She Said Never

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Submitted: August 05, 2017

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Submitted: August 05, 2017




My name is Josh, and I met this girl when I was younger. Her name was Caroline. Caroline died soon after I met her. Five years ago, I was eight. Five years ago, I was a dumb little kid who made a horrible mistake. Five years ago, my family went to go stay with friends that I'd never met. On the first day we were there, the daughter, Caroline, told me never to go to the lake behind her house when it was raining out, because it will flood and the current gets really strong. That many people have died in those waters, even people who are amazing swimmers. I didn't listen to Caroline. I thought she was making stuff up to scare me. On the second day of our visit, Caroline was going to show me the lake, but it had rained the night before, and the hill that their house was on gets slippery on that part when it rains. So we couldn't go. Then the third day happened. Caroline finally got to take me to the lake, but after about ten minutes of being there, it started raining. Not badly. Not bad at all, really. But still, she said we had to go, or the lake will flood. I said no. I was a stupid kid who didn't know what he was saying or what it could result in. She tried getting me away from the lake, but I wouldn't budge. Before long, the rain was coming down much harder, and I realized that the lake was? flooding, and fast. I started running up the hill to her house, but I tripped on a rock, and fell all the way down, into the lake. Caroline was a hero. She jumped into the lake, giving no regards to her own safety, and pulled me out of the water. When she tried to get out, the current was too strong for her. I tried swimming to her, but she told me the current was too strong, that I'd be pulled in, too. She told me to go get her parents. I regret doing what she told me to. I regret not going in the water to save her. I regret everything. I ran as fast as I could, but I was too late. She wasn't afloat anymore by the time we got back there. Her father jumped into the water and searched for her, her mother close behind. Her father found her at the bottom of the lake, barely breathing. They called an ambulance, but they didn't make it in time. I spoke to Caroline as she was dying. She was so kind, she said it wasn't my fault. That I was just being a kid. And that she should've been more specific when telling me why. I told her that she was the kindest person I had ever met. She died in the arms of her mother, smiling at me. I caused the death of an innocent six year old girl. That should've been me who drowned. No matter how many times I'm told it wasn't my fault, it still should've been me. That was the absolute worst day of my life. I was a complete idiot. I caused a life to be lost. I could never forgive myself. Caroline said never. Never go to the lake during a storm. Did I listen? No. Caroline said never.



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