Deadly Friend Part1

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The town of Texarkana was overrun by a wild dog pack that originally killed livestock, and now the game of life and death has started, families were being ripped apart by Wolfgang and his sidekick Sheba. Can they stop this bloodthirsty bunch of canines?

Submitted: August 05, 2017

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Submitted: August 05, 2017



 Deadly Friend

Part 1 of 2

Danny was excited about getting a new dog; his dad agreed since Danny had just turned eight years old. However there were conditions; the feeding and watering were his job, his mother was not too keen on the idea. A family friend had found a dog that they couldn’t keep because it was just too big for their boy to handle. Rottweilers are pretty big dogs for a young boy to handle. When the dog arrived, Danny was so thrilled. Where the family lives is Texarkana Arkansas known for their beautiful forestry, but it had one hidden secret, ravaging dog packs running rampant throughout the forest in different areas, killing livestock in open fields.

Danny’s dad was calling for him Danny! He yelled until finally, he answered back, Yes! Dad. Your new dog is here “oh boy.” Danny said. Grinning from ear to ear as he had just won the lottery or something, “Remember our deal,” his dad said. The dog was probably too large for Danny, but he seemed to enjoy it. Danny named the dog Bud, they both seemed to be getting along fine, however not knowing the history of it was a little bothersome, for all they knew it could have come from the wild dog pack. A funny thing though, is why didn’t the dog join up with the pack?

The dog pack came through every once in a while; people had kept their firearms handy along with their rifles and shotguns. On occasions, they would corner a person to bite them, intimidate them. On July 10th 1985 the dogs killed their first human being was how the war started between them very hot and heavy, cause the game has changed dramatically. When Wolfgang and his sidekick Sheba changed the rules; the battle was on, it was now life and death. It seemed like the town was thirsty for vengeance against the canines that did this act of savageness, as it turned out just blowing smoke. Arming themselves with firearms for protection was necessary. What made the pack so dangerous is their hatred for humans.

The leader of the pack was a dog named Wolfgang, and he was a bad one. No regard for humans at all; he was like the devil himself. Townspeople were gunning for him but never could quite get a good shot at him. It started when he was in the care by someone with the name Murdoch, who made the dog what it is; a stone cold killer when it wanted to be. Most people were unfamiliar with the name. Wolfgang continued to wreak havoc in the town, and in the country; killing livestock of all kinds.In the front of the pack was a female dog named Sheba, she was also raised by Murdoch.

Danny’s dad had left for work, leaving him with the dog which was probably bad judgment on his part. Bud did seem to like Danny with some signs of aggression towards him when they played by themselves. Two days later the dog turned on Danny, and tore him up real good; his injuries were so severe that he died on the way to the hospital. Bud joined up with the pack just beyond the hillside a few miles. A grieving family buried their little boy who was only seven years old; taken in such a brutal way, just didn’t make any sense.

I should not have let him have a dog.” Why didn’t I just go to the pet store?” Beating himself up, for his lapse in judgment. The dog was too big for him, but he figures these things would work themselves out; just not like this. Anger was slowing building up inside of him, coming to a boil and destroying that stupid dog came to mind. When Danny’s dad got home, he grabbed his rifle from the closet and began cleaning it for the purpose of using it on that dog. Only one thing was on his mind, killing Bud for the horrible thing it was capable of. Cold blooded murder.

The death of Danny was the tip of the iceberg Danny’s father had thought; townsfolk were all in an uproar; a fire that was quickly put out before getting out of control. Mayor stepped in to say,”let’s not go off half-cocked, and get ourselves killed,” the mayor said, however after this short discussion everyone left for home to clean their guns out of fear for their safety, and their families regardless of what had been said. Another killing would soon take place; it was just a matter of time. Now that the town had firearms in hand, panic had soon faded like a gentle summer breeze. One thing that was on people’s minds throughout the town. Who was next? Who did they have their eyes set on to rip apart? Wolfgang being in charge; alongside him Sheba, his mate. One day they came into town and cornered an old man, and let it be known who was in charge. Of course, the old man has terrified afterward. Having the bejesus scared out of you like that would make anyone afraid.

DAMN! Feral dogs anyway, said Alex; a rancher who lost several sheep to the wicked bunch of k-9’s. The mayor happened to be standing there when he heard that remark, Yeah they’re supposed to have a social structure too. They mean a bunch of varments socializing, huh hogwash, Alex said. They were exceptionally smart to thrive in a pack, killing livestock in a coordinated pattern as if well thought out how it would go down.

Up on the hillside, the dogs were watching the people in town, probably looking for the most vulnerable target, wondering if coming into town was part of their evil plot.Nobody could answer. Nightfall was setting in, and people were sitting up watching out the window for the dogs to come. Many people wished they had done something about those wild bloodthirsty dogs a long time ago, but they figured by leaving them alone then just maybe everything would be alright. Should have known that wasn’t true otherwise they wouldn’t have lost their livestock to them.

Pat was staring out the window with, his loaded rifle just waiting, there was some stirring around outside, but couldn’t make out just what it was, listening to his livestock for any sign of a threat. All of a sudden there was a loud CRASH! From behind, it must have come from his bedroom,”you won’t get me.Bastards.” Pat said. Wolfgang was coming up from behind, while his back is facing the window behind him. And it was too late to do anything; his rifle flew out of his hands, and the dogs were all over him, biting him, tearing flesh. Wolfgang went for the kill shot, ripping out his throat. It was over. Pat was lying there dead on the floor.

Sun was shining the following morning brightly. Ron White was thinking it was going to be a good day; he was going over to his buddy Pat’s house to see how he was doing. The window had been shattered, peering inside. “Oh no,” Ronny said. Blood everywhere on the floor; it was clear to see what did it. The teeth marks gave it away. Nothing left to do except bury his good friend.

Nobody knew about Pat’s death yet. Only Ronny. The opportunity to kill the dogs had come and gone; they will just have to wait for their chance again. Why the dogs are on a killing spree remains a mystery to everyone across town. Now realizing Wolfgang and his bunch can get to anyone. None of them were safe indoors or outdoors.

Once everyone learned of Pat’s death anger was coming to the surface for many. Friends of Pat were thinking of hunting down the pack and slaughtering each one of them. To rid themselves of the lingering curse that has preyed upon them so many years. What the town needed was a professional hunter to take care of their problem.

A man by the name of Cal Hinkle enquired about the job and wanted to know how much it paid. It was not a rich community. 500 dollars was all they could pay, but only after the dogs have been put down. I’ll take it. “In the morning I will get started tracking the dogs,” Cal said. People were disturbed because they did not believe this man could get the job done. Ordinary dogs would be easy. However, these are not.

At first light, Cal lit out and started tracking the dogs, but they did not go far. Continued just a little bit further, and bedded down behind some bushes where he could see everything around him. Wolfgang had caught his scent, prepared an ambush. His rifle in hand is trying to get a clean shot, but they were circling him. When he wasn’t looking two of the dogs rushed him, knocking him to the ground. Wolfgang came in and took the kill shot, ripped his throat out. It was all over in just a few minutes.

The hunter, the people, had hired was pronounced dead after a few weeks. Nobody bothered to look for his body, too scared, too on edge. Safety in numbers. They did however agree, he was not much of a professional hunter, to go off and get himself killed like that. If a professional hunter can’t get the job done; how would they accomplish it. The decision was unanimous to handle the situation themselves an outsider doesn’t know the wild dogs, as well as the people of the town, do.

A few people had noticed the dogs standing on the hillside gazing down at them. Stand there long enough, and you can feel those eyes go straight through you. Wolfgang and his pack left, for the time being, perhaps they have already picked out their next target. Whatever the case may have been; nobody has seen the last of Wolfgang. Some folks believed they were the work of the devil himself conducting and planning who should die next.

The town had a dark cloud hanging over, and no light at the end of the tunnel was visible. Sun was beginning to go down, only a little daylight was left before complete and total darkness, rushing indoors to avoid Wolfgang and his crew of bloodthirsty hounds, but someone was going to die no matter what anyone did. Canines were smart, and they proved that time and time again.

It was late when Nina went outside to gather up her laundry and bring it inside. Something she should have done earlier; she knew about the dogs, but getting her laundry was non-negotiable, folding the laundry one of the dogs spotted her, and howled for the others, before she realized what was going on. The dogs knocked her to the ground, and Wolfgang ripped out her throat; she died almost instantly.

Nina had friends in the town, and people were talking, wondering what had happened to her, cause nobody had seen her in town lately. Margie went out to Nina’s and began calling her name, but when nobody answered; she went around back only to discover the body of her very good friend all torn up. Margie screamed. Took off running back to her place and sat down to cry.

Mack was sitting outside on his porch when Wolfgang appeared before him, he stared right into his eyes, as the dog snarled at him. Mack said silently. What are you doing here? How come your not attacking me? A few minutes later the dog disappeared around the bend, and up the hill. That was weird, said Mack. Maybe the dog was letting him know that his time was coming.

Andy was in the other room when Margie came in the door; he came walking out, noticing her tears running down her cheeks. Kneeling down beside her,”what’s wrong,” he said. She was just too upset to speak. Motioned for him to go away.

Wolfgang was getting ready to lead his crew out to satisfy their thirst for blood. People in town had not heard about Nina yet, but a few had somehow figured out, she was dead. How to stop Wolfgang and the bloodthirsty mixed breed was still a mystery. Too scared to leave the house alone, and too frightened to stay home by their selves. One at a time they were being picked off by total surprise.

A new theory was taking its form, they believed by staying in groups at all times it would make it much harder for the dogs to pick somebody off. Mack welcomed guests at his house. It was lonesome for him living a life of solitude. Tonight they would see if their theory is correct.” Welcome to my humble house,” Mack said, thank you, replied Gerard and Jerry. Considerable thought went through Mack’s mind; there were more dogs in that pack to outnumber us a hundred to one.

Mack thought the idea was ludicrous, there were over a hundred dogs in that pack, and to think a handful of us had a chance against them was delusional. Crazy he thought been standing out in the sun too long was what crossed his mind. For what it was worth, he went along with it.

Husbands armed their wives with guns to help protect their livestock, however, when the dogs came; it was with a vengeance, they were mad about something. Someone else died in the little town; his name was Gunther. More gruesome than the others. Body parts lay in the back of the house; it was a point well taken, his message read loud and clear.

Over at Mack’s house, they were keeping a watchful eye, alternating in shifts. A fresh pot of coffee just got done in the kitchen,” want some coffee,” said Mack. The oldest Jerry responded, “ I would love some, thanks for asking.” Mack brought Jerry a cup of coffee being a guest in his house temporarily. Not making too much noise so they could listen to the sounds of the night. One sound in particular; dogs rustling around outside.

The coast was clear at least for now, but it seemed like it was going to be a long night, waiting to see if the dogs would show. Nothing anyone would like better than to put this nightmare to bed and carry on without cringing in fear of being attacked by a bunch of mutts. Later on in the middle of the night; the canines visited a rancher and tore everyone apart from head to toe, hardly anything left to fill a shoebox

 Morning could not have come soon enough, and the news of Ben, his wife Jeni, kids too: dead as corn beef. Some of the people were afraid; mostly enraged by what had happened. I have to say this is the worst killing ever done by these pack of dogs. A town meeting had taken place for what seemed like hours, and a complete waste of time.Gathering around as one community, “Yeah right,” said Mack. The three of them rode into town to see the new mayor, since the one they had resigned because he did not know how to handle the outbreak of wild dogs under pressure from townsfolk.

On a hill the dogs were looking down at the town; just watching. The town mayor spotted the dogs, and became greatly concerned by them, standing outside his office staring up the hill with a look of disgust on his face. Something had to happen to them: this was a fact, calling a town meeting to propose an idea on how to eliminate the dogs once and for all. Mack wondered what sort of idea,” I guess we will meet the new mayor later.”Said Jerry.

The meeting took place in an old run down school building; that was falling to pieces. A few minutes later, Mayor Tomkins walked in like a man on a mission. Wasting little time, he got right to the point. My plan is we use live bait and set a trap, said Tomkins. One person raised his hand. “Yes,” said the Major. Who would be bait? Said Robby, “not sure at the moment,” said  Tomkins.

Volunteers were indeed needed; casualties would be a given, but understandable if you had a wife and kids to take care of. The thought of being hunted was not very appealing, but prey was now becoming the predator. Outsmarting the canines would not be easy, but far from impossible to accomplish. A team effort was put into place to pull this off; not one man could do it by his or herself.

Mack agreed to be the bait, after all, he didn’t have anyone at home or any living relatives. An old shack with only two windows will serve as the perfect set-up just a few miles outside of town. Everyone else will be hiding in trees with rifles ready to shoot anything that moves on four legs with big teeth. Volunteers who helped annihilate the meanest, nastiest bunch of dogs that have walked on four legs, they thought it would be a cinch; like shooting fish in a barrel, but it was not as simple as that.

Settling in the shack with his rifle in hand, just waiting and watching for the dogs to appear with a vengeance. The trap being laid out, and all that they could do now was wait. Mack should have had second thoughts, but didn’t. Minute by minute listening to the sounds of the animals in the woods. Contemplating on his life, and how he has spent his time living it didn’t make much sense anymore, he wondered why marriage never came his way; it was never an opportunity that came knocking on his front door.

Nobody was a hundred percent convinced the plan would work, but it was the only idea that seemed plausible. Wolfgang and his bunch certainly were not dumb by any means. Only a selected few were hopeful to put an end to all this. The wind was blowing slightly, but not enough to call off the planned out massacre of the dogs. Trees were swaying back and forth only a little, as long as it didn’t pick up, they would be just fine. All they could do is lie still, and be very quiet. Some of the men were all riled up and hopping mad, on account of their destruction throughout the town. DAMN DOGS ANYWAY! Said Jerry.

Wolfgang was coming down the hill at a trot to scope things out before calling the others down to join in on the slaughter, he was peeking in through a window before Mack spotted him at the window behind him, but Wolfgang quickly vanished up the hill to get the others. Paul, Jerry, Gerard, and Danny’s father hiding in the trees were wide awake when the leader of the pack made his presence visible, trotting down the hill came the whole bunch of them headed straight for Mack.

If you were to compare Wolfgang to the devil himself, that would be a very close relationship between the two. Everyone who has lived in this town a long time knows how vicious the pack is from what they have seen and heard from the talk in town by several farmers. What was left behind after their murderous rampage was not pretty? You may as well been waking up to a horror movie of carnivorous dogs tearing people to shreds without mercy; decapitated body parts lay strewn about on the ground.

The people in the trees opened fire; Wolfgang was shot in the head, died instantly. Mack did not survive the massacre despite his hail of bullets, and his fighting spirit. Sheba and many of the dogs managed to get away including Bud the Rottweiler, but they never came back. The new plan was to round up their fellow friends and give them a proper burial. Nobody knows what happened to the dogs that got away, maybe they went to a different town or just maybe they are waiting somewhere outside of town biding their time.

The town could rest easy, and sleep better at night knowing the curse was over; no sign of the dogs anywhere in town or outside, they just simply vanished. After a few months and still, no sign of the pack that was left everyone was relieved, except for a few old-timers who new better then to celebrate the victory.For the time being: a big burden was gone, so everyone thought. Some people thought, maybe they went to Boonville; a town about 30 miles west. Others thought they sought after shelter to plan, and coordinate their next attack.




The End

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