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Submitted: August 05, 2017

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Submitted: August 05, 2017





I'm late and I need to hurry. You better make it fast,” I screamed at my wife, who always puts me into something before I leave to the office. This time I had to drop her at Radhas, so that she could put me in more trouble. I looked at my watch again and was about to scream, then I see her coming.

“Why does it take this much time for you people to get ready?” I yelled at her moving closer to the door. She did not answer my question, but the intense expression I got from her was expected to be my answer.

As I was about to step out of my house, I saw something lying beside my doormat. It was like a post card with a picture of a person on it. In spite of being at a distance, I could easily recognize the person on it. My hands suddenly start trembling. Not because of seeing the picture of the person, but on seeing the letters O-B-I-T-U-A-R-Y beside the person’s picture.

My wife took the card into her hand and asked me, “Who is it?”  I turn to her and take the card back and turn away from her ignoring her question. The picture has taken me back into a memory. A memory which brings lot of lessons with it.


“Sir, do you have any regrets?” I asked him sitting right next to him in his house.

He looked at me surprised by my question. “Why do ask like that,” he asked still unable to believe. “Do you have any, my son!” he asked with a faint expression on his face.

I sighed, turned away from him avoiding his question. He came towards me, gently placed his hand on my shoulder and repeated: “What is it, my son?”

“I feel like I don’t belong here, sir. I’m scared sir. I feel like having taken the worst decision of my life. I always feel like my life would have been much better if I did not come here. It has been 3 months since I have been here, and I always regret taking this decision, sir.” I blurted out my frustration.

He simply smiled. How could one simply smile ALWAYS, I always wondered. “Regret is a dangerous word my son” he replied softly. “I cannot tell you how your life could have been if you haven’t taken this decision, but I can tell you one thing, my son. Your life will be shattered, I repeat” he repeated stressing even more “Your life will be shattered my son if you cramp dump in your head.”

“Then how to get on with this feeling? From the day I came here no situation is favoring me, sir. Every situation makes me confused and always makes me think whether I have taken the right decision or not...How to get along with this sir.?”

He scratched his head for a second, blinked his eyes and spoke as slowly as possible “Life gives a simple solution for everything son. It is we who don’t understand this simple solution and make everything complicated. No situation favors you, my son, it is we who have to make the situations comfortable. Let me explain this clearly my son” he quickly rose and went up to bring something. He came back quickly and placed a bottle on the table. I see the words OLD MONK written on the bottle. I opened my eyes as wide as I can and give him a startling look.  Does he drink? I don’t know this.

“I don’t drink son” he replied sensing my feelings. “I used to. But not now. This is what happens when you dump so much into that little brain” he pointed towards that red bottle. “You need to clear your dump as soon as possible son so that these things don’t make any impact on your life.” He spoke once again pointing to the red bottle. “Mistakes do happen son. And as I told you, no situation favors you. The problem is we expect too much from something. We build lavish palaces in our dreams and we roam around those palaces so cheerfully. We forget about everything. We stand in the aisles of our palaces and feel the cold breeze that gently touches us. And we start imagining that everything is going to be wonderful as the beautiful gardens and the sceneries that surround our palaces. But when something unexpected happens out of our imagination, the lavish palaces that we build suddenly collapse. They take no time to collapse, not even seconds.  We just sit there looking at the remains of our destroyed palaces. Some people even cry for not being able to safe guard them. They simply whine and sulk. That is all we people do. Nobody likes to see their beautifully built palaces being destroyed. But life sometimes is very cruel my son. I repeat very cruel. It sometimes doesn’t show any kind of mercy.” He stopped abruptly and suddenly took out a book from the pile under his table. “Life is simply like this book my son. It is a mix of several interesting and boring chapters. To be frank it contains more boring chapters. The anxiety and cheerfulness that we have when we started THIS book gets depleted when we move from chapter to chapter.”

“Then how do we face those boring chapters, sir? Why does one have to face them? Why isn’t the book of life full of wonderful and colorful chapters? Why do we need those boring chapters that make us shed tears every time?  ” I was shouting out of frustration.

“They are important my son.” His eyes became wide. “In fact crucial. They make you stronger. They make you stronger than you are right now son. That is why they are important.  Just hold on son. Everything falls in its own place. There is a strong weapon to face these bad chapters son. Do you know what is it son? Do you know what is it, son?” He repeated. He always does this.

I nodded in despair.

“HOPE son.” His eyes now blazing. “This is a great word son. Hope gives us the strength son. Hope gives us the courage to rebuild our castles son. Hope gives us the patience to wait for the better chapters to come soon. The hope for the better chapters to come is wonderful. These bad chapters build better walls for our dreamy castles. In fact, these bad chapters help us in building bigger and better castles. So remember one thing son when life destroys your dreamy castles, build a bigger and better one. As simple as that. If it continues its destruction, again and again, you also do the same thing. Build bigger and bigger castles. Life is a simple game of building bigger and bigger castles son. Every time. The only rule in this game is that you should never stop building. And you know the best thing about this game son, Every time you rebuild your castle it looks beautiful than the previous one. You should always stand in the aisle and wait for the gentle breeze to come. Wait for the magic that the gentle breeze is going to bestow on you. See how simple the rules of this beautiful game are...!”

“Who is he? Who is he?” My wife’s screaming brought me back from the beautiful conversation I once had with him.

“He is ...”I gently frame the right words “an old monk...No no..a happy monk under whom I  once worked” I replied finally. “Some people don’t mean anything by blood. But we feel better when speaking out to them.”








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