Nihil est Nobis

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This story will get to see what life was like on the Northside of Estoe in the Siinport controlled area.

Submitted: August 05, 2017

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Submitted: August 05, 2017



Do you remember the story Nihil Ad Nos, if not, a city called Estoe was split up into two sides with a big fence the Southside (Nobfrag) and the Northside (Siinport). Siinport hated Nobfrag so they used bombs that were made out of Gamma energy to destroy the southside but two survivors named Steven and Elizabeth stopped Siinport before they could bomb more lands, so they had to set off a bomb in the Northside but it killed them also. But there is something that we do not know anything about, and that is what was life like on the Northside and did the people think it was a good Idea to destroy the Southside, well that is what you are going to read right now this is Nihil est Nobis.

5 months before the bomb was launched, the people of Siinport were angry, they wanted a new leader because their present leader (Sifo Nut) was doing a bad job at watching over everyone. So they got to choose between a man named General Able Odmen, or a person named Joseph Lon. Many people gathered at an auditorium and got to hear the speeches made by both of them and one of those people was named Nolan. Nolan was 24 years old he had black hair, with black pants and a red scarf on with a brown shirt. And along with his was his friend named Anne, Linda was 23 years old she had a white shirt on with a black skirt and a black scarf and long brown hair that covered one eye most of the time. "I can't wait to see Joseph's face when he is outvoted," Nolan said. "How do you know he will lose?" Anne asked, "I don't but I have a feeling that he will lose," Nolan said. "I thought you said you were supporting Joseph," Anne said. "I was, but I started to have second thoughts on him," Nolan said.
They walked to an auditorium where a big stage was and inside, where lots of people waiting to see what the candidates had to say. Nolan and Anne sat towards the back close to the exit just in case it started to out of hand. As they sat there they saw their friend Khris. Khris walked over and sat down next to them. "I heard that the debate will start soon, I hope it does not get out of hand," Khris said he was always worrying about something. Then they all heard someone over a speaker, "Please rise for the Siinport anthem". Everyone stood up and raised their left arm into the air while putting their other arm behind their back. Then powerful orchestra started playing with some powerful vocals in Latin. After the music was done everyone stayed in their position until a person came on stage and gave the signal to stop saluting. Everyone sat down and the person began to speak. "Hello everyone my name is Joseph Lon", all of his supporters stood up and clapped and some did their salute, Then they sat back down. "Thank you, I'm going to discuss why I am running and why you should support me. Lately, we have all been very angry at our leader who is now under arrest for being a traitor of our great city. I will a sure you that I will be loyal to you all, and if I am elected I will make sure that no harm will come to any of us". his supporters stood up and clapped, then he said, "And I will say one thing about Mr.Able, we can not have a fascist running our side of the city" Then he walked off stage and sat down. Then Able got on the stage and all of his supporters including Nolan, Anne, and Khris stood up and clapped and raised their hand. "Thank you, those were some convincing words Mr. Joesph, but people tend to forget that you are part of the brotherhood of Grafe, which is a group of people who almost destroyed our city. So what if I am a fascist, at least I'm not a person who is a part of a group that kills men and steals their wife and children and kills their husband and father. So why should I be elected you are asking, if I am elected I will protect the people of Siinport and I will one day take down the giant fence, and we will either make peace with Nogfrag or go to war with them". Then his supporters stood up and clapped.
Two months later Able was chosen to be the leader of Siinport and eventually, he became the dictator. Able tried to become friends with Nogfrag but they would not trust Siinport because of the Gamma Bombs that they have, even though the government of Siinport told all of their citizens that they got rid of the bombs but they were actually being kept in an underground base. The citizens were starting to wonder about Able, he had not come out to speak with the people since he was named dictator. Then one day Nolan was walking to the market to get some things and along with his way, he saw a big truck that had four people lifting something very big into it. But he could not see what it was because it had a tarp over it. He was going to ask what it was but they got into the truck and drove off. As he watched them drive off, he saw Anne and a lot of other people run past. "Hey! what is going on?" Nolan asked, "Did you not hear? Able is coming out and is going to reveal something special!" Anne said they both ran to the auditorium where the speech was going to be given. 
Inside there was a lot of people waiting to see what this was all about. A few minutes later, they heard a voice over the speaker. "Please rise for the anthem". Everyone stood up and raised their left hand and put their right hand behind their back, then the anthem started. After the anthem, the voice said, "Please stay standing for our leader". Then Able and two guards walked on stage, everyone clapped and some raised their left arm while putting their right arm behind their back then they sat down. "Thank you all for being here," Able said. "I know I have not said anything to you all since the day of victory. I have found things that Sifo Nut has kept hidden away from us. As you know, in 1927 Siinport had bombs that were made out of Gamma energy, and that is the reason why a caged fence was put up. And for many years we were told that the bombs had been destroyed, well that is not true. I and have found Gamma bombs that were hidden in an underground base. And besides all of that, Nobfrag is now moving their army forces through the fence in an area of our part of the city that is now being attacked by Nogfrag. So what are we going to do about them we are going to fight back, and we will strike fear into the hearts of all who dare stand against us, and may I be one to show all of you, our new flag". Two people walked on stage with a dark green flag with the symbol of Gamma on it. Everyone was kind of speechless. They were not sure why Gamma was on it but they just supposed it was just there for decoration. Then a few people started to clap then more and more, very soon the whole room was filled with clapping.
Later Able was sitting in his home while writing a letter to someone when all of a sudden he heard a voice. The voice said, "Use the bombs". "What is the point of using the bombs," Able said. "you could destroy Nobfrag," the voice said. "When should I use them?" Able asked. "After the battle with Nobfrag in the forbiden part of the city," the voice said. "I will consider it but first let's deal with the battle first," Able said he stopped writing and put the letter into the fire. 
Two months later Nolan and Anne were going to see Khris because he had locked himself inside his house and he has come out in a few days. Nolan and Anne walked up to the front door and knocked. "Khris! are you home?" Nolan asked, no one answered. "Khris can you please answer," Anne. Then the door started to open and they walked inside.
It was dark and Khris was nowhere to be seen. "Khris where are you?" Anne asked. "I'm right here," Khris said from behind them, they turned around and saw him. "Why have you been inside your house for some long?" Nolan asked. "Because I found out something that I did not need to know," Khris said. "And what did you find out?" Nolan asked. "Able is going to use Gamma energy on us!" Khris exclaimed. "What! that does not make any sense," Anne said. "It's the truth I overheard someone talking about....," Khris was about to say something but he stopped. "Never mind you will not believe me," he said then he pushed them out the door and closed it. "What was that all about," Anne said. "I don't know but who cares," Nolan said. 
One month later, it was now December and Siinport had lost the battle with the Nobfrag army that came through the fence. But after Nobfrag won the battle they went back through the fence and went back on their side. Able was very angry, "We need to teach Nobfrag a lesson," Able said. "Use the Bombs," the voice inside his head said. "Use the bombs," Able repeated the words to himself. "Yes we will use the bombs and we will show them who is the alpha," Able said. 
A few days later everyone was called to the Siinport amphitheater, where Able was going to give a speech. Nolan and Anne went in and sat down. "I wonder what this is all about," Nolan said, Anne did not say much her brother was one of the Siinport soldiers that went to fight the Nobfrag soldiers that broke through the fence, Anne was still recovering from when she heard he was killed. Then Able came out on stage and the anthem started along with the Siinport flag. Everyone stood up and lifted their left hand, and they put their right hand behind their back. Once the anthem was over everyone sat down. Then Able started to speak. "I know we have lost some good people in the past few days. People who were loyal to Siinport, twenty people went to fight and only two returned, and I would please ask if we have a moment of silents". Everyone was quiet for a moment then he started back. "Nobfrag is the ones responsible for all of this, and we will not let them just slip away and let them forget about it. That is why we have created these," Able said he turned around and slowly a giant rocket with the Gamma symbol was lifted up. Everyone gasped in awe. "This is the new and improved Gamma Bomb, and we will use it to teach Nobfrag a lesson," Able said. He gave the signal then people opening the bomb pressed a button and it launched. It started to fly into the air and as it flew, everyone stood up, and Able raised his left hand. The rocket flew up then it split into three parts. The parts landed in different parts of the southside then it started to count down. 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1,0 then they exploded. The entire Southside was destroyed. Everyone was speechless and no one said anything, Able walked off stage and went to his home which was a giant tower. 
Later everyone left the amphitheater and went back to their homes. "Was that worth it?" Nolan said to himself. "Whipping out an entire population of people even though it was not their choice to go and break through". 
Able was sitting in his tower when a bomb operator came into the room and raised their left arm. "Sir, we have successfully eliminated the Southside". "Good, I will send out a scouting team to go and make sure everyone is dead," Able said. The bomb operator walked out of the room. "Now what?" Able said to the voice. "Now, you must kill all how dare speaks against you," the voice said. "And what will that do?" Able asked. "People will start to understand that you are more powerful than they thought," the voice said.
Soon everyone that did not follow Able was hung or kicked out of Siinport. Many homes were abandoned, people started to wonder if Able was good enough to be their leader. Nolan and Anne started to rethink supporting Able. They decided to go and speak with Khris. they walked up to his door and knocked, but it was unlocked.
They walked in and saw Khris with sunglasses on and writing on a chalk. "How did you two get in here?" Khris asked. "The door was unlocked, what are you writing?" Nolan asked. "Did the bombs go off?" Khris asked. "Yes, and the Southside was destroyed," Anne said. "That is what I was trying to tell you both when you came here," Khris said. "Why did'ent you tell us?" Nolan asked. "Because I thought you would think I was crazy," Khris said. "But we don't have much time, in three hours we will all be killed!" Khris said. "What is going to happen?" Anne asked. "Soon the Siinport soldiers will go door to door killing all who are not followers of Able, and I heard that you two are not fond of him anymore," Khris said. "And later tonight at another bomb will go off at 3 am and it will be here," Khris said. "How did you find all of this out?" Nolan asked. Khris took off his sunglasses and Nolan and Anne could see that Khris's eyes were glowing purple. "NOW YOU SEE!, my eyes had been exposed to Gamma energy and I was able to somehow see the future, so I know what is going to happen when it happens like right now someone is going to be knocking on the door". Then someone knocked on the door. "You see I am telling the truth," Khris said. "Now we must get to my bunker," Khris said. "Your Bunker?" Nolan repeated. "Yes I have an underground bunker that I made for this moment, and we need to get down there because they are here," Khris said. The knocking got louder. "You two can stay and get killed but I am not standing around," Khris said. he ran to the basement Nolan and Anne followed him.
"Here is how we get into the bunker," Khris said, he opened a hatch. Nolan and Anne looked inside, it was dark and cold. Khris got inside, "Well, are you guys coming or not?" he said. "No, I think all of this is just a theory, I don't believe that we will get bombed on and I don't think we will be killed," Nolan said. "I'm going inside," Anne said then she climbed inside. "Ok Nolan this is your last chance," Khris said. Then they heard the soldiers breaking down the door. "Fine I will come," Nolan said, he climbed in and Khris closed the hatch. "Follow me," Khris said they crawled through a tunnel that took them to a small room with a television screen and a book shelf. "This is the bunker?" Nolan said. "Yes, I was going to expand it but I did not have much time," Khris said.
Two hours later they were still down there. "How much longer until we are bombed?" Nolan asked. "Only one more hour then it will be all over," Khris said. "What is this television screen for?" Anne asked. "I will show you," Kris said. He walked over and turned it on, the screen showed them the main street of Siinport, but it was dark and the only light was the light from the moon. "Who is that?" Nolan asked he pointed to a person running. "I don't know," Khris said. "Since you know, about a lot of stuff can you tell me who is bombing us?" Nolan asked. "That is the one thing I don't know," Khris said. "All I saw in my vision was Siinport exploding, and everything was turned into ruins," Khris said. They sat and stared at the screen and soon it went black and they heard a loud explosion. "It is all over," Khris said. "Now what?" Nolan asked. "We wait a few days, then we try and get out, but from there I don't know, I have not had another vision to tell us what to do yet," Khris said.
Two days had passed and it was time to get out. They crawled through the passageway and they made it to the exit. Khris tried to open the hatch but it was stuck. Then Khris and Nolan both tried to open it then it opened. And they climbed out. They were in Khris's basement and it looked the same.
But they walked up the stairs and they saw that the whole roof had collapsed and there were trees growing inside. They stepped outside, "Oh My!" Nolan said. They stepped outside and saw that they were in a forest, "What happened". It looked like the city but there were trees growing out of the ground.
They walked around. A lot of buildings were gone, and no one was around. "Hello is anyone here!" Nolan yelled but no one answered. They walked to what was Ables tower, but it was gone. "I guess the bomb must have hit the tower," Anne said. "Look at this!" Khris said. He picked up a king chess piece. "How did this survive?" Nolan asked. "I don't know, but I think we should find a way out of this place because all of this means nothing to us," Khris said. "Guys look! I see a boat!" Anne said she pointed out at the sea and they saw a cargo ship. "We are saved!" Nolan said. "Yes! but there is something we must do," Khris said. "And what is that?" Nolan asked. "We must lie about everything, we will not tell them who we really are, we will just say that we are explorers that got ship wrecked and we swam to this place and found these ruins," Khris said. "But why should we lie about everything?" Anne asked. "Because, everyone hates Siinport and if they found out that we are part of Siinport they would kill us," Khris replied. "Fine whatever works I'm going to see if they can see us," Nolan said he and Anne started to walk away. "Are you coming?" Nolan asked Khris. "Yes I will be right there," Khris replied. "Alright, and by the way, your eyes are back to normal," Nolan said. Khris sat on the ground and looked at the chess piece. Then he got up and went back to his house and got a piece of wood and a paint brush and paint. He walked over and wrote on the sign. When he was done he walked towards where Nolan and Anne were. The sign read "After we looked around this area we found this old destroyed tower and we found something remarkable, It was golden King chess piece, it is amazing that it survived what every happened here". Of course, Khris wrote that to make everyone think that they really were explorers, but they could only hope that no one found out.

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