A Sepia colored photo

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A factory worker saw a Sepia-colored photo in a news site. In the old photo, a baby girl was promised her bright future of a designer. The factory worker compared his fate and those rich people and complains. But what he does day by day is...

Submitted: August 05, 2017

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Submitted: August 05, 2017



It's Friday morning.
Taku Yamada woke up reached for himself in the bed.
His arm's muscles hurt.
Fatigue of packing work yesterday still remained on his waist.
- Well, today is the end of this week.
Taku stood up with laziness.

As usual, he sat in front of the PC and had breakfast.
When he opened the news site, he saw a sepia color picture.
It's in an article of a series that featured celebrities, that is, those who have achieved a successful result speak their own memories.
The picture was a woman standing in a wheat field somewhere holding a young child.
She had permed hair that was supposed to be fashionable at that time. The young child smiled softly in woman's arms with a face full of happiness. The women wore a polka-dotted blouse and a long dirk skirt. She surely was a fashionable person at that time.

The scenery of the country was overlapped with his mind. He drunk coffee and closed the PC.

On lunch break at work, he opened a news website again with a smartphone. Scrolling, and the picture was still on it.
"Hey Taku-san, what kind of picture is that?" His colleague Suzuki looked into the smartphone. "Oh, the actress of your longing admiration? It is quite a nostalgic hobby"
"No, it's nothing, it's just a news article" Taku laughed with a bitter smile. "A celebrity somewhere, and the article is about this baby girl"
Suzuki picked up the smartphone from Takui's hands, tapped it and read the article.
"Oh ... the name I've heard is a designer. So this is a designer's childhood photo?"
Suzuki returned the smartphone. With a smartphone nearby, Taku sipped udon soup. Suzuki was eating the usual set menu.

After eating lunch, Taku talked while drinking tea.
"Is it possible to be a designer if I had only a talent?"
"Well, if we are not talented, Suzuki laughed. "We can not do it"
"Okay so ... Before talent ... What if the start was different from the beginning?"
"Yes, look at the baby in this picture. Even though it was at the end of the war, this child is held by a wealthy mother. The family must also have been blessed. From the start they are cheating"
Suzuki laughed at Taku 's words, but he said nothing. Taku continues.
"You do not know if you are talented or not when you are a kid. Or,  if you notice your talent, your parents can not do anything if they are poor. So the talent will be buried. You can not develop your talent."
"After all, you know, everything is almost decided when the person is born. I am, and you are too, doing packing and shipping work in such a place. This is at this age. I will not do anything any more and won't go anywhere"

Suzuki poured the rest of his tea into his mouth, and said as if he remembered important things.
"Hey, Taku san, what's the matter with Tanaka two?"
"Oh, ah, I don't see him today"
Tanaka Two was a newcomer that came to their workshop this week. Because there was a boss named Tanaka, the newcomer was secretly called Tanaka Two.
Suzuki's face turned  a bit more serious.
"He was in high-spirited at first, but he complained yesterday, saying he doesn't like such work"
I also remembered that.
Suzuki stood up.
"Well, I will go to the post office for a moment. Oh yeah, Taku san, Didn't you say you would go back to your hometown this year?"
I was inadvertently struck. Hometown .... Maybe I told Suzuki that I would go back home at the end of the year.
"Ah ... Maybe"
"You are interested in old pictures. That may mean you want to go back home. You better go home often"
Suzuki left the dining room.

The cafeteria is full of workers in gray work clothes. Their unstoppable chatting voice is a comfortable BGM for him.
He looked at the picture on the smartphone again. That woman 's permanent wave hair looked just like his father' s older sister's when she was young.

- My aunt was kind of modern girl compared to my father and mother. That aunt is becoming unable to walk. My father and my mother will become like that too soon.

- If you take some tests and get some qualifications, my salary will be better, or I can work elsewhere. I need to keep studying for the qualifications.

- But when I go home everyday I am exhausted.

- Well, today, I can skip it. I am so tired today.

- Tomorrow. Yes, let's think about those things tomorrow ....

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