Princess Poor

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The story of a woman who was put in a home. Don't put your parents in a home. For as long as they have taken care of you, take care of them, even if the measure of years are not the same. To say that you're all they have is saying the least.

Submitted: August 04, 2017

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Submitted: August 04, 2017



She was young She was strong

She was a princesswho lived in excess

Full of life Void of strife


She lived under a noblemanShe gave birth to a boy

Who lived under a kingAnd a girl who lived in full swing

And partied life awayof life’s party every night and every day


Then royalty changedThough she felt strange

To an army of men unharmed by any of them

Who made the rich poorlife wasn’t as before


She grew She knew

And so the children she might not see any of them

And with them ambition after change in condition


First the nobleman departedShe felt broken hearted

Then the son took flight there was dark where was light

And the daughter married and the days just carried


Outward, she stayed chin upNo one day will she stop

She made good use of her legsPrincess don’t for affection beg

She let them run where they canlife is it what it is without any man


Then came grandchildren She stayed with them

After daughter’s divorce finally removed from remorse

And loneliness And crosses distance


Then came illness With it stillness

That dislodged legs’ use A sign of obtuse

Now just a body and mind with no clue to find


Spent time with the son who gambled more than he won  In an island paradise volunteered virtue to viceWithout want or care she was nowhere


The girl came back saw her mother as an attack  Refused to carry weight without word or debateOn her shoulder put her in a room that’s smaller


She waited She stated For the rescue to resume she loved the vacuumBut few would tax the task for things she need not ask


She started masked broken heartTo begin the end without a friend Slowly without any blame a forgotten frame


She was bold She will hold A life turned around herself tallest tree from the ground  From princess to pauperMay the angels come for her

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