Together Forever and For Always

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Clary has started a new chapter in her life when she and her mother move from their previous home in Phoenix to Los Angeles. What lies ahead of Clary has yet to be told..........

Submitted: August 05, 2017

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Submitted: August 05, 2017



“Clary, are you ready!?” Maryse shouted down the hallway to her daughter in her room. Clary was standing in front of her body long mirror combing her long orange hair. Her blue eyes were matching her t-shirt along with her shoes.

“Clary I asked you if..” Maryse said as she walked into Clary’s room. She stood at her daughter’s room door almost in awe.  She stood by the door steering at Clary combing her hair.

“You look beautiful!” Maryse told Clary as she turned around, startled by her mom’s appearance.

“Uhmm….Thank you, u scared a bit,” Clary told her mother.

“Sorry, I’ll be in the kitchen, why don’t you join me after you’re done.”


Clary walked down the stairs; she smelt a very sweet fragrance coming from the kitchen. She followed the scent like a dog in the bushes, searching for his prey. When she walked into the kitchen she found her mother sipping her tea. It made the house smell like honey and cinnamon.

“You ready for your first day at your new school?” Maryse said happily to Clary who was eating her breakfast.

“I’ve never been more ready,” Clary said sarcastically

As Clary got up, her mother grabbed her arm and stood up. Clary turned around to face her mom.

“Clary I know moving has been hard on you..,”

“Yeah, it’s been hard, I guess I’ll just have to get adjusted to it, everything.”

“That’s more like it,” Maryse gave Clary a gentle kiss on her forehead and a hug.

Clary cleaned up, grabbed her bag and they were both on their way out. They had now arrived at Clary’s school when she hesitated a little before getting out of the car. She eventually got out of the car.

“Have a great day at school Clary,” Maryse told Clary assuring her everything would be fine.

“Thanks mom, enjoy your day too,” replied Clary before her mom drove off.

Clary entered through the door and got lost. She was lost for a while until a brunette haired girl approached her.

“Hi, you looked a little lost from where I was standing,” she said pointing to corner where she was standing.

“I am lost a little, I’m new here.”

“Oh, I see, well my name’s Savannah,” she said with an outreached hand, “I’ll be glad to show you around if you like?”

“That’ll be nice,” Clary returned “My name’s Clarissa Fray but you can call me Clary.”Clary said to Savannah shaking hands.

“Great, so where do you want to go to now?”Savannah questioned Clary while tying her brunette coloured hair into a pony tail.

Savannah was as tall as Clary and had hazel eyes with a bit of sparkle too them. She wore makeup, but not a lot, just enough for her face with a medusa piercing. She wore a black chocker chain, a light blue high waist pencil jeans, grey crop top with a beige cardigan and black boots.

“Can you show me to the principal’s office, I need to get my locker combination and where it is.” she told Savannah who was applying a dark lipstick to her lips.

“Sure; take note, don’t make too much eye contact with anyone in the hallway,” she said smiling to Clary, “Let’s go.” She put her lipstick and her mirror back into her bag and grabbed Clary by the arm pulling her as she walked.

After Savannah showed Clary to the principal’s office and to her locker, the bell rang for the first class to start. Savannah showed her where her first class would be.

“You’ve been a big help too me, thank you,” Clary told Savannah before she left to go to her own class.

When Clary entered the class room there were boys calling her out, but she ignored them. The class was a bit noisy, because there wasn’t any teacher in the classroom. Clary saw a seat and quickly sat down, took out her scrapbook and started sketching. While she was sketching, one of the boys came up to her and started touching her hands. She quickly pulled her hands away and he tried to grab her hands but she moved to her side. He was tall and had brown eyes. His hair was falling in his face, but it wasn’t hiding his pointed nose.

He began shouting in her face, it sounded like harsh comments to her, it caused the class to laugh at what she didn’t think was funny at all. Suddenly another boy came up to them. To Clary it felt like she was in a cage, but too her surprise he came and confronted the other boy.

“Joshua, why don’t u pick on someone your own size?”

“What are you gonna do about it huh big boy!”

“If you don’t leave I’m going to make you wish you never met me!”

The entire class was now facing Clary’s direction. Joshua hesitated before walking away but he eventually did. While he was walking away Clary heard him swear under his breath.

The other boy came and sat in front of Clary and was staring at her drawings. He had green piercing eyes and a chiselled jaw line with dirty blonde hair; the sides were shaved off and the rest of his hair fell to the back. He wore a white t-shirt under his plaid shirt and black jeans and his ears were pierced. Clary saw him staring at her drawings; she grabbed her book and hid it under her desk.

“You have a lot of skills.” He said with interest

“But why’d you hide it, it’s not like they aren’t good?”

“I don’t really show my work to anyone not even my mom.” Clary said with her head bent downwards.

“Oh, I see.”

“Um...thanks for what you did for me just now.”

“Getting rid of Joshua, no problem.”

 “Is he always like that?” she asked him turning to the back to watch Joshua.

“Yes, he’s always like that for some reason.”

“I didn’t get your name.”

“Oh... It’s Clarissa Fray, but you can call me Clary.”

“That’s a nice name you have, well mine is Jace Lightwood.” He told her as she raised her head.

As she raised her head he met her gaze; he felt drawn into her eyes. The icy blueness generated a feeling like he was being pulled into a lake of frozen emotions. They reminded him of something extravagant. Her eyes were almost like a fragile piece of china. He was staring deeply into her eyes as if he had been lost in them.

“Is there something wrong, did I do anything wrong?” Clary inquired

 “Everything is fine.” Jace replied.

“Then what are you staring at?” Clary asked as she turned around to see if there was something behind her.

“You, I’m staring at you.” He said with a smile

“You could have just told me there was something on my face.”

“There’s nothing on your face.”

“Then why are you looking at me like that?” she questioned him

“Because, you are the most beautiful person I’ve ever seen.”  Jace said with a slight crack in his voice.

Clary’s orange hair was slightly covering her face and her cheeks slightly red; she was blushing at his compliment. It was the first time someone, other than her mom told her she is beautiful. Millions of thoughts ran through her head.

“Wow, that’s the first time someone’s told me that, I don’t know what to say.”


“You’re welcome, I don’t really tell anyone that, may even be the first time I’m telling someone that.” He said smiling as they both stared at each other.

For the rest of the class Jace and Clary spent their time together getting to know each other; until the bell rang. Jace went back to his desk to get his bag. They were the only persons in the class; he waited until Clary was finished packing her bag then to leave.

“So where are you going to now?”Jace asked Clary while they were walking out of the classroom.

“I think Savannah is going to show me around a little before class start again.” Clary told Jace.

When they walked out, they saw Savannah was there leaning against the wall.

“So, I see you’ve met Jace, one of our schools most famous football players.” Savannah said with smirk across her face; staring at them both.

“Yes I have, she turned to face Jace as they both stared into each other eyes and smiled, and I’ve also met Joshua in a way I never thought of.” She said turning back to Savannah.

“Let’s go.” Savannah grabbed Clary by the arm and practically dragged her through the hallway.

“Where are you going?” Jace shouted to Clary.

“I’ll see you later.” Clary shouted back at him.

For the rest of the day, Savannah showed Clary around and they had some classes in between.  The bell rang and Clary and Savannah were on their way out. While they were walking in the court yard someone called out to them. They ignored it the first time and then they were called out a third time and they turned around. It was Joshua; he was walking towards them.

“Did you come to apologise, I think it’s a little late for that.” Clary said.

“No; I came to talk to my girlfriend.” He said with a smirk on his face.

They both looked at each other confused. He walked over to Savannah and put his hand around her neck and tried to kiss her but she pulled away from him. He grabbed Savannah’s arm and pulled her close to his chest. Savannah tried to get out of his hands but he had a firm grip of her hands. He was whispering something into her ears as she tried to shove him of.


What was he telling her? Was he some kind of psycho? Was he going to hurt her? What was he going to do to her?

 Clary thought as Joshua talked to Savannah. She was finally able to get out of his hands and walk away.

“What was that about?” Clary questioned Savannah.

“Nothing, it’s nothing.”

“Are sure? That didn’t look like nothing to me.”

“It’s just that he wants us to back together.”

Clary’s jaw dropped as those words flew out of Savannah’s mouth.

“What did you just say?”

“You heard right, he wants us to get back together.” Savannah said in a soft tone.

“But why does he want that?”

“Because I broke up with him; he was cheating on me with my best friend.” her voice cracked.

“’Oh, Clary gasped, I’m so sorry.”

“Yeah, I’m over him, for now.”

“You know what, you’re going to come over to my house and stay for a few hours getting to each other better; my mom would love to meet you.”

“Clary, I don’t know…”

Clary cut in, “I would love to know more about you and this whole Joshua situation.”

“Alright, but promise me you won’t tell anyone about it!”

“I promise”

“Well then let’s get going.” Savannah had a big smile on her face as she and Clary walked.

When they got to her house, Clary noticed her mother’s car wasn’t there.

“That’s weird.”


“My mom’s supposed to be home.”Clary was confused

“Maybe she went to get something.”Savannah assured her.

“But she would have called me.”

Clary frantically dug into her bag for her phone like a dog digging the dirt up looking for its bone. She finally retrieved it when it began to ring loudly. It was her mom. She sighed in relief and answered it.

“Mom where are you?” Clary questioned her mother as she and Savannah walked through the front door.

“I’m still at work; sorry I didn’t call you.”

“That’s okay, but when are you coming home?”

“I’ll be home two hours late.”

“Okay, but next time remember to call me please.”

“I will.”

“Bye mom; love you.”

“Love you to.”

 “See, I told you.” Savannah teased Clary.

“Let’s go up to my room.”

Savannah and Clary went up to her room. They spent the rest of the evening talking about both their past.

“I’m feeling hungry, are you?” Clary cut through their conversation.

“A little.”

Clary and Savannah went to the kitchen where Savannah made them a small snack unit dinner.

“Wait so let me get this straight, Joshua was seeing you and your ex-best friend?”Clary fumbled with her mouth half full.

“Yip, that’s why I broke up with him, and apparently he’s not taking it that good.”

During their conversation Maryse came through the back door as quiet as a mouse. Not even the door made a sound.

“Clary, I’m home.” Maryse called to Clary.

“I’m in the kitchen mom.”

“Clary can you do me a favour and get the groceries out of the car.” Maryse told Clary as she walked into the kitchen and saw her daughter speaking someone.

“Hi mom, how was your first day at work?” Clary said to her mom as took her plate and Savannah’s to the sink and gave her a kiss on her cheek.

“Hi Ms. Fray.” was followed by Savannah.

“Clary, you didn’t tell me you were inviting someone over.” Maryse glanced over to Clary.

“Sorry; this is Savannah mom, she helped me out today.”

“Nice to meet you Savannah.”

“Clary’s told me so much about you.”

“I’ll be getting the groceries.” Clary cut in.

“I’ll help you.” Savannah followed Clary through the back door.

Savannah helped Clary with the bags and she even helped them with dinner. Over dinner they spent time getting to know each other. When they finished they cleaned up and Savannah had to leave.

“Thanks for the dinner Ms. Fray, it was great.”

“You’re welcomed here anytime you want Savannah.” Maryse gave Savannah a hug.

“I’m going to walk you home.” Clary said

“Clary there’s no need for that.”

“You helped me out a lot today Savannah, the least I could do is walk you home.”

Clary grabbed Savannah’s hand and pulled her to the side walk.

“Bye Ms. Fray.” Savannah shouted.

Maryse waved to them as they walked down the street to Savannah’s house before they disappeared. Savannah’s house was on the other street so their walk wasn’t very long.  When they got to Savannah’s house, they met her parent’s. They welcomed Clary in but she told them she had to go back home to help her mom finish unpack.

“I had a great day with you Clary.” They gave each other a hug and Clary was now on her way back home.

While she was walking she felt something brush against her neck. It felt like a feather or something fluffy. Then she felt someone or something grab her waist. When she turned around, to her surprise she saw Jace.

“Jace, what are you doing here?” she questioned him as he came to the side of her.

“I live across the street; he was pointing towards his house, why are you walking in streets by yourself?”

“I just walked Savannah home now I’m going home.”

“How about I walk you home; it’s really dark out here?” Jace asked.

“You don’t need to; I’ll be okay.”

“I’m still going to walk you home even though you don’t want me to.”

“If you insist.” She smiled at him and he returned it.

On their way to Clary’s house they talked to each other. During their conversation something happen to Clary. She felt something between her fingers; Jace was holding her hands. It felt like electric shocks running up her spine. When he took her hand in his, he placed them to his lips and gently kissed them. Clary shivered and they both snuggled up to each other while walking.

“So you’re not going to ask why I just did.” Jace asked Clary as she raised her head to look at him.

“No; I find it very sweet of you.”

“I just haven’t found the words to tell you what I’m holding back.”

“What are you holding back?” she asked and stopped walking.

“When the times right.” He told her as she met his gaze.

His green eyes, the kind of green that pushes its way through piles of snow to remind you that spring was coming. That green colour that brings hope no matter what has happened. And looking into his eyes, Clary knew that she could see that; he knew that she could see that. Jace wrapped his hand around Clary’s and she rested her head on his shoulder and continued walking until they reached Clary’s house.

“That walk was very nice.” Clary had a smile on her face.

“I hope I have a chance to walk with you again, Jace winked at Clary, See you tomorrow Fray.” He waved at her as he walked away.

“See you tomorrow Lightwood.” Returning his wave.

She stood outside the door watching him walk away as a million thoughts ran through her head like Barry Allen ‘The Flash’. She felt as if her stomach had been filled with butterflies; she had a feeling of something she hadn’t really felt before. What was it? She imagined seeing his face in her head when she walked through into the house. She was smiling not knowing her mother was looking at her.

“What are you smiling at?” Maryse asked in a curious tone as she walked down the stairs.

“Nothing; nothing at all.” Clary was still smiling as she walked up the stairs.

“Goodnight Clary.”Maryse stared at her daughter in amusement.

“Goodnight mom.” She closed the door behind her and lay on her bed.

 She got and took up her sketch pad from her desk and started sketching Jace’s face. She sketched his face halfway and fell asleep. The next morning Clary got up and went to look for her mother, but she could not find her. She went downstairs and opened the back door to the garage and the car wasn’t there. She went back into the kitchen and found a note on the counter from her mom.

Clary, I won’t be home for a few days; it’s a business trip to Atlanta. I’m sorry I didn’t wake you up earlier. You can invite Savannah to stay with you if you want.  Love you.

Love Mom

Clary woke up three hours before she had to go to  school, so she got ready, made breakfast and watched television while finishing her sketch of Jace’s face. When she was finished drawing she packed her bag and walked outside to get a taxi. After waiting for five minutes she got into a taxi and told the driver where she was going.

When they reached closed to the school the driver drove faster until he passed the school; Clary immediately began to panic. 

"Hey! what are you doing?" She shouted at the driver.

" Don't worry were're not going far." He said in a weird voice which made Clary uncomfortable.

He stopped driving and turned towards Clary and grabbed her hands but Clary bit and ran out of the car crying. She ran until she reached to school; she looked fro Savannah but she could not find her. Clary wasn't watching where she was going and ran into Jace.

 " Clary where have you been? I've been looking for you, even Savannah could not find you."

" Jace; I, I, I; there was this man, and he tried too."

" Clary look at me; everything's going to be fine." Jace cut in.

She raised her head to  look at him, he wiped her face and stared at her.

" Jace promise me that you won't leave me." Clary looked at him with tears in eyes.

" I promise I will never leave your side." He told her as he held her face in his hands.

He wiped her tear stained face and brought Clary's face closer to his. She could feel his breath against her face and smelt his minty breath . For a split secong Clary thought she was dreaming but she wasn't. Jace brought her face closer to his and pressed his lips against hers causing her heart to beat fast and almost knocking the breath out of her lungs. His hand rested below her ear and his thumb caressing her cheek. The world flew away and felt like they were the only person's in the world. He pulled her closer until there was no space left between them and she could feel his heart beat. He leaned foward resting his forehead on hers.




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