Voice of Reason

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I'm not an emo or anything, I just got bored and edgy topics are easy to write about.

Submitted: August 05, 2017

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Submitted: August 05, 2017



Have you heard of the voice that

tells you that you can't do your best?

Have you heard of the lies it tells you,

everything's a test?

Don't you ever maybe stop to think

that maybe it's a voice of reason?

Maybe it's just out of season?

Because you want to make your own decisions?


They tell you not to give into that 

pessimistic voice

"There's an angel right beside it

giving you a better choice"

Don't you ever maybe question

why they say ignorance is bliss?

Why are they giving this an exception?

The angel could be talking ****


It might lie and shout but

at least it's keeping you safe

The other shoulder tells you that your fine

when your life could be at steak

They both know all about you

and they know that you're

not stupid too

So tell me this

Why does the angel tell us 

that no matter what

we're going to get through?

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