Crossing My Rubicon

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Being brave and making a change is sometimes hard, but happiness rarely comes easily. Some journeys in life are worth the shoe leather.

Submitted: August 05, 2017

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Submitted: August 05, 2017



Crossing My Rubicon


With eager strides, I step off, across the barren land,

With memories safely vanquished, and hope within my hands.

The distant light that beckons me forever draws me on,

With quickening steps I ever near, and I cross my Rubicon.

The point of no return I dreaded, no longer holds me back,

Yearning for my future self, I push on through the black.

As Moonlight throws its silvery shroud, across the golden sands,

A far off glow that stretches out, her soft and welcome hand.

I travel on, and meet warm zephyrs, that dance across my skin,

Her brilliance a nearing presence that slowly sucks me in.

A lush and verdant oasis, out of place among the gloom,

That pushes back retreating thoughts, laying waste to any doom.

And as I push a hand to touch her bright and shining face,

She meets my stare and captures me within her loving grace.

We dance the dance across the age that only lovers do,

Conjoined in timeless symmetry, subsumed in golden hue.

Embraced within her pools of hazel, which forever hold me fast,

My long and arduous journey over, and truly home at last.


Some journeys in life, though at first may appear daunting, are ultimately worth the shoe leather.

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