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My name is Aryan and this is my story.

Submitted: August 05, 2017

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Submitted: August 05, 2017



It was the morning of 21st January, my class room was as quite as a market. Everyone was having fun, talking with their friends and loved ones. And there I was sitting, alone. Stranded in my deep thoughts. Actually, I was thinking what I was going to eat that evening. Still it was important. I don’t have a lot of friends in my college or as the matter of fact, any. The teacher was late and I couldn’t be more relaxed. Then the door of class room opened, everyone looked in worry that there comes our evil teacher to ruin our weekends with lots of homework. Instead, it appeared to be a girl, a sweet pretty girl. Everyone got relax after seeing her and continued in their sad little world. Everyone, Except me.

For some reason, the moment I saw her a weird energy ran a lap in my body, there was something about her. She was new to the class yet seemed so familiar. I had never seen her before. She was so pretty and I liked her the very first minute I saw her but I knew we will never going to be friends. Heck, she wouldn’t even talk to me. No one in my class does, why would she? But she was so gorgeous I immediately got so sad that I am never going to be a part of her life. I was wrong. I was very wrong.

During entire class, my attention was at her. I am not some stalker. I don’t stare at people. I don’t even look at anyone during the class. I hate people or… hated, until I saw her. she just changed my whole opinion on people and she hadn’t even looked at me yet, I wondered what would happen if we ever talked. would we ever talk? I don’t know. I don’t talk to a lot of people without a solid reason. I don’t have the confidence. I had no idea what was going on in the class. I don’t even know if the teacher ever came.

After the class when I was about to leave I glanced at her. I wanted to have a one final look before she was out of my sight because I wasn’t satisfied from watching her for whole 3 hours. And that’s when it happened, she glanced back. it felt so good. she looked in my eyes for few brief seconds and I felt like I am seeing the world for the first time. She left the room so did I and I was thinking about that eye contact the entire time on my way home. I was so happy but it was just an eye contact, we didn’t even talk. she didn’t even smile, just an eye contact and that’s all it was. then I thought that it’s all going to be, eye contacts... at least for a long time. I was wrong again.

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