For The Love of Venus

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I am editing the pages before posting, there are five pages which originated from a class assignment. I grew attached to this story and have edited it once before, and now twice, but for the first time for the public to read. Zue and her younger sister, Venus whom never met her parents, and so Zue has been taking care of he most of her life. One day, Venus is endangered, and now Zue is to test her love for her sister...

Submitted: August 05, 2017

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Submitted: August 05, 2017



For The Love of Venus


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 “Zue, higher, I fly!” She pushed the seven year old higher on the swing, slowly looking up to the gray sky.

 “Only for a little longer,” Zue, the twenty year old, told her sister. “It looks as though it will rain soon.” A few minutes later, she held onto the swing’s chains slowing her to a stop. Her sister quickly jumped, running to the trunk of the tree with seven slashes scarred into it’s body.

 “Tomorrow, can I mark it?! Please???”

 “Of course,” Zue started while kneeling to her as she coughed for a moment. “Anything for my Venus.” She then placed her hand to her cheek, “Promise me you won’t be sick tomorrow, or else no birthday cake for you.”

 “Cake!” Venus exclaimed running to the house, “Come, Zuzu, cake!”

 Zue smiled for a moment before smiling at Venus. “Silly girl, i haven’t made it yet.”

 “Boo!” She began kicking the dirt as Zue approached the house.

 “Let’s make it together, okay?”



 “Cake, check. Milk, check. Present, check.” Zue carefully picked up the tray and opened the door. “Venus,” She whispered while creeping to the bedside. “Still sleeping?” She set the tray on the end table. “Are you still feeling sick?” She placed a hand against her cheek and shivered. “No…” She took a step away before rushing to the phone…


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“It is a terminal illness, it’s a miracle she has survived this long.” Zue wiped her tears while she stared at Venus through the glass. “We revived her… But miss, we are only prolonging the inevitable.”

 “What do you mean? She only been sick for a couple of days!”

 “Children with this illness do not live past the age of four.” She slid down the wall until she was sitting. “Are you her mother?”

 “Sister…” She took a small box from her pocket housing Venus’ gift before standing up. “I want to be in there with her.” He nodded and opened the while calling the nurse out so the sisters may be alone. Zue closed the door and walked to her sister, she began to open the box and pulled a metallic angel by its chain out of the box. “Remember this..?” She asked holding it outstretched to her. “I-I remember you tapping the displaying saying you wanted her. Venus… She’s yours now…” She carefully fixed the necklace around her then sat in the chair by the bed. Slowly she covered her face as she began to weep.


 “-And you were too young to understand what a car wreck was, but you never questioned why mom and dad never visited us after we moved.” Zue continued to ramble while gripping the tissue in her hand. “I promised to protect you from anything and everything… I’ve failed you, Venus. Please forgive me… Forgive me sister…”



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 Zue finally opened her eyes, still she remained in the chair by her sister. There was only silence as she stood up checking the heart monitor. It was still on, but no sound indicating a heartbeat. She glanced out the glass to see the doctors, nurses, and patients standing still; almost as if they are frozen in time.

 She turned back to her sister, unsure if her heart was still beating. She was about to step forward until a squeak from the door alarmed her to an old man walking through the doorway. “Oh, don’t mind me,” He started while walking to Venus as she followed. “I am just taking what is mine.” He ended, reaching to touch the girl’s head, but was stopped by Zue holding his arm back.

 “You will not touch my sister, tell me what is happening, and who are you!”

 “I take the souls of the lost.” He said in a much deeper voice staring back at her.

 “A-an angel?” She pushed his arm away, “I’m dreaming, aren’t I? Angels are supposed to save people, not take their souls!”

 “You dare doubt me?” He said as a black flame wrapped around his body, consuming his flesh until only a skeleton in a robe remained. With the snap of his fingers, an hourglass appeared on the table with no more sand at the top, all at the bottom. “Her time is up, child.” Zue backed away slowly, shaking her head in disbelief.

 “You’re Death…” She fell to her knees. “I’m dreaming, or I’m going crazy. If this is real then I must protect Venus.


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“Take my soul instead!” She pleaded getting in front of Venus.

 “Are you trying to bargain with Death?” He laughed, “How is you soul any different from hers?” He asked as she stared at the hourglass.

 “Please, I’ve lived long enough, I’ll do anything need me to do!”

 “Hm.” He placed a hand to his chin. “I do have a lot of souls to take in such little time.” There was a short pause as she stared at him. “I’ll spare your sister for a horrific cost.”

 “Please,” She started, “Anything…”

 “You will learn we do not always save people. I will make you into an angel to assist me in the taking of souls; You will do this until she dies a natural death.” She hesitated, but slowly nodded, accepting her fate.

 “Will i be able to see her again? Who will care for her?”

 “You will see her only when she needs to be in your presence. As for her care takers, it will be as if your parents never left.” He opened the hourglass and began to fill it with sand. “You better be worth the lives of three.”

 “I’ll do whatever you command. Thank you...”


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 “Awake, Zue.” She quickly sat up in the chair reclaiming her breath. Zue looked at Venus, the sound of the heart monitor bringing her relief, and tried to forget what happened.

 “It was just a dream…” She watched her sister in silence, until the monitor’s beeps raced before Venus sat up. “Venus!”

 “Zuzu?” They both stood and walked towards each other.

 “Venus I-” She opened her arms to hug her as Venus walked right through her. She stared at Venus as she began to walk out of the room calling for her sister…


 Venus sat on the swing, clutching her necklace, as she stared at the marks in the tree. She heard the sound of the car door close in the distance as her parents began to take her bags inside. “Zuzu… Come back. If you come back, you can mark the tree…” Her lips began to tremble as a shadow began to creep by her. Venus slowly turned to it and did not scream as the shadow moved to the tree, carving the tree so it had eight marks, before growing wings.

 “Do you like your present?” It asked as flesh began to appear on the shadow. She nodded as she stood to hug the tree, feeling flesh instead. “Be the star, and I’ll be your sky.”
 “Zuzu, when are you coming back..?” She asked, but the shadow did not answer.

 “I never left.” The shadow finally answered.

 “If i swing, will you push me?”

 The shadow pulled away, nodding to the swing. Slowly Venus sat on the swing, holding back the tears of both happiness and sadness… Finally the shadow answered, “Sometimes.”





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