Skull Kid

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Tried my hand in horror not sure if I like it or not enjoy lol.

Submitted: August 04, 2017

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Submitted: August 04, 2017



Cole and I never go anywhere alone. We are always together. I can’t remember a time when we were not with one another. Cole talks to me from time to time, but he does not say much. Were in the same school and go to the same classes. Everyone around me does not know about Cole, he like to stay hidden from them. But I don’t mind showing them Cole. He is such a swell guy, but Cole always tells me not to show the other him.

So, I do my best to past the time, even though at times I want others to meet Cole. But I keep my promise and tell no one about him. It can be very hard at times, since many of the kids are so mean. They never believe me when I say I have a friend name Cole. No, instead they steal my stuff and mock me. One day me and Cole will get them back, all of them will pain. But for now, I am happy with just having Cole by my side.

One day though, Cole told me he was feeling very lonely and sad. He said we needed to make more friends. The two of us were just not enough. I was somewhat shocked that Cole would ask for more friends. I thought I was enough for him. But he told me more friends could be a lot more fun. I thought about it and after a while I agreed with him.

Cole said I had to makes friends with those who were mean to me. Because, in reality the other boys just wanted to be my friend. I did not believe Cole at first. But after I made them understand we would be the best of friends……

I was wondering alone in the woods, just like Cole had told me to do. The night was bricks and the wind was blowing strongly. I walked along the path towards the others. A few days ago, Cole had overheard that the mean boys were going camping alone. Cole thought this would be a great time to make friends with them. As I got closer and closer I could see and hear them. I squatted down behind some bushes and watch them. They all were in a circle around a fire. There tents all pitched and ready to be slept in.

The boys laughed and played silly games around the fire. Oh! How happy I was, that I would soon be friends with such people. I lay in wait, watching and waiting for them to slumber. I pulled out my Blade that Cole had made for me. It was long and jagged and made of bone. He had made it so well, I am glad he is my friend.

After around Midnight they all were sound asleep. Now was my chances. I reveled, in the thought of being able to make new friends. I walked into the first tent, only one boy lay asleep in the tent. Just like how Cole had said would happen. He lay there calmly counting sheep and dreaming of distant places. I stood over him and pulled out my gift from Cole. I lay the jagged end on his neck and sliced. One after another I went to each tent and did this. Laying my gift on each boy’s neck and slicing deep and deeper into their necks.

After making my rounds and introducing myself to each boy. Cole came to me smiling so happily. He told me we had only a few more thing to do tell I had more friends. He told me to fetch some water and grab the magic bottle. It read Hydrogen peroxide, Cole loved the magic bottle, and so did I. He told me to get the water to be warm and then grab one of my friends. I grabbed one of them and placed him in a bucket. I then added the magic bottle.

Cole told me this help get rid of all the bad stuff, that my new friend may have been carrying around. He then said after a time to place my friend into the warm water. This help cleans and polish my friend. I continued this for each person. Until they were all clean and pure. Cole laughed and patted me on the head. Then we placed each one of my friends in a circle. They were so much easier to move now that they were not weighed down.

With Cole’s magic bottle, we were able to make my friends way easier to carry. In fact, I could fit them in my back it was so nice! Cole was such a big help, and my friends were starting to like me! Just like Cole said they would.

Now I made sure to place each one of my friends all around me in a circle. Then I place different special jewels on them. One got spikes on his head and another got feathers. Another one got jewels placed all over his head and I left one of my friends alone.

After this Cole came and sat next to me, he seemed to be very chatty today. I think he was happy we had new friends. After time went by, my friends began to come alive and take shape. There once simple skulls beamed to life. I was so happy to have so many friends!

I think we stayed up all night talking about things. Cole was glad I was able to talk to more than just him. I don’t know when I fell asleep but when I awoke I heard shouting and screams.

I looked up to see I was still with my circle of friends but others had shown up to. Adults with blue clothes on and guns. They shined flashes lights on me and my friends and began shouting. I was so confused. I arose asking them if they wanted to join my friends. They yelled so more pointing their metal things at me. I grew annoyed and tried to explain to them. They never listen, instead they told me to get down on my knees. I did not understand them, I walked towards them.

Before I could leave my circle of friend to talk to these people. A loud bang ran all around us echoing off the mountain. I fell to the ground. Something burning began to run out of my body. I looked down to see what it was, I touched it. It was blood, it looked so weird coming out of me. I had seen it on my friends, but seeing it on me was odd. The dry blood that was on my hands from my friends mixed with my own. My lungs seem to squeeze shut it became harder to breath. I gasped for air, but could not seem to find any. My body felt heavy and I could no longer stand up straight. My body crashed to the ground. Lay there on the ground staring off towards the distant and I saw Cole.

He wore a large smile showing all his pointy teeth. His purple eyes staring straight at me. He was short in stature like a child almost. His purple top hat with a feather on it looked dashing on him. He wore a black and purple vest, and a short skirt. He began walking towards me in his sandals. No one saw him approach me. He bent down beside me and put his hand under my chin, pulling my face towards his. He grinned ever so big and whisper these words to me, “And now my boy you shall join your true friends.”

And as this young boy took his last breath Cole the boy with the face of a canine. Whose whole face was made of bone, and was in fact a canine’s skull. He took the boy knife made of bone and sliced deep into the young boy’s neck. And so, Cole took the boys skull and waited ever so patiently for another to come seeking friendship.

And thus, is the story about the Skull Kid……


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