick-tock. Time swing one way, fate swings another way. Tick-tock come out, come out little mouse. Time is time, life is life, little mouse run and hide. Little mouse run, little mouse hided, the big bad cat, will getch ya if you don't. Little mouse, little mouse I see you, little mouse little mouse what will you do?” He sang, I looked above the book case to see him. He was staring right at me, I jumped down just as his tail came swing straight at me. Ice shards flew everywhere shattering the book cases. I booked it trying to duck and dodge his attacks.

“Little mouse, little mouse run and hide, wait little mouse, little mouse, it chose to run, run little mouse, run. I’ll catch it I can if not little mouse, little mouse the big bad cat will catch ya if it can!” He sang even more, I ran faster and faster trying to avoid his breath attack while watching out for the liquid ice. It was pissing me off that this dragon was just toying with me, and singing a stupid song to boot. I had to fight back, I had to do something, I can't die like this I can't. I stopped in my tracks just as he launched a breath attack, ice shard raced past me a few hit me while others missed hitting parts of the cave. The strange thing was, that the ones that hit me, I felt no pain. The shard that had impacted with my body did not explode like the first sickle that struck the cave. I looked down at my clothes they were wet and that was it. I grinned, my cloaked was my savior once more. The dragon looked confused, I took the chances and launched a full-frontal attack on him. I pulled out my sword ready to strike him right in the heart. I had the perfect opportunity, to strike him down. Just when I thought I could strike him two giant liquid ice puddles grabbed both my legs holding me in place.  I struggled to move trying to break the ice, but it would not budge. The dragon looked sad that his game with me was over so soon. At least I think he was sad, I was in such a panic, I could not tell.

I struggled to break free using my sword to bang on the ice. The ice just gripped my sword and stole it away from me. It was as if it had a mind of its own. The dragon sighed and whipped its tail right at my body, the full impact knocked the wind out of me. If it was not for the ice holding me down, I'm sure I would have flown through the air. My cloak got knocked free and lade next to me on the ground. My face exposed, the dragon could now see my face.

Shock was what I first saw in the dragon’s face, then horror, then fear. Of all thing I saw fear came over this beast, but why? I wonder if maybe my face was scared up from the impact of its tail. I began to spit up blood, I'm pretty sure I had 4 cracked ribs. They could be broken I'm not sure I'm no doctor, but they sure hurt like hell! My vision began to blur, black spot began to outline around my eyes. The ice let go of me and vanished from sight, I crumbled to the ground. I lay on my side wheezing for air, I might have punctured my lung to. I coughed up more blood, the dragon begins to screech and roar, I found it odd that it made such a rack it. Is a girl not allowed to die in silence?

Why would the beast be so upset? Was it sad that I lost so quickly? I closed my eyes the pain was getting to me. I heard footsteps not from the dragon, much smaller footsteps. They sound-ed like they were coming from where the dragon stood. Was there someone here? Did they see what happen? Whoever it was reach me quickly and grabbed hold of me and held on to me. They began to whisper apologies to me, I wanted to slap this person. Why were they sorry? They should not be sad I was meant to kill monsters and if I die I wish to die by a monster’s hands. So, it was my choice to do this not theirs, and yet they continued to apologies to me. I felt myself begin to fade and slip into my subconscious, I bit my lip and tried to hold on. I had to know who was speaking to me.

Their voice, I knew it from somewhere I could not figure out who it was. Where had I heard it from? The voice continued, “I'm so sorry, I did not know it was you if I had known I would have not fought you.” This voice... it was the dragon but the dragons is a dragon. It was not a man I was so confused, I must have been imaging it from being in so much pain.

“I'm glad though. I got to meet you, my daughter. Thank you for returning to me.”

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