Z' Arth, Tale of Soul's Edge

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The horror that followed the Zlaughtering...

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Soul Eater

Submitted: August 05, 2017

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Submitted: August 05, 2017



Chapter One
Soul Eater (One Day After Zlauthering)


  Time for a story, one that shows a new side of insanity. Of a girl who lives in a town that loves her, who’s parents stood by her side. Who’s life will change and soon be entwined to a horrific Internal affair. Now the scene is simple, on a bench in front of a fountain, with loving parents right by her…

  “Soul,” Her mother started, putting a hand on her shoulder as her father did the same to the other. “We are so proud of you.”
  “Really? That means so much, but why are you telling me this?”
  “Because you are kind and sincere,” her father began, “This town is lucky to have someone like you in it to help it’s citizens.”
  “Your father got you something.” Soul turned to her father who handed her a sword within a sheathe.
  “We won’t always be here, so keep this close so it may protect you.” Soul slowly removed the sword from it’s sheathe and stared at her reflection within the blade.
  “What did this cost?” Soul asked returning it to it’s sheathe.
  “Not much,” Her mother said trying to give a smile to her.
  “What she means is that you shouldn’t worry about it,” Her father said giving her a kiss on the head. He then turned her mother and nodded to her.
  “S-Soul, can you go to the lake and pick us some seashells? Remember like when you were younger?” Soul stared at her mother whose lip was beginning to tremble. “It feels so long ago that you were in my arms for the first time and now you have your own sword.” As the first tear ran down her cheek, Soul’s father wrapped his arms around her.
  “It’s okay, Sam. She’s still our little girl.” He then gave a smile to his daughter, “She’ll always be our little girl.” He took a look at the sun high in the sky. “Soul,” He started staring at the sky, “Go, when you return at dusk we will have a surprise for you.” 
  “Y-yes, father.” Soul said standing up and fixing the sword and sheathe around her waist. She then stared at her mother who was softly weeping.
  “It will be ok, Soul,” he started “She just can’t wait for your return.” Her mother hid her face within his chest as he smiled to Soul. “Not to mention your brother will be coming back then.”
  “Brother..? Okay,” Soul said putting a hand on the sword’s handle. “I’ll be back at dusk.”

  “Mother, father!” Soul dropped the seashells when she saw the flames lighting up the dark sky and began to run. Within the town walls, buildings were in flames, the fountain destroyed; bodies everywhere, blood, severed limbs, screams- “Stop it…” She put her hands to her head, “I don’t want to know, I don’t want to think-“ She shut her eyes as she held back her tears.
  She finally opened her eyes and ran to where she lived. At the door she slowly opened it to find her mother’s body still gripping a seashell she had brought years before. “Mother…” She kneeled to her body looking around the room for her father.
  She checked the house, but he was not there, when she stepped out of the house while wiping her tears away, she stared at the fountain. It was her father, he had a sword and was fighting off two bandits. She began to run to him, on her way she could see that he was wounded, his blood was dripping into the fountain.
  “Father!” She screamed. Her father turned to her as one of the bandits thrust the sword into his chest. Soul stopped where she was as the other bandit turned to her. Her father opened his mouth to say something to his daughter, but was quickly cut down by the bandit.
  “What do we do about her?” One bandit asked the other as she took a step back.
  “Just kill her like the rest.” 
“Wait,” He stared at Soul who was murmuring to herself. “What if we sold her to some slavers, she looks of age.”
  “I killed him…” She whispered to herself. “It’s my fault…” The bandits began to step towards her. “Everyone’s dead…”
  “She’s talking to herself, won’t that knock down her price?”
  “Just grab her!” They reached out to grab her, but she stepped back and pulled the sword from it’s sheathe.
  “EVERYONE’S DEAD!” She screamed at the top of her lungs causing the bandits to flinch.
  “What the fuck, girl!”
  “Dead,” she whispered staring at her sword as the bandits raised theirs.
  “Just drop the sword and we won’t cut off your arms.”
  “I said-“
  “Shut up!” She yelled as her right arm emitted a black glow, raising the sword before staring at it’s blade. “Don’t interrupt him.” They stared at her as she lowered her sword. “You want red..?” She asked as tears began to fall from her eyes. “Souls..? You won’t leave me alone…”
  “Maybe we should just kill h-“ She quickly thrust her sword into his chest then slashed sideways raising the sword to the other bandit as the one she stabbed fell over.
  “So red…” Soul whispered staring at the blood on her sword. “He wants souls, offer yours!” She yelled as she swung the sword at the bandit.

  Back within her home, she perked the dead bodies of her parents in their seats before taking hers. “So, what is the surprise?” She asked staring at the bodies. “Y-you said…” She began to laugh manically as her laugh slowly turned to heavy weeping. “W-why, Edge” She stared at the sword still stained with blood. “Not enough… Souls...?” She asked as the door swung opened and a man was heard running inside.
  “Mother! Father! Soul!” She could recognize his voice, but she did not move, she sat there with the sword in her lap. The footsteps began to grow louder as she continued to weep. “Soul…” He started walking towards her. “I-it’s okay now… I killed the rest of the bad people.”
  “B-brother…” She softly said as she stood up holding the sword. “He wants souls…” 
  “What?” He asked stopping in his tracks while gripping the sword he killed the bandits with. 
  “He won’t leave if I give him souls…” She said as her arm emitted a dark glow.
  “N-no, dammit!” He yelled staring at the sword. “My sister, blinded… why is this happening to us…”
  “It needs…”
  “First the dragon, Raze…”
  “Now I have to save Soul…” He raised his sword to her as she took a step back while a tear fell from his eye. “Close your eyes, Soul… Everything will be better soon…”
  “No.” She said readying her blade, “I need your soul…” Before she made her attack, he did instead, pressing his blade against her neck which had turned black from her new power keeping her safe.
  “He protected me…” She whispered cutting the hands off of her brother.
  “Soul! Dammit…” He stared at her sister who had started to weep. “Y-you’re not well… Please…”
  “Edge… This one is different… This one makes me feel pain to see his blood…why does this one make me feel..?”
  “Sister…” He stared at his severed hands before looking at his sister again talking with the sword.
  “What..?” She asked staring at the sword before laughing with tears quickly running down her face. “You’re right, it’s silly to care about such small things as others.” She then stared at her brother, her neck finally returning to normal showing no wound from his attack. “My family’s dead, killed by bandits,” She started, placing the blade to his throat, “Edge will never leave me… He’s all I will ever need…”

  Thus was his end, killed by more than just a blade. Horror awaits you, child. Your God will help you, but it is you who will decide your fate… Even if you unknowingly make the decision…

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